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Program Conceptualization and Design 

Secure the Best Academic Approach

Producing successful graduates with relevant skills is key to securing both a solid academic reputation and strong economic future, while offering new programs is a leading way to attract students.

You need an education partner who not only helps you understand and meet education demands, but meet them faster and more effectively. You need someone who shares your vision for higher success rates and increased enrollments while maintaining your commitment for quality assurance and reputation.

Launch New Programs in Less Time

NIIT, a global leader in higher education, works closely with clients to design and produce unique programs that meet the ever-changing needs of markets, learners and institutions. We can advise on future courseware and delivery opportunities to meet market opportunities, and we accelerate business impact by reducing cycle time, allowing institutions to quickly rollout new or enhanced program offerings to engage prospective students.

NIIT operates the largest content facilities in the world and offers a cache of turnkey and technology solutions to blend with custom-designed programs. Our dual-shore model ensures greater access to instructional design and subject matter experts worldwide for increased team efficiency and productivity.

Key benefits we deliver include:
  • Best-of-breed, award-winning learning solutions for a quality reputation
  • Cost-effective and flexible solutions to improve margins.
  • Scalable and consistent courseware across continents, cultures, and mediums.
  • Full-service learning, from instructor-led courses to online learning to virtual lab environments

Secure the Best Academic Approach

NIIT experts use task-based, objective-driven approaches to curriculum design. This ensures that your students experience relevant skills training that enable them to tackle on-the-job challenges and excel both academically and professionally.

We also conduct detailed analysis to ensure feasibility of implementing new programs and/or revamping existing programs and in the optimum locations. Our instructional design experts identify cities where the determined programs can be implemented successfully. Our designers and consultants conduct extensive research, including industry and market needs and competing institutions, programs, and learning mediums.

Quality Assurance

NIIT employs a comprehensive quality assurance (QA) program in the design and development of client programs. We base our QA program on organizational quality policies, which are supported by a team of experts and a system for implementation. Our dedicated team and special project management tools help capture data and monitor the health of each project, enabling us to meet requirements for our clients, time after time our emphasis on project planning helps us produce the correct results the first time, so we meet client needs sooner. We methodically gather and review requirements, quality issues, risks, costs, schedules, training, communication and integration. To ensure satisfaction, NIIT’s team holds regular engagements with the client, so stakeholders can review definitions and execution plans to ensure the NIIT solution suits the client's requirements every step of the way.

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