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A Rich History in Global


Talent Development

NIIT, today a leader in global talent management, began as the brain child of two college students who had the vision of bringing people and computers together. In the early 1980s, NIIT established its first training academy to address the lack of trained professionals in India. From there, the school grew rapidly, and the organization built new tools to better enable its campus, added development and consulting to its services to employ its new graduates, and new systems and service offerings.

At the heart of NIIT, from its birth up to the present day are unconventional, “out-of-the-box” thinking and the belief in the power of research and development. As new offerings have been developed and perfected for NIIT’s own needs, they have been offered to others in keeping with the vision of helping people to achieve computer and internet literacy.

In doing so, over the last three decades NIIT has developed the skill set and expertise to be a trusted partner for companies and educational institutions around the world who want to make the most of their educational programs and systems. Research-based innovation remains a key driver for the company and has enabled it to develop programs and curricula that use cutting-edge instructional design methodologies and training delivery.

Innovations include the use of cutting edge technologies, such as virtual labs that enable students to gain real-life experience with the software, hardware and networks they need to be familiar with for career success, without requiring our clients to invest in costly hardware and software. NIIT has continued to evolve with the development of new innovations, such as the use of web technologies, virtual environments, gaming simulations, and web-based tutoring, in order to address the needs of today’s students.

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NIIT Today

Today, NIIT offers training solutions in IT, Business Process Outsourcing, Banking, Finance and Insurance, Executive Management Education, and Communication and Professional Life Skills, reaching more than five million learners every year. It operates more than 450 schools worldwide, offers turnkey IT integration programs for schools and has provided computer-based learning to nearly 7.8 million students in more than 15,000 government and private schools. NIIT’s Corporate Learning Solutions offers integrated learning solutions (including Managed Training Services, advisory services, learning content, development, delivery, technology, assessment, and learning management systems) to Fortune 500 companies, Associations Universities, Technology companies, Training corporations and Publishing houses.

NIIT’s Hole in the Wall initiative is helping to address the digital divide in India by promoting Minimally Invasive Education (MIE) amongst the under privileged children, and is the real life story behind the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

Our portfolio of trusted, experienced global brands enables NIIT to provide a depth and breadth of experience to customers across 44 countries. Cognitive Arts creates revolutionary learning environments based on educational research. Element K provides cutting-edge Learning Solutions to companies around the world, including a catalog of learning content, virtual labs, a learning management platform, and a content delivery system. While each of these brands offer decades of expertise and proven results to clients, combined they bring the ability to address any client need, worldwide, with expert guidance and research-based processes.

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