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CA Mainframe Academy

Fifty-three years ago, mainframe technology changed business computing forever. Today, mainframe computers still play a central role in the daily operations of most of the world's largest corporations. CA Technologies is the second largest global provider of Mainframe technology.

With many Mainframe professionals on the brink of retirement, CA customers had expressed concerns about the lack of skilled Mainframe professionals to counter the brain drain. CA Technologies collaborated with NIIT to develop the CA Mainframe Academy, an accelerated, vendor-agnostic program designed for computer science graduates and experienced information systems technicians interested in an accelerated path to a professional z/OS career as a junior systems programmer. Mainframe Academy equips IT professionals with core programming skills to manage their Mainframe environment. 

The program focuses on a targeted spectrum of mainframe processing, programming concepts and applications — and is designed to rapidly grow students from almost no knowledge of mainframes to certified professionals in a short period. The content is delivered with a unique, flexible blend of instructor-led, Web-based, and hands-on labs. 

CA mainframe academy

Find out more about how our customer education solution helped CA build a steady pool of qualified Mainframe professionals.


Brandon Hall Excellence Awards, 2017 – Bronze in Best Customer Training Program category.



Since launch the Mainframe Academy has produced over 245 certified Mainframe professionals till date with a pass rate of 92%.



 reduction in training time as compared to other traditional training methods.