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​​Our soft skills training solutions, a part of the wider umbrella of our Communications Skills Training programs, are a shortcut to building experience. By providing the right inputs, we can bring your workforce up the learning curve in a fast, cost-effective and timely manner. Our English speaking classes will further enable your staff to converse fluently in the language and communicate better with both internal and external customers. This Soft Skills Training will not only save learning time but also help build and refine your workforce, leading to operational excellence and an improvement in the use of English in the workplace.

Our offerings in the domain of Communications Skills Training encompass:




  • American Voice and Accent, American culture​The program helps learners to gain an understanding of foreign languages a... Know More
  • Assertive Communication​This program equips participants with skills and style to clearly state th... Know More
  • Business Communication​This program enables participants to manage corporate communication with e... Know More
  • Business Etiquette​This workshop is aimed at working professionals keen on improving their et... Know More
  • Business Writing​This program is designed specifically for people who regularly write e-mai... Know More
  • Campus to Corporate​This program is aimed at new hires from the campus.  At the commencem... Know More
  • Collections​The program helps develop the skills of payment collectors through methods... Know More
  • Conflict Resolution​This program examines conflict styles and allows participants to analyze t... Know More
  • Conversation Skills​The objective of this program is to equip participants with critical skill... Know More
  • Creativity and Problem Solving​This challenging yet highly entertaining program revisits many of the thin... Know More
  • Customer Service​Developing excellent customer service skills is of utmost importance for t... Know More
  • Delegation Skills​This program is designed to help participants master the art of delegation... Know More
  • Emotional Intelligence​The course is designed to help participants' master emotional intelligence... Know More
  • English at work (E@W)​This program helps learners improve communication, mainly spoken, but also... Know More
  • Fluency and Expression (Grammar)​The program is useful for participants who lack confidence in their spoken... Know More
  • Influencing Skills​This course enables participants to practice the skills needed for buildin... Know More
  • Information Skills​This program is helpful for employees who need to digest huge numbers of d... Know More
  • Interviewing Skills​This program teaches managers to prepare for, conduct and follow up on int... Know More
  • Leadership Skills​This program is tailored to help participants make the transition from ind... Know More
  • Negotiation Skills​Negotiation is an innate quality of humans. As a professional, it is impor... Know More
  • Planning and Prioritization​This program helps employees identify the things they do in a day, the mos... Know More
  • Sales​This program enables participants to sell consistently and build relations... Know More
  • Stress Management​The program is designed to analyze how stress impacts all of us in our pro... Know More
  • Team Building​This program helps participants recognize the importance of teamwork and t... Know More
  • Telephone Etiquette​The training in telephone etiquette is designed to help participants prese... Know More
  • Telesales​This program enables participants to improve their listening skills and pr... Know More
  • Time and Stress Management​This program equips students with practical skills using the mode of discu... Know More
  • Time Management​This program teaches participants to manage their time in an efficient and... Know More
  • Training Dynamics/Facilitation Skills​This program equips participants with a structured approach to the plannin... Know More
  • UK Voice and Accent, UK culture​The program helps learners to gain an understanding of foreign languages a... Know More