It’s Not About Software. It’s About the End User.

The plethora of software tools and applications available today are more powerful than ever and can truly transform your workplace. However, software is only half the equation. The real value of your software depends on how people use it. Training has a critical role to play in ensuring a smooth application rollout, focused on adoption.

Many companies fall into the trap of over-budgeting for help desk support, and under-budgeting for good training. They may even budget to support two systems longer than they need. According to Gartner, user training is one of the most powerful drivers to reduce costs. Research shows that the under-trained user consumes two to six times the amount of technical support (including peer support) than an adequately trained user.

Without good training, there is also opportunity cost – something companies fail to quantify. This could include falling behind, diverting talent and work efforts to repairs, delay of the next initiative, and costs of retraining among others.

You need a partner that has an adoption-focused training methodology that truly delivers value to the end-user and your business.

How We Help

We Guarantee 90% User Adoption

NIIT’s powerful application rollout solution, powered by our Eagle Productivity Solutions division utilizes a science-based training methodology that focuses on full adoption through behavior change. This methodology utilizes realistic scenarios and hands-on exercises to instill new behaviors that end users will need to be successful on the job with their new tools.

The leap other training companies are making is that people are best at inventing new work processes. However, that is not the most efficient and safe way.  At NIIT Eagle, we focus on your strategy and identify what you want your people to do and train for adoption. We then measure the success to sustain the investment. 


Training Methods Inspired by Advances in Neuroscience

Advances in neuroscience such as Google NOVA and mirror neurons inspire our training methods. We use a combination of blended solutions and adoption-focused training methodology:

Blended Solutions

We communicate for awareness, expectations and readiness information. We also level-set learners with pre-training activities and drive knowledge and skill attainment through Instructor-Led Training. Our approach is to pull-through and sustain learning with post-training reference materials and communications.

Adoption-Focused Training Methodology

Our proven methodology uses realistic scenarios and hands-on practice to instill new behaviors that lead to adoption. We provide end users with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in their day-to-day activities.


Points of Transition

NIIT Eagle’s discovery and knowledge transfer process is faster than most and proven to be more effective in capturing needs. It is the critical foundation when designing immersive situations.  

Our design and development methodology incorporates transitional cases at an earlier point in training. The premise is to build tension and release with payoff during exercises. This helps end users remove skepticism through personal experience.

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Business Impact

Shell: Facilitating Technology Adoption for Improved Business Performance

Shell wanted to streamline the planning process across its Projects and Technology division to enable the worldwide adoption of standardized workflows and technology in a customized application. NIIT’s award-winning learning program helped thousands of users in 22 locations worldwide adopt the workflows and improve time to proficiency.

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