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  NIIT Limited announces Q1  
  NIIT Forms Strategic Relationship with Cornerstone OnDemand  
  NIIT to deliver Next Gen courses in Digital Transformation within Indian Universities  
  NIIT announces 18th National Scholarship in Nigeria  
  MLSL unveils "Nguru Quick School Parent App" – One-stop solution for parents to monitor their child's performance in school  


  Q1 Results  

  NIIT Limited announces Q1 (April - June 2017) Consolidated Results  

Rahul Patwardhan
Chief Executive Officer,
NIIT Limited

The business transformation program has started to yield results. Our go forward business has grown 5% YoY.


Sapnesh Lalla
CEO Designate,

NIIT's Corporate Learning business continues to be on a strong growth path. We added 2 new MTS clients this quarter and have significantly expanded services of an existing client. We go into Q2 with a healthy pipeline of new deals.


Rajan Venkataraman,
Chief Digital Officer,

We continue to see an encouraging response for our programs on Training.com. Completion rate for programs is close to 95% which is amongst the highest in the industry. During Q1 we launched our third executive management program with IIM Calcutta.


Prakash Menon
President, Global Retail Business, NIIT Ltd

We see a strong uptake of digital products in Q1, with DigiNxt enrolments growing 57% YoY.


Gavin Dabreo

FY 18 will see increased focus by us on technology based products which help improve learning outcomes in the core curriculum in schools. Our Practice Plus products have seen an increase in its user base to 35,000 users in the last quarter. We hope to reach 2,00,000 students by the end of this year with this unique product.
  • Records System Wide Revenue of Rs. 358.7 Cr, up 5% YoY
  • Q1 PAT rises to Rs. 10.4 Cr, up from Rs. 0.8 Cr YoY
  • Corporate Learning Group (CLG) records constant currency growth of 14% YoY
  • CLG adds MTS contracts from 2 Fortune 500 companies

NIIT Limited Consolidated Financials for Quarter ended June 30, 2017 *

(in Rs. Crore) Quarter ended June 30, 2017 Quarter ended June 30, 2016 YoY change
Net Revenue
+ 5%
Profit After Tax
+ 9.6 Cr

*Note: The accounts have been prepared based on Ind AS, as on 30th June, 2017. To make it comparable on a like-to-like basis, the accounts as on 30th June, 2016 have been converted into Ind AS.

NIIT Limited (NSE: NIITLTD) reported its results for the first quarter ending June 30, 2017. During the quarter, the company recorded a PAT of Rs. 10.4 Cr, up from Rs. 0.8 Cr YoY and Net Revenue of Rs. 209.9 Cr, up 4% in constant currency terms. EBITDA was at Rs. 16.3 Cr, reflecting an Operating Margin of 8%. Net debt reduced from Rs. 130.4 Cr to Rs. 40.2 Cr YoY.

The results were taken on record at the meeting of the Board of Directors .

Corporate Learning Group (CLG) recorded net revenue of Rs.117.5 Cr up 14% YoY in constant currency terms, maintaining a steady operating margin of 15%. This was backed by a strong growth in its MTS (Managed Training Services) offerings, which now contributes 94% of CLG revenues.

Work has commenced on the execution of education programs for Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) in Toronto. As the exclusive provider of mandatory education programs required to trade in real estate in Ontario, Canada, NIIT Canada will design, develop, administer and deliver a New Registration Education Program to be launched on July 1, 2019. NIIT Canada will deliver the New Program for a full five-year term under the Designate Agreement. The agreement is extendable for a period of three years.

NIIT entered into a strategic relationship with Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ: CSOD), a global leader in cloud-based learning and human capital management software, to collaborate in the areas of implementation, business consulting, technical and content consulting, and outsourced administration.

NIIT was selected this quarter for the Training Industry's 2017 Top Online Learning Library Companies List. Since the launch of the platform in October 2016, Training.com has generated more than 1.5 million unique visitors. Training.com has built a portfolio of over 50 advanced courses including marquee programs in Digital Marketing, Data Science and Applied Finance from premium institutions. The learning platform has generated a revenue visibility of over Rs. 60 million.

Skills & Careers Group (SNC) recorded net revenue of Rs. 68.1 Cr during Q1.

During the quarter, NIIT unveiled the first of its kind NIIT Centre of Excellence in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The centre will offer array of programs in Digital Transformation to create a talent pool trained in futuristic technologies. These technologies under the revolutionary digiNxt series have been introduced by NIIT with a profound understanding of the changing workforce requirement of the global and Bangladesh IT industry.

MindChampion Learning Systems Limited (MLSL) registered net revenue of Rs. 23.2 Cr during the quarter.

Other highlights:

  • NIIT named to TrainingIndustry.com's Top 20 Training Outsourcing Companies List for 10th year in a row
  • NIIT announced the 18th National Scholarship in Nigeria, to reward meritorious students desirous of building successful careers in today's knowledge economy.
  • NIIT announced that it has been selected as a 2017 India's Most Trusted Brand for the fifth consecutive year.

  NIIT Forms Strategic Relationship with Cornerstone OnDemand  

Sailesh Lalla
Senior Vice President, Business Development at NIIT

We envision that the collaboration will combine the best of both worlds – NIIT's high quality managed training services with Cornerstone's powerful platform. We look forward to providing our customers with better and more improved business-aligned services with this relationship,


NIIT Limited announced that it has formed a strategic relationship with Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ: CSOD), a global leader in cloud-based learning and human capital management software.

The two companies will collaborate in the areas of implementation, business consulting, technical and content consulting, and outsourced administration. As part of the agreement, NIIT will add Cornerstone certified administrators and resources to its implementation and support teams across the globe, with the initial implementation in Canada. NIIT will in-turn, support Cornerstone in training content rebuild with high quality, modern learning content - specifically for modern learner engagement, audience management, content reduction, governance and non-mandatory services.

"We're thrilled to add NIIT to our ecosystem of global implementation and consulting alliances. In particular, NIIT's significant Canadian presence will benefit our continued expansion in the region," said Dave Mortell, Vice President of Alliances for Cornerstone OnDemand.


  NIIT to deliver Next Gen courses in Digital Transformation within Indian Universities  

Rahul Patwardhan
Chief Executive Officer,
NIIT Limited

The Digital Transformation wave is upon the world and 'go Digital' has become the chant for those keen to survive and thrive in the emerging Digital age. The skills needed for professionals in the new Digital world, will be multi-dimensional and cross-disciplinary, across subjects and disciplines. To build these skills, India will require an innovative education agenda that will also encompass a revamp of the educational models, curricula and teaching-learning methodologies at all levels. Through our 'NIIT Inside' model we will work with educational institutes across India to help them modernize their curriculum and offer futuristic career programs to their students.


Prakash Menon
President, Global Retail Business, NIIT Ltd.

Over the years we have been offering job-ready training to students through NIIT centres across the country. Focus on NIIT Inside model in India reiterates our commitment to make futuristic career programs available and accessible to the students by working closely with colleges and universities.


Sanjay Tickoo
Head, International Education Business (Emerging Markets), NIIT Ltd,

This is indeed a very significant initiative in India wherein we will work closely with the higher education institutions to promote the industry-academia interface by offering cutting-edge programs in Big Data, Java Enterprise Apps with DevOps and more to help create a talent pool aligned to the industry needs. We have successfully implemented this model in countries like China, Indonesia and Vietnam by partnering with 200 premier education institutions in these countries. We look forward to further strengthening this initiative in India by establishing partnership with Universities & colleges across the country to make India a digitally empowered nation.

- To introduce proprietary NIC (NIIT Inside Campus) model in India, after successful implementation in China and Emerging markets

- To make college curriculum future-ready by embedding cutting-edge programs like Java Enterprise with DevOps, MEAN Stack & Big Data and more

NIIT Limited now offers Next Gen courses in Digital Transformation to the Universities in India. To this end NIIT will introduce its globally acclaimed proprietary NIC (NIIT Inside Campus) model in universities and colleges across India. Through strategic tie-ups with premier institutions, NIIT will offer futuristic programs in MEAN Stack, Big Data & Data Sciences Stack, Design Thinking, Cloud Stack, Internet of Things (IOT) Stack, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Robotics and Virtual Reality and Cyber-Security. These programs will be embedded in the college curriculum thus offering students an opportunity to acquire skills aligned to the fast-evolving digital economy. The NIIT Inside model has already been introduced in select colleges in India.

India holds an important place in the global education industry with more than 1.4 million schools, over 227 million students enrolled and more than 36,000 higher education institutes. The sector is currently pegged at US$ 2-3 billion, and is expected to touch US$ 40 billion by 2017. However, the education sector in the country is afflicted with the issues of quality, consistency and employability. According to All India Council for Technical Education more than 60% of the engineers graduating from technical institutes across India remain unemployed. There is a huge variation in standards of technical colleges in the country, a majority of whom churn out graduates who are not employable.

While the higher education institutes are grappling with these issues, the skill sets required by the industry has undergone a change. IT now requires higher levels of leading-edge skills like cloud analytics, robotics, process automation, and so on, and engineering graduates of today do not always come qualified.

'NIIT Inside', a globally successful on-campus, customized education delivery model that is integrated with the institution's bachelor degree programs, aims to bridge this gap. Through this model, NIIT provides its content, methodology, platform, technical know-how, pedagogy and also support university professors and lecturers by providing necessary training to deliver the latest curriculum. NIIT Inside is an effective solution that helps universities and higher education institutions to keep pace with changes in the global and local IT industry, and equip its students with the latest, in-demand skills that make them relevant in today's work scenario. 'NIIT Inside' solutions will be delivered through Instructor-Led Training by subject matter expert / faculties at every college campus. Programs offered under the model will vary from modular courses like Java 8, Oracle 12C to skill enhancement courses to NIIT's flagship GNIIT program. After the completion of the course, the students will get a degree from the University/Government and also receive a certificate from NIIT. This model has been implemented successfully in more than 200 Universities and colleges across China, Vietnam and Nigeria.

According to a recent release by NASSCOM, the skills of the future would be Big Data Analytics, Cloud & Cybersecurity Services, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and many other Digital Technologies. A huge demand is foreseen for roles such as mobile app development, social media, data scientists & platform engineering. According to a McKinsey report on 'Technology Jobs & the Future of Work', digital technologies could contribute $550 billion to $ 1 trillion of economic impact per year in India by the year 2025. According to another renowned survey, 69% of IT leaders expect huge surge in the job market in the next 3 to 5 years due to digital technologies.

Keeping in view the way IT industry has evolved and is expected to grow in the future, NIIT has developed its own Digital Transformation programs under the DigiNxt series, offering futuristic programs to create an IT workforce aligned to the needs of the digital economy. These programs will be available to students under the NIIT Inside model. NIIT provides student courseware material to all its partners, spanning 200+ universities and higher education institutions. The courses are delivered as per the academic guidelines and discussion with its partners.


  NIIT announces 18th National Scholarship in Nigeria  

Prakash Menon
President, Global Retail Business, NIIT Ltd.

NIIT has always believed in making cutting-edge professional courses available to meritorious students across the globe. This scholarship is yet another effort that recognizes and encourages students' in Nigeria to pursue a career in IT and IT related domains.






Sanjay Tickoo
Head, International Education Business (Emerging Markets), NIIT Ltd,

The scholarship is an integral part of NIIT's commitment to encourage meritorious students of the country to build a successful career in IT. Over the last 18 years NIIT has created a pool of job-ready professionals, for the fast-growing IT industry in Nigeria. We are now pleased to introduce new age courses to offer multiple career options to the students in today's digital economy.

- To offer futuristic programs in Digital Transformation under the digiNxt series like digiNxt MMS, Big Data, Java Enterprises Apps with DevOps, Digital Marketing, Oracle, CISCO, Android etc.

NIIT announced the 18th National Scholarship in Nigeria, to reward meritorious students desirous of building successful careers in today's knowledge economy. This is NIIT's initiative to enhance employability of commendable students to meet the industry needs of the country. NIIT will now offer scholarships for cutting-edge programs like digiNxt MMS, Big Data, Java Enterprises Apps with DevOps, Digital Marketing, Oracle, CISCO, Android and other programs. These programs have been introduced by NIIT with a profound understanding of the changing workforce requirement of the Global and Nigerian IT industry. More than 100,000 students have benefitted from the scholarship so far.

Nigeria is overcoming recession with a renewed hope and this is an opportunity for students to contribute to the growth of the country. NIIT will help enable this through its global career programs. This year the annual scholarship test will be held on Saturday, 15th July 2017, across the country. For more information, students can visit www.niit.com/nigeria.

"Nigeria is on the path of sustainable growth, thereby also providing an opportunity of growth to the students of the country. To enable this, we will offer scholarships for revolutionary programs in digiNxt MMS, Big Data, Java Enterprises Apps with Dev-ops, Digital Marketing, Oracle, CISCO and more to create a talent pool armed with futuristic skill-sets that will help drive the Nigerian IT industry."

Today, information technology has changed the way people work and the next ten years will be about transforming the businesses across all industry sectors to embrace the digital era. According to industry experts, digitally transformed organizations are 26% more profitable than their industry competitors. Global spending on digital transformation technologies is expected to cross $2.1 Billion by 2019. By 2018, 35% of IT resources will be spent to support the creation of new digital revenue streams, and by 2020 almost 50% of IT budgets will be tied to digital transformation initiatives.

According to industry sources, IT industry in Nigeria is estimated to be among the fastest growing IT industries in the world. NIIT conducts the IT Scholarship exam every year to help identify meritorious students to join this industry and be a part of the global skilled IT Talent pool. Over the last 17 years, NIIT Scholarships have become one of the most awaited events in the annual events calendar of the country.

With an aim to create empowered workforce for the Nigerian IT industry, NIIT offers various other programs to the students in Nigeria. The revolutionary Mastermind series comprises of Software Engineering and Infrastructure Management courses. While the Software Engineering course will expose the student to technologies like Office 2013, Java 7, Visual Studio 2012, SQL Server 2012, ASP.net, MVC 4.5, HTML 5, JQuery, Java Script, the Infrastructure Management course will enable students to learn Office 2013, Windows Server 2012, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Microsoft Share Point 2013.


  MLSL unveils "Nguru Quick School Parent App" – One-stop solution for parents to monitor their child's performance in school  

Gavin Dabreo
CEO, MindChampion Learning Systems Limited (MLSL), said,

This app is an example of how technology can be used for seamless communication between parents and the school and thus make parents more involved in the child's educational process. The Quick School app has been especially designed to enable parents to remotely monitor the child's movements and developments in the school.

MindChampion Learning Systems Limited (MLSL), NIIT's wholly owned subsidiary for its K-12 school learning initiative, unveiled Nguru Quick School Parent Application – a unique solution designed for parents to track their child's performance and growth in the school. The mobile app has been carefully designed for parents to provide all the information about their wards ranging from tracking daily attendance, making reservations in library to checking the vaccination given to the student at school.

Nguru Quick School is an ERP software based app wherein parents can login using the login id and password provided by school for the Quick School system. The app is a great time saver and source of important information that is readily available at the touch of a smartphone button.

For parents, Quick School is a unique dashboard with features ranging from the child's basic information like photograph, name, class, section etc. to the assignments given to them by the teachers. The Parents can view the circulars given by the school/teachers to the child which makes the app more promising. The app also has records of the fees paid for the child in the past which makes the system more transparent.

To avail this, a school needs to subscribe to the Quick School product. This mobile app is then offered to the parents complimentary. The Android and iOS version can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.


Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.niit.parentapp&hl=en

App store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quick-school-parent/id1073900082?mt=8


  IIM Calcutta in association with Training.com announces the first batch of Executive Program in Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategy  

Prakash Menon
President, Global Retail Business, NIIT Ltd.

The programs offered by training.com are uniquely positioned to meet the changing requirements of the industry. The EPDSMMS program in association with IIM Calcutta has been especially designed to groom managers for various roles in digital and social media marketing thus helping create a pool of competent professionals for the industry.


First Executive Management Program with live virtual classes launched by IIMC on Training.com

Training.com - a multi-modal learning platform by NIIT and IIM Calcutta announced the first batch of the Executive Program in Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategy to help build a great career in the field of digital marketing. This is the first Management Program with live virtual classes by IIM Calcutta which is made available on training.com. The six-month program focuses on providing in-depth knowledge on digital and social media marketing and analytics which will help in planning, implementing and measuring the social media strategy to create awareness and ultimately drive sales.

The initiative has been welcomed by the Program Directors of the EPDSMMS Program, IIM Calcutta. They have expressed their delight in offering the Executive Program in Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategy through training.com, which will help the learners to deep dive into the basic and advanced modules of marketing in the social and digital media platforms thus enabling them to transform into strategic managers.

The Executive Program in Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategy (EPDSMMS) has been designed to provide a solid foundation for marketers who want to specialize in the Digital and Social Media Marketing. The applicant should be a graduate from recognized institute in any discipline and should have a minimum 2 or more years of full time work experience in media, advertising, start-ups, social or digital media, e-commerce or related domains. EPDSMMS will equip professionals to take a wide sweep in digital marketing activities.

EPDSMMS focuses on Digital and Social Media for effective Digital Commerce and Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies along with an introductory module on Marketing Management. The classes will be held twice a week. The program is divided into three modules. The first module would be delivered online on training.com platform over 10 weeks. The next two modules will be conducted as face-to-face classes on IIM Calcutta campus. The two campus visits would be of one-week duration each. The course will be highly experiential and interactive with case studies and presentations by experts from academia as well as industry. Successful candidates will be given certification from IIM Calcutta and will be awarded IIM Calcutta Alumni Status.

The Program is aimed at Marketing, Advertising, Brand, Product and Sales Executives. It is also relevant to Entrepreneurs, E-commerce and Freelance executives. Any professional who is planning to implement digital and social media campaigns to create brand awareness, enhance brand recall, generate leads and enhance customer experience will be benefited from this program.

Professionals undertaking the program will be trained in customer value, satisfaction and relationships, marketing environment, product and brand management, direct marketing, sales promotions, designing content for social media marketing, social media analytics, digital marketing using big data, cross-platform and cross-media digital marketing and much more. The Program faculty will focus on the synergy between in-field practice and in-class learning.

For more information: -

Call: 18002081050 (or) visit https://www.training.com/digital-marketing-courses-online/epdsmms


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