Strategies to Optimize Content Development

Content development is one of the most commonly outsourced functions when it comes to L&D outsourcing. There are various reasons why companies choose to outsource content development – from improved instructional design to cutting-edge AR and VR technology capabilities to rapid content development. 

The past few years have also seen a shift in how content development is outsourced. Project based relationships are giving way to close strategic and tactical partnerships under the model that we know as Managed Training Services.

Managed Training Services (MTS) is a relationship in which a CLO outsources a process to a strategic partner who takes responsibility for the overall health of those processes. In fact, many CLOs state that one of the key reasons they opt for an MTS model is because it can accelerate their path to optimization.

However, choosing the right provider may be a balancing act between priorities. Some may prioritize cost reduction while others focus on innovation. Based on our experiences with customers and discussions with learning leaders, we have derived a list of 10 pointers that can help you select the right partner as you consider MTS for Content Development. 


For more details on each of these expectations and the related questions you should ask a potential content development provider, download our ‘Strategies to Optimize Content Development’ whitepaper.