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Interactive Classroom Cloud.  

Interactive Classroom -Cloud  is a complete cloud enabled classroom solution that goes beyound the traditional teaching-learning enviornment in the school by enabling anytime -anywhere learning by students .It makes all stakeholders to collabrate and enhance learning eco-system .It just not ensures personal learning for students but also helps teachers by making evalution and assesment easier to implement , adminster and monitor . It is a holistic classroom solution that allows the teacher not only to make the teaching process interactive and engaging by using visual means but also enables them to create question papers and analyze students performance.This helps in making learning of science subjects much more interesting and hands-on. This smart solution is specifically designed to implement the NCF 2005 guidelines where the focus is on in-depth understanding of concepts and their practical applications rather than passive learning gained by the prevalent rote based learning methods. Interactive classrooms integrates technology into the whole teaching-learning cycle, making it smart, engaging, interactive and much more effective. Students are exposed to smart ways of learning the regular subjects.

Interactive Classroom- Cloud  brings abstract and tough concepts to life and makes them easy to understand. The solution also provides tools for effective evaluation of students and empowers teachers to analyze the performance of students regularly. Thus a remedial plan to improve upon the weak areas of students can be chalked out by teachers. This aspect of Interactive Classrooms can help teachers in yearlong and comprehensive evaluation of their students.

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