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Quality and Continuous Improvement

Choosing the right training partner is just the first step in a successful outsourcing partnership. Over time, new training technologies will keep appearing, just as industries and markets will continue to change. Training is a main tool to help organizations prepare their employees, customers, students, or partners to meet and even anticipate these changes, but it only works in agile, well-managed situations.

NIIT is uniquely well suited to help organizations drive continuous quality and innovation. In part, this is because we understand that the training industry is undergoing rapid change, so our clients look to us to keep them ahead of the curve. But more than that, we take this responsibility seriously; at NIIT, providing our clients with fresh ideas that drive business impact is the very core of our work. This is not just a slogan. Every year, we invest heavily in research and development focused on improving education and training outcomes.

Training Processes That Support Business Value

When it comes to Quality and Continuous Improvement processes, NIIT helps drive increased business value through:

  • Ongoing optimization. Our process teams continually monitor and adjust resource roles and locations, to ensure the right people are assigned to the right work.
  • Continual Improvement. NIIT employs a lean Six Sigma methodology to identify the elements that are critical to training quality (whether positive or negative), and to define solutions that promote the best results.
  • Breakthrough Innovation. We continually work to introduce process innovations that will have significant positive impact on the business.

NIIT: A Partner Committed to Quality through Training Innovation

Among our many innovations, over the past few years, NIIT has:

  • Enabled one client to reduce new-student on-boarding times by 25% for a high-volume job role while decreasing the error rates of graduates by 50%. We helped the client achieve this result by developing and applying new, customized curriculum design concepts.
  • Enabled another client to increase utilization rates of expensive lab equipment to 80%, by developing a virtual lab capability.
  • Reduced our own costs for content development by 35% over five years by implementing an improved collaborative authoring system.

Ongoing, Structured Management of Training Processes

Our clients rely on us to increase value, so continual improvement is a core part of our operating system. NIIT treats Quality and Continuous Improvement itself as a managed service, with its own Service Level Agreements and reporting. We have a commitment to quality and continuous improvement (ISO 9001 certified), as evidenced by our proven, tested, and mature processes (SEI CMM Level 5 certified). This approach is designed to ensure ongoing client satisfaction—and that our services will continue to add more value each year.

We understand the role of technology in continuous improvement in operations. One of the most important tools that we use to drive improvement is automation. Accordingly, we provide a technology management and innovation support team (sourced out of our Learning Technology practice), which works with our individual service lines to identify whether and where technology improvements could drive significant improvements in results.

Having in-house resources working day-to-day with our practice lines enables us to treat our processes as IT-enabled services. We can then pass on the benefits to our clients in the form of:

  • Improved response times
  • Reduced error rates
  • Lower costs

The NIIT Business Management System

Quality and Continuous Improvement is a key aspect of our Business Management System (BMS). NIIT’s Business Management System consists of these primary elements: