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NIIT Limited Q3 (Oct-Dec 2008) Consolidated Results




Rajendra S Pawar
NIIT Limited

The launch of NIIT Uniqua strengthens the portfolio of Talent Development offerings from NIIT.



Vijay K Thadani
Chief Executive Officer,
NIIT Limited

New initiatives and products contributed to robust growth of 23% in enrolments, globally.




P Rajendran
Chief Operating Officer,
NIIT Limited

“NIIT’s launch of the unique Smart Science Station which brings the Science Lab into the classroom follows the successful introduction of the Math Lab in schools. ”
  • Global System-wide Revenue up 19% at Rs 389.8 Cr
  • Net Revenue up 17% YoY at Rs. 278.9 Cr
  • Individual Learning Solutions enrolments up 23% YoY
  • School Learning Solutions revenue up 74% YoY.
  • NIIT Uniqua, the NIIT-Genpact venture, completes full quarter of operations.

NIIT Limited
Consolidated Financials at a Glance (in Rs. Cr.)

  Qtr ended
Dec 31, ‘07

Qtr ended
Dec 31, ‘08

Global System-wide Revenue
327.2 389.8 19%
Net Revenue
238.8 278.9 17%
22.8 22.9
Profit After Tax
13.9 5.5 -60%

For the quarter ending December 31, 2008, NIIT Limited, the leading Global Talent Development Corporation has posted consolidated net revenues of Rs. 278.9 Cr, representing a 17% growth YoY. The company’s system-wide revenue stood at Rs. 389.8 Cr, up 19% YoY.

In this quarter, the company recorded Profit After Tax of Rs 5.5 Cr compared to Rs 13.9 Cr for the same period last year. The launch of NIIT Uniqua and increased depreciation due to new school projects impacted PAT for the quarter. NIIT has expanded its presence to over 7800 schools, an increase of 3000 schools compared to the same quarter last year.

The results were taken on record at the meeting of the Board of Directors here today.

Individual Learning Solutions – IT recorded 20% growth in net revenue YoY and 23% growth in enrolments. In China, NIIT recorded 71% growth in revenue over the same period last year.

Responding to changes in the environment, NIIT introduced six new programmes for graduates and final year students to make them job ready. The programmes offer superior value in shorter durations ranging from 99 days to up to 200 days.

NIIT, together with major technology partners, launched a series of new edge programs for Science & Technology graduates in China in this quarter.

School Learning Solutions recorded robust growth of 74% YoY in net revenue.

In this quarter, NIIT launched the first-ever solution which integrates Science Labs with classrooms – NIIT eGuru Smart Science Station.

NIIT further enhanced its offerings with introduction of NIIT e-GURU Web & Multimedia curriculum, based on world-class Adobe Creative Suite of Products.

Finance & Management Training Solutions increased its offerings with the launch of a new financial literacy program and a Career Program for college students. In this quarter, FMT forged alliances with Fullerton Securities and Laxmi Vilas Bank.

Corporate Solutions recorded growth of 7% YoY in net revenue.

With fresh order intake during the quarter at USD 31.8 million, CLS closed the quarter with a pending order book of USD 81.13 million, up 24% YoY.

Other highlights of Q3 2008:

  • NIIT was conferred the ‘Top Training Company Award 2008’ by the country’s leading publication group Cybermedia, the publisher of Dataquest.
  • NIIT, USA, was awarded the Gold for Excellence in E-Learning Award by Chief Learning Officer magazine as part of its Learning In Practice Awards, one of the industry's highest honors.
  • NIIT announced the endorsement of TOEICŪ (Test of English for International Communication™) by leading corporations namely - 24/7 Customer, Wipro, Inventurus, Call2Connect, Fiserv, HCL, HTMT, Steria, and Minacs.
  • NIIT announced its first batch of GNIITians with Microsoft Certification.
  • NIIT’s DigiArt Festival, iPaint 08, an annual digital painting competition, received a record 80,000 entries this year from schools across India. The overwhelming response was due to the green initiative wherein, paintings were uploaded by the schools on a specially created site.
  • NIIT MindChampions Academy was launched in over 400 schools of Bihar.
  • As part of NIIT Imperia Leadership Series, World Chess Champion and NIIT MindChampion Viswanathan Anand, addressed management students and professionals simultaneously across 19 cities on Management Strategy.



NIIT is India’s No 1 IT Trainer once again!


Dataquest confers NIIT, Top training company award 2008

NIIT has once again been conferred the ‘Top Training Company Award 2008’ from country’s leading ICT publication group Cybermedia, the publisher’s of Dataquest.

Established in 1981, to help the nascent IT industry overcome its human resource challenges, NIIT has today grown to be amongst world’s leading talent development companies.

NIIT CEO Vijay K Thadani received the trophy at the award function organized by Cybermedia group, in the capital recently.


NIIT launches “Job-ready” career courses

G Raghavan
President, Global Individual Learning Solutions,
NIIT Limited

More than ever, these days, training needs to prepare youth for jobs. That is why NIIT has launched a suite of job-directed, short term courses in a bouquet of leading technologies.

- Intensive technology programmes to make graduates job ready in 99-200 days

NIIT has introduced six new programmes for graduates and final year students seeking a career in Java, .Net developers, Web 2.0., Creative Publishing, Systems & Networking, Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing. The new avant-garde Post Graduate Diploma programmes are designed to make the students job-ready for the industry. The duration of these programmes will vary from 99 days to up to 200 days.

NIIT’s industry–endorsed programs custom train professionals for IT industries. The regularly updated curriculum prepares them for the contemporary work environment. It helps in producing proficient performers from day-one, saving up a lot of time and financial resources of the organizations.


NIIT launches first ever `Smart Science Station’


L Balasubramanian
President-School Learning Solutions,
NIIT Limited

NIIT eGuru Smart Science Station is aimed at discovering the scientist within the students. We believe that the initiative will help address the need of combining classroom learning with real life as mandated by NCERT.

Dov Bruker
Fourier Systems

We are pleased to partner with NIIT to bring our pioneering technologies in learning of Science for the first time to the schools in India. We are confident that together with NIIT we shall be contributing to the cause of inculcating and reinforcing the strong scientific thought process in students.


- A pioneering learning solution which integrates Science Lab with classrooms - Partners with FOURIER Systems, a global leader in Science education to enhance NIIT eGuru Interactive Classroom offering, for schools across India

NIIT in partnership with Fourier Systems, a worldwide leader in Science education, launched NIIT eGuru Smart Science Station- an innovative learning solution which integrates Science Lab with classrooms.

NIIT eGuru Smart Science Station enables a range of technology-aided Science experiments covering topics on heat, electricity, sound, measurement of air and water pollution etc. It is a break-through innovation that allows students to enhance their learning capabilities by helping them co-relate classroom learning with day-to-day life. For instance, during field trips, the students can carry the portable Smart Science Station to extract real time data such as air and water pollution levels for conducting related experiments.

As part of the alliance, NIIT will make available technology-enabled learning solution to explore science through computer-aided experimentation, while Fourier Systems will offer NOVA 5000 science data logger with a vast range of science probes for capturing relevant data.

This novel concept is part of NIIT eGuru’s offering of Interactive Classroom (ICR) for schools. The solution will help implement National Curriculum Framework 2005 guidelines by NCERT, in schools.More than 160 activities can be carried out on the NIIT eGuru Smart Science Station, for which simulation is available, with readings being collected through the data loggers.


NIIT ties up with Adobe to launch first ever state-of-art Web & Multimedia curriculum for Schools in India

Sandeep Mehrotra
Adobe India

Adobe and NIIT have partnered together to deliver a full fledged web and multimedia program based upon Adobe Creative Suite products for schools across India. NIIT e-GURU Web & Multimedia curriculum, is a unique program that takes care of all the requirements of the schools by providing them with technology, content, teaching & learning materials, consultancy, training and support to integrate cutting edge multimedia education in the school. This would make teaching digital media skills easier and more exciting than ever.

L Balasubramanian
School Learning Solutions,
NIIT Limited

The NIIT e-GURU Web & Multimedia curriculum for school children, based on Adobe Creative Suite of Products, will offer a perfect blend of multimedia applications, web technology, communication technology and also soft skills for the students who are aspiring to be world class multimedia professionals.

- Alliance to give school students early access to professional creative tools

NIITtogether with Adobe announced the launch of first ever state-of-the-art NIIT e-GURU Web & Multimedia curriculum for school children, based on world-class Adobe Creative Suite of Products.

The newly launched curriculum covers the Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection, which includes- Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Premiere, Encore, Soundbooth, AfterEffects, Fireworks, Dreamweaver. The primary objective of introducing such a curriculum is to provide a comprehensive web & multimedia curriculum, based on the widely used professional software from Adobe. This will give students aspiring for a career in domains like website designing, video editing and sound editing an early access to professional creative tools. NIIT and Adobe will work together to bring the benefit of multimedia learning to all the stake holders in the schools segment, viz. students, teachers, school management, government, and administrators.

NIIT e-GURU Web & Multimedia curriculum will be the first multimedia and life-skills module offered to school students covering the latest multimedia, web and communication technologies. The course curriculum and content is designed as per international standards.



Industry Endorses TOEICŪ Test as Criteria of Employee Communication Skills

Ashish Basu
New Business Incubation
NIIT Limited

Participation of blue-chip companies in the TOEIC test is a validation of their acceptance of TOEIC test scores as the criteria for English communicative ability of individuals at workplace. We plan to roll it out across 20 cities in the next three months.



NIIT announced the endorsement of the TOEICŪ (Test of English for International Communication™) test by leading corporations throughout India.

Through NIIT’s first nationwide TOEIC test administration, 24/7 Customer, Genpact, Inventurus and Wipro participated in a benchmarking exercise of their employees’ communication skills. The benchmarking exercise helps corporations set acceptance standards while recruiting. This aids in monitoring improvement of communication skills of employees as they undergo training. 24/7 Customer, Wipro and Inventurus join other industry leaders such as - Call2Connect, Fiserv, HCL, HTMT, Steria (Xansa), Minacs (TransWorks) and NIIT Technologies — in their endorsement of the TOEIC test as the established industry criteria for assessing a candidate’s proficiency of English for workplace communication.

The TOEIC test, developed by Educational Testing Service (ETS), is the world’s most widely accepted workplace English-language assessment tool. Offered in 90 countries around the world, the TOEIC test is used by more than 9,000 corporations, educational institutions and government agencies.


Bihar Deputy CM and Viswanathan Anand flag off NIIT MindChampion Academy in the State


Shri Sushil Kumar Modi
Hon'ble Deputy Chief Minister

It is encouraging to see NIIT come forward to introduce children to the world of Chess through computer aided skills. I sincerely feel that initiatives like these will go a long way in enabling development of these young minds.

- NIIT to introduce MindChampion Academy in 400 Government Schools in Bihar

Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister, Shri Sushil Kumar Modi flagged off NIIT’s MindChampion Academy in the state of Bihar. NIIT MindChampion Academy is a joint initiative of NIIT and World Chess Champion, Viswanathan Anand, to initiate children across India to the game of Chess. NIIT MindChampion Academy has been launched in 400 schools in the state where NIIT is offering the education services.

Marking the symbolic launch of the academy in the state, Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Sushil Kumar Modi and World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand made their first moves in a game of Chess. Anand handed over the MCA kits to the Principals of some of the identified 400 Government Schools. Dr. Anil Kumar, Hon’ble IT Minister and Shri Hari Narayan Singh, Hon’ble Human Resource Development Minister also joined the Deputy Chief Minister in highlighting the importance of promoting ICT in education at school level and initiating school children in the game of chess through technology.

Speaking at the launch of NIIT MindChampion Academy, World Chess Champion, Viswanathan Anand said, “Chess has grown by leaps and bounds in India during the last 10 years, as more number of children are taking to the sport. The NIIT MindChampion Academy offers a tremendous opportunity to explore children’s potential, as it is aimed at providing them with requisite guidance and facilities.”


NIIT Honored in 2008 “Top 20 Companies in the IT Training Industry”

Sapnesh Lalla
Senior Vice President,

More frequently we are seeing organizations with large technical traning needs seeking a partnership with a global training expert to fulfill their needs.

NIIT Listed Among Training in 1st Annual Survey

NIIT was named to the Top 20 list of IT training providers by TrainingOutsourcing.com. The 'Top 20' list recognizes the leading IT training companies for their high quality of services and comprehensive capabilities.

TrainingIndustry.com’s review committee worked to ensure a comprehensive view of the IT training sector to include tools, equipment and software training companies that demonstrate outstanding capabilities in the design, delivery and management of training services.

Dr. Jim Hanlin, CEO of Training Industry, Inc, said. "The primary goal for publishing this prestigious list is to provide corporate, government, and training executives with a directory of highly qualified, successful, and proven training partners. Our list of Top 20 companies highlights the best in class organizations focused on the IT skills marketplace.”



iPaint 08 green initiative draws overwhelming response


P Rajendran
Chief Operating Officer,
NIIT Limited

iPaint 2008 is an initiative of NIIT to enable young minds to express their creativity through technology. By organizing the competition through our Green initiative this year, we hope to instill a sense of responsibility amongst young minds towards their environment.



L Balasubramanian
School Learning Solutions,
NIIT Limited

We are overwhelmed by the response that CII- NIIT DigiArt Festival has received from children all over India. The creative application of technology by the students will help us hone the creative potential of children.


• CII- NIIT DigiArt Festival sees a record 80,000 entries submitted by schools across India
• NIIT MindChampion Viswanathan Anand felicitates iPaint 08 winners at Kidex 08

iPaint 08, NIIT DigiArt Festival, an annual digital painting competition organized across schools on a national level, received a record 80,000 entries this year from schools in Assam, Meghalaya, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, New Delhi and Haryana. The overwhelming response was made possible due to the Green initiative, wherein paintings were uploaded by the schools on a specially created site on www.niit.com/ipaint and no print outs were taken.

World Chess Champion and NIIT MindChampion, Viswanathan Anand felicitated the winners, during an award ceremony as part of Kidex 2008.

Mr. Pradipa K Mohapatra, Chairman, Kidex 2008 in his address said that CII has been focusing on competitiveness and inclusive growth as thrust areas for rapid socio-economic development for the last few years. While speaking on CII’s emphasis on competitiveness he said that CII was keen to extend its initiatives on competitiveness to children also who will form the next generation. He also opined that the “iPaint 08” – the CII-NIIT Digital Art Festival helps in bringing out the creativeness among kids and is also inclusive.

Making his first public appearance after winning the World Chess Championship recently at Germany for the 3rd time, Grand Master & NIIT MindChampion, Viswanathan Anand said, “I congratulate all the students who have participated in this contest. The entries deserve a special mention for the high level of creativity shown by the children. I am confident that talent identified through NIIT’s school initiatives, will help shape future champions.”


NIIT Imperia holds 19 city strategy session with World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand

Viswanathan Anand

Whether it is management or a game of Chess, a good strategy sets direction towards the ultimate goal. It felt great to reach out to so many management students & professionals across the country using NIIT Imperia’s technology, which seems to make distances disappear due to the high level of interactivity.

Shraman Jha
NIIT Imperia

We have instituted ‘NIIT Imperia Leadership Series’ to provide a platform to our students, to learn from the experiences of stalwarts who have excelled in their chosen field. It is an honour to have World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand among us today as part of the series. At NIIT Imperia, it is our constant endeavour to equip our students with strategic inputs and I am sure that Anand’s sharp insights will prove valuable for all of us.

- Synchronous Learning Technology enables management students and professionals across the nation interact simultaneously with World No. 1

World Chess Champion and NIIT MindChampion Viswanathan Anand, addressed management students and professionals simultaneously across 19 cities in the country on Management Strategy, through NIIT Imperia’s Synchronous Learning Technology. Organized as a part of NIIT Imperia Leadership Series, Anand shared his insights on how to excel in business by using the strategies and moves applied in Chess.

The session saw record turn out with large number of participants tuning in from New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Bhopal, Patna, Jamshedpur, Bhubaneswar, Nasik, Nagpur, Vizag and Mysore to hear and interact with Anand, who took the session while being at the Delhi studio of NIIT Imperia Centre for Advanced Learning.

Emphasizing the similarity between Chess and management principles of Business, Anand shared his secret moves on “Strategies in Tough Times: Lessons from Chess”, as part of NIIT Imperia Leadership series.



NIIT Wins Gold in Learning in Practice Awards


Sapnesh Lalla
Senior Vice President,

NIIT is honored to receive this prestigious award and the recognition of peers for our excellence in delivering innovative learning solutions,Our commitment to technology, as well as cognitive science, has proven a winning combination that drives e-Learning solutions with competitive results.


-Chief Learning Officer Magazine Honors NIIT for Excellence in Enterprise e-Learning

NIIT was awarded the Gold for Excellence in E-Learning Award by Chief Learning Officer magazine as part of its Learning In Practice Awards, one of the industry's highest honors. CLO created the awards to recognize learning leaders who have made significant impact in their enterprise by improving performance through a combination of key qualities, including leadership, vision and strategic alignment. The awards were announced during the Fall 2008 Chief Learning Officer Symposium in Coronado, CA, which attracted more than 400 top corporate learning executives.

“The Learning In Practice awards were established to recognize transformational and visionary leaders in enterprise education,” said Norm Kamikow, president and editor in chief of Chief Learning Officer magazine.

By aligning training with business goals, NIIT consistently delivers business impact for the world's leading enterprise-level companies, including British Telecom, Microsoft, IBM and Phillips.


NIIT commits first batch of GNIITians with
Microsoft Certification to industry

G Raghavan
President Individual Learning Solutions,
NIIT Limited

‘Today there is an even greater need for individuals to get trained and certified in skill sets for meeting industry requirements. The decision to embed Microsoft Certification in our GNIIT program came about as a result of NIIT’s clear focus to enhance the employability of students through Certifications in leading technologies and support the industry in scouting and retaining globally competitive talent.’

Continuing its commitment of providing day one ready professionals, NIIT- the Global Talent Development Corporation, announced the availability of its first batch of GNIITians with Microsoft Certification to meet industry requirements. The students were felicitated by Mr Lutz Ziob, Worldwide Head, Microsoft Learning during his recent visit to India.

Earlier this year, NIIT and Microsoft Corporation strengthened their ongoing alliance to make available a large pool of Microsoft Certified professionals, for global talent requirement. The flagship GNIIT program is now even stronger in developing software professionals, preparing them at the same time to acquire globally recognized Certifications in Microsoft technologies, among others.

GNIIT program today is the first IT career program in the country to offer Microsoft Authorised Learning content.


NIIT launches Baroda’s first ‘NIIT eGuru Math Lab’



L Balasubramanian
President, School Learning Solutions,
NIIT Limited

NIIT is committed to making education more impactful and interactive, by leveraging IT, and ensuring that the best tools and resources are made available to school students. We are pleased to find a partner in Zenith School that is extremely progressive when it comes to giving its students the best inputs for better academic results.


Launching a breakthrough initiative that aims at making the vital subject of mathematics simpler, easier and fun to learn for school students, NIIT installed the first ‘NIIT eGuru Math Lab’, at Zenith School in Baroda in October. The installation of ‘NIIT eGuru Math Lab’ also marked the establishment of the first such Math Lab in the city of Baroda.

Dr R G Kothari, Professor (Education), M.S. University & Former Vice Chancellor Veer Narmad South Guj. University, inaugurated the revolutionary concept in presence of Mr L Balasubramanian, President, School Learning Solutions, NIIT Ltd and Mr S P Nandi (English) and Mr Chouhan (Gujarathi)Principal, Zenith School, Baroda.

Speaking on the launch Dr R G Kothari said, “Children are the founding blocks of a nation. In today’s competing times they need all the tools at their disposal to rise up to the challenge of shaping a progressive nation. Tools like NIIT eGURU Math Lab will help make their foundations strong, thus enabling them to take on these challenges.”

Speaking at the launch of ‘NIIT eGuru Math Lab’, Mr S P Nandi Principal, Zenith School, Baroda said, “We have always believed in providing the best for our students. In this regard it is heartening to see how NIIT eGuru Math Lab brings back the excitement into a traditionally difficult subject like Mathematics. We are sure that through this association, our students will not only comprehend Math, but will also excel in their grades.”


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