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Learning Technologies

Businesses, associations, and educators alike face challenges around learning technologies. For example, enterprises, such as technology and retail companies, must be able to deliver relevant materials and programs to employees regardless of their location. And educators must choose just the right training to attract students, according to changing tastes and job-market requirements. And no matter what industry an organization is in, its learning technology solutions must effectively track the training experience, whether training is delivered via eLearning, instructor-led classroom training, or virtual environments. Finally, new technology tools must work with organizations’ existing technology infrastructures, and with emerging third-party solutions.

Organizations must face all these challenges while delivering operating efficiencies and cost savings—often by using scarce IT resources. The challenges may be to:

  • Integrate existing technology into various legacy applications, such as content or course management systems, student information systems, or management information services
  • Offer completely new technologies, such as Web 2.0 or 3.0, gaming, virtual, or mobile computing to help keep competitive advantage and enable students or IT employees to learn through a combination of online and offline experiences—without compromising sensitive data or IT systems
  • Encourage widespread user adoption and sustained use of new training applications or processes

It’s not easy deciding where to start, how much to invest in systems or resources, or how to manage the process.

Support Existing Needs and Infrastructure by Integrating the Right Technologies

To get the most out of learning technologies, organizations must offer the right combination and delivery of learning technologies. This includes a smooth integration of new tools with legacy applications and technologies.

Infusing innovation comfortably into current systems is possible with the right partner. NIIT’s dedicated technology team is focused on developing customized infrastructure and application solutions that leverage Web 2.0 features for online and distance training programs. NIIT’s learning technology platform connects:

  • Employees, members, and students to the content they need
  • Training administrators to overall business goals
  • Support for the customer and partner training that enterprises need
  • Improved productivity to year-to-year business performance

Eliminate the Burden of System Implementation, Management, and Support

NIIT solutions combine the power of learning and technology. For enterprises, NIIT’s hosted training solutions provide all the benefits of a Learning Management System without the complexity or costs associated with technology installation and upkeep. When it comes to associations and educational institutions, we make the latest learning technologies accessible for students and educators alike. For example, with vlabs, campus communities can affordably, safely, and reliably practice complex new skills in a live environment through virtual access to software and hardware hosted by NIIT. We invite educators to watch this video and learn how innovation powered by NIIT can help their institutions.

Our solutions also reduce integration costs for a smooth transition. In addition to the cost savings offered by hosted technologies, NIIT’s global network of education experts leverages resources in 44 countries to give educators more flexibility and expedite implementation cycles. Our organization, Cognitive Arts is also there to help deliver e-Learning using the learning technology hosting, integration, and development services that best suit each organization. Using this network, organizations can benefit from flexible staffing, technology, and support for global training, with:

  • Optimized services
  • Economies of scale
  • Fewer staff hours consumed by training
  • Conversion of fixed training costs into variable

Benefits of an NIIT Learning Technologies Solution

By using NIIT as a Learning Technologies partner, organizations can:

  • Improve the student and trainee experience by keeping pace with evolving learning technology
  • Rapidly introduce innovative technology projects
  • Reduce application development and maintenance costs
  • Gain domain knowledge through our expertise in integration and implementation

Speak to an expert to learn more about NIIT Learning Technologies solutions, including our:

  • Product maintenance and development
  • Dual-shore model for business analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, and design migration
  • 24x7 ASP-based hosting environment
  • Student/user, school, and course management products, including vLabs


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