Business Impact

Deliver measurable business impact with an L&D ecosystem that is aligned to your business and organizational goals.

Increasing the Business Value of L&D

As workplaces and skills get redefined and organizations and industries transform, L&D finds itself at the epicenter of change. Now, more than ever, L&D needs to embrace change and not only align with the business but serve as a strategic pathfinder for workforce transformation.

At NIIT, our approach to L&D transformation has always been to increase the business value that L&D delivers by tightly aligning business priorities with learning priorities. We have the full depth and breadth of people, technology, expertise, and experience to not only transform your learning ecosystem but deliver modern and hyper personalized learning experiences at scale.

Organizing for Business Impact

We believe that the first step towards achieving business impact with L&D is to organize your L&D function for value creation. Our customized transformation roadmap configures your L&D ecosystem on five main pillars that drive business value. Once your L&D ecosystem has been redefined, we enable a process of value creation and improvement through service excellence and innovation.

Learning Strategy

Enables achieving strategic business objectives and goals

Learning Experiences

Delivers high impact learning and engages learners

Learning Technology Ecosystem

Supports modern learning and delivers learning at scale

Learning Processes

Efficiently delivers high quality learner experiences

Learning Analytics

Provides insights for ultra-personalization, targeting learning and continuous improvement

Customer Stories

Don’t take our word for it. Our goal is to ensure that learning leaders have the tools to not only align learning with the business but also bring value to the business through measurable impact.



Increase in Average Productivity and Ticket Size of Business Sold for Sales Associates

The multiple award-winning Distribution Academy is the epitome of a modern learning ecosystem with tangible business impact across 50 global markets.

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Value of Productive Time Back to Business Due to Optimization of Training Hours

The recommendations from a comprehensive portfolio optimization assessment by our consulting team resulted in significant savings.

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ROI Over Three Years for the World’s Leading Open-Source Technology Company

NIIT’s customer education services have not only resulted in a 365% ROI on training in 3 years but also in 44% higher DevOps team productivity.

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Global 500 Chief Learning Officer

Love the governance. Weekly tactical meetings, bi-weekly/monthly and quarterly meetings are very useful. NIIT is VERY responsive – they’ve never said no to anything we’ve asked for and always shown willingness to explore solutions and have always found them for us.



Graduation Rate for Frontline Supervisors for Nobel Peace Prize Winning Organization​

Upskilled the frontline supervisors operating in conflict zones like Ukraine and Syria to better operate in a crisis for the world’s leading humanitarian organization.

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Learning Management Systems Replaced by a Unified, Global System​

Transformed the learning ecosystem of a leading life sciences company from decentralized to a centralized, global university model.

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Savings in Learning Administration Costs Through Operational Efficiency​

Modernized learning operations at scale for a premier, global aviation engineering leader.

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Global 500 Chief Learning Officer

NIIT has done well in Leveraging Buying power, the tenacity of the sourcing team and initiative taken to save on cancellation costs without even being asked was huge. You’ve widened our horizons at times by bringing new suppliers and new ideas.



Reduction in Overall L&D Costs for One of the World’s Leading Digital Technology Companies

NIIT’s innovative approach to learning transformation involved aligning the L&D function with the A2B methodology and resulted in significant savings.

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Savings in Operational Efficiencies and Costs Savings for the World’s Leading CPG Companies

Introduced efficiencies across learning operations including learning administration, strategic sourcing, and vendor management.

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Learners and the Extended Enterprise Managed by NIIT’s Learning Operations Experts

Enabled comprehensive L&D transformation for over a decade across the internal L&D organization as well as the extended enterprise.

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Global 500 Chief Learning Officer

Having partners that can help you improve the user experience through continuous improvement, bringing new technology plays, best practice sharing from other clients - we found that absolutely priceless.

On the Fence about L&D Outsourcing?


Learning outsourcing playbook
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