case study

Reduced Time to Proficiency and Billability for Critical Job Roles Using an Innovative Onboarding Program

Our customer is the leading provider of advanced analytics, technology solutions and contract research services to the life sciences industry. The company provides solutions that enable life sciences companies to develop new approaches to accelerate improvements in healthcare outcomes.

Clinical research and trials are at the core of the customer’s operations and the role of a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) is crucial in clinical research projects. The customer had a goal of onboarding more than 400 Clinical Research Associates over a year. The company was investing heavily in the training for CRAs, however feedback and results from the existing onboarding program weren’t in sync with expectations. 

NIIT worked with the customer to revamp the existing CRA training program in the EMEA region. Our Advisory and Consulting services conducted a Curriculum Design Analysis (CDA) on the current program and a Needs Analysis to strategize a business-focused program that would allow the customer to achieve their performance objectives. 

This resulted in 26-weeks Clinical Research Associate Graduate Program to address the need of building and sustaining talent pipeline for pivotal job roles. The objective of the program was to develop communication, presentation, problem-solving and other fundamental skills which were essential in the first 90 days of work.  

Reduced time to proficiency and billability for critical job roles

Find out more about how NIIT’s TPAAS solution helped improve onboarding process at one of the world’s leading providers of advanced analytics, technology solutions and contract research services.


Brandon Hall Excellence Awards, 2017 – Gold in the Best New Hire Onboarding Program Category



Reduction in Time to Proficiency by 24%: The duration of the program was reduced from 240 days to 182 days, which reduced the time to proficiency by 24%.


Shorter Program, Faster Time to Billability: Shorter program duration allowed for billability of participants 5 weeks earlier leading to a 42% faster time to billability.