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The Indian economy is facing a huge demand for manpower resources that possess sound knowledge of basic IT skills or are equipped with specialized talent in areas such as finance and accounting, infrastructure management, web content development, enterprise resource planning and business intelligence.

Certification Courses by NIIT:

Java Certification Courses:

Java is an object-oriented language that enables learners to create real-world applications. Java technology based software works just about everywhere—from the smallest devices to super computers! The Java training is delivered through NIIT’s vast pool of highly qualified faculty that includes 200 acclaimed professionals.Know More

​.NET Technology Courses:

.Net is a platform that allows developers to create intelligent applications that are interoperable with other platforms and do it within a shorter timeframe. The .Net platform, also known as the .Net Framework, enables innovation in enterprise application development and deployment.Know More

Oracle Courses:

Enterprise software company Oracle, which has developed the world’s popular enterprise level database management systems, remains a leader in this market. Owing to this, skills in Oracle database products are at a premium. Understanding this, NIIT has introduced several courses in Oracle that improve the employability quotient of learners.Know More

Python training courses

​Python has been gaining popularity and has the potential to become the programming language of choice for both individuals and enterprises going forward. Today, a large number of organizations are migrating and transitioning to Python.Know More

Computer Science Diploma:

NIIT offers graduates accelerated computer diploma courses in IT that are playing a transformation role in the lives of learners. The programs have been designed to fulfill the expectations of the industry and meet the skills needs of students.Know More



  • Business component development with Enterprise java beans technologyThis module will enable you to: Implement Enterprise JavaBeans™ (EJB™) ... Know More
  • Certificate in web component development using Java Technologies​Java is an object-oriented language that enables you to create real world,... Know More
  • Certificate Program in Essential IT Skills​The Program helps students who have passed the 8th grade or above to:U... Know More
  • Developing apps on Android platform​Android, backed by Google Inc., is the fastest growing Open Source mobile ... Know More
  • Developing windows store applications using C # Advanced technologies have revolutionized the way apps are being used in da... Know More
  • GNIIT in Cloud and Mobile Software EngineeringSoftware engineering has expanded into numerous fields, the most exciting a... Know More