case study

Facilitating Technology Adoption for Improved Business Performance

Shell wanted to streamline the planning process across its Projects and Technology business to enable the worldwide adoption of standardized workflows and technology. Shell chose Primavera as the standard planning application. The tool has been customized to meet Shell’s specific requirements and is called Shell-Standard Primavera (SSP).  

Any large-scale technology investment by an organization cannot realize its full potential until all users of that technology learn how to make best use of the application in a manner that benefits the organization. This is where training can help.

In Shell’s case, this training came with a unique set of challenges due to the large scale of implementation, limited internal expertise on the application, moving away from the traditional planning process, and constraints related to learner time.

NIIT created an e-learning training curriculum of approximately 2 hours. Instead of overwhelming learners with information on all aspects of the application, the training program focuses on critical tasks and workflows that learners are more likely to struggle with in the real world. 

Shell primavera application rollout training

Find out more about how our e-learning solution helped Shell reduce time to proficiency for Shell Primavera application rollout.


Chief Learning Officer Learning in Practice Awards – Gold for Excellence in E-learning



Adoption of new application workflows following a standardized process across 22 locations; Proficiency in the application within six weeks for new users.


Average time spent on application training reduced by over 1/3rd per person