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While Analytics as a term has been around for some time now, ‘Big Data’ is a more recent phrase. It has come into existence because of the sheer volume of data that is being generated today in almost every aspect of our lives. Big Data is data that is too large and complex for conventional data tools to capture, store and analyze. When put to good use, Big Data allows analysts to spot trends, extract insights and make predications.

Just one flight from New York to London generates about 10 terabytes of data! Around seven billion shares are traded every day on the US stock markets. Walmart collects 2.5 petabytes of data from customer transactions every hour. 10,000 credit card transactions are made every second.

Owing to this trend, there is a growing need to provide professionals with Big Data Analytics Training. NIIT too has taken cognizance of this emerging need for Big Data professionals and is offering Big Data training especially in the area of advanced Analytics. NIIT’s Data Analytics courses are enabling learners to move up the career ladder, with specialized skill sets that organizations need today.



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