Thought Leadership in Learning.​

Training for Success: The New Training Imperative and What it Means for your Organization

With new technologies, ways of communicating, and generational shifts happening in today’s workforce, learning leaders face greater challenges—as well as opportunities—in regard to their training initiatives.​

The Training Transformation: How to Plan, Prepare, and Perform Your Training Transformation

How can learning leaders quantify the value of their training initiatives? How can they demonstrate the business impact to key decision makers? The solution lies in transforming training into a results-driven enterprise—one that creates quantifiable impact on the business as a whole.​

The CFO and Learning Spending

As CFO, you know numbers are king. That’s why you evaluate each budget request for relevance and track the return on investment of every line item. So isn’t it time to get a better handle on one of your largest expenses: the unmanaged costs related to training and development?

Best-in-Class Training: How Leading Training Organizations Thrive

This whitepaper explores the changing role of CLOs with key insights from best-in-class learning organizations. The paper outlines how organizations can apply best practices in their training transformation to become a best-in-class learning organizations.​

Mobile Devices and New Media: Trends, Standards, and Development

With the advent of sophisticated HTML5 development platforms, organizations are now capable of generating mobile applications and web sites with functionality almost identical to native apps. This technical specification guide for media development explores the content and media strategies that can be applied to design tablet-based applications.​