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CCE training 

What is CCE ?

CBSE has introduced a number of steps for reforms in the school education sector. The creation of an assessment paradigm that is diagnostic in nature, generates essential feedback about each student and helps in the holistic growth of the learner is the backbone of the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system. Although not a new concept, it requires an evolution in ways of assessment of students and schools are facing many issues in its effective and efficient implementation. To ensure the implementation of CCE in letter and spirit, teachers and school leaders need to thoroughly understand and imbibe the CCE teaching and implementation methods to creatre lifelong learners

NIIT presents CCE training programme for teachers

This comprehensive course in CCE teaching methods empowers teachers to successfully administer CCE in schools. It acts as a professional development tool for teachers to help them gain expertise, get ‘CCE-ready’ and be able to contribute proactively in imparting a higher quality education.

Salient features and provisions of the programme are:

  • Conducted by a team of trained professionals and vastly experienced teacher trainers
  • Subject experts with immense hands-on experience for subject-specific sessions, specific-evaluation techniques, and designing and assessing innovative formative assessments
  • Exclusive workshops by subject experts for subject-specific methodology/pedagogy in Languages, Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences in various locations
  • Specific training programmes on designing and assessing co-scholastic areas by experts well versed in child psychology as well as the school learning environment
  • Focus on recording/maintaining detailed student profiles: Formats and data collection sheets to be provided to participants
  • Online support to participants for their day-to-day queries, suggestions, sharing of practices, problems and discussions
  • Online/face-to-face support in handling parents’ and students’ queries on CCE


Name of Training Module Duration in days
Formative Assessments in CCE (Scholastic 1A) 1
Formative Assessment in Language (Scholastic 1A) 1
Formative Assessment in Mathematics (Scholastic 1A) 1
Formative Assessment in Science (Scholastic 1A) 1
Formative Assessment in Social Sciences (Scholastic 1A) 1
Summative Assessments in CCE (Scholastic 1A) 1
Assessment of Scholastic 1B 1
Assessment of Co-scholastic areas (Part 2) 1
Assessment of Life skills (part of 2A) 1
Assessment of Thinking Skills (part of 2A) 1
Assessment of Social Skills (part of 2A) 1
Assessment of Emotional Skills (part of 2A) 1
Assessment of Attitudes and Values (2B) 1
Assessment of Attitudes (part of 2B) 1
Assessment of Values (part of 2B) 1
Assessment of Participation and Achievement in Co-curricular Activities (3A) 1
Assessment of Participation and Achievement in Health and Physical Education/Games (3B) 1
Understanding and Implementing CCE 2
Remediation in CCE 2
Filling up CCE Report Card and Record Keeping 2


   (Mon-Fri:9 am to 5pm)

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