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Optimizing Learning Portfolios for Improved Effectiveness and Efficiency

Our customer is a leading global bank headquartered in the United States that serves 67 million consumer and small business clients. With over 200,000 employees worldwide, one of the key challenges for our customer was to manage a massive learning portfolio. With over 6000 courses in the learning catalog and over 90 vendors delivering in the same region, the learning portfolio accounted for 8 million hours of participant time. To compound the challenge, 75% of the courses were either instructor led or virtual instructor-led. Moreover, there were many duplications and redundancies and no clear return on investment.

The company engaged with NIIT’s advisory and consulting services practice to comprehensively analyze the portfolio and make recommendations to optimize it and maximize value. NIIT’s portfolio transformation model is a structured engagement approach to transform learning portfolios so that they deliver more value at a better cost. We leverage a combination of 12 levers to systematically identify opportunities to reduce the size of the portfolio by eliminating redundancies and duplicative course content.

Optimizing learning portfolios for improved effectiveness and efficiency


Learn how NIIT’s advisory services helped the customer optimize their learning portfolio.  




Potential savings over 3 years by implementing the recommendations.


Value of productive time back to business due to optimization of training hours.