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Enrollments in higher education institutions have steadily increased along with greater accessibility of online courses. Unfortunately, so too have the number of students who do not complete their degrees. Amidst the economic downturn, increasing numbers of new students have enrolled in new courses of study in order to increase their marketability for jobs or to pursue a new career. In addition, colleges are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in educational recruitment, making it imperative for educational institutions to examine closely how to maximize student enrollments and success while minimizing attrition.

Several additional trends in education, particularly with regard to technology, make creation of new content challenging for educators. For example, openness among prospective students to consider online delivery of courses means that educators must consider which content is best suited for online delivery and how best to convey it, while an increase in the average age of college students poses challenges in delivering content online while accounting for potential need to educate students on how to use the tools. An increased preference for students to work while continuing their pursuit of higher education means that offering online courses and support services on a flexible or even a 24x7 schedule becomes imperative; and the need to incorporate mobile, experiential, and web-based technologies poses challenges in adapting content to these new media. It is important for educational institutions to keep ensure that their course offerings and student support services keep pace with these trends in order to differentiate their institution by providing a quality learning experience.

A Proven Learning Partner

Around the world, NIIT operates as a leading institution offering students skill development and certification to improve their employability. Stemming from the need to address our own issues as a campus, the Student Retention Services which NIIT provides today are built upon the very systems, solutions and processes we use ourselves to educate more than a 500,000 learners worldwide annually.

Because we provide best-of-breed, award-winning learning solutions for career education, as well as skill training programs for many of the world’s leading academic institutions, including our own educational facilities worldwide, NIIT understands the fundamental need and importance for Student Retention services to support education.

We offer Student Retention Services in the following areas:

Adaptive Remediation; through this solution, NIIT was able to improve student persistence to more than 90 percent for our own education centers and 80 percent for our clients. The key factor in implementation is the high degree of rigor with which we perform interventions.

Student Services for personalizing the learning experience, engaging with students and tracking their progress to improve pass percentages and course completion rates.

Immersive Learning Experiences to transform the learning experience by delivering rich content, dynamic multi-media and virtual education experiences which this generation’s of students demand.


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