​​​​Rationalize and Reduce the Total Cost of Third Party Provided Training​
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Vendor provided training is perhaps the largest unmanaged spend within the training function. NIIT’s Strategic Sourcing service addresses the entire lifecycle of vendor provided training. NIIT’s clients receive cost reduction, access to a leading collection of learning providers, and a full suite of support services including selection, measurement, and knowledge management. Whether internal or external, your budget for learning is an investment; our approach, processes, and technology ensure that our clients get the highest returns for that investment.

In our approach, NIIT does not own any content - we utilize third-party providers. The best solution is identified rather than our content being “pushed” to the client, preventing bias or a conflict of interest. Third party training providers won’t be reluctant to participate as they won’t see competitive barriers with the neutral provider. Customers can benefit from NIIT’s expertise in providing vendor management/Strategic Sourcing services.​

NIIT’s Strategic Sourcing service addresses the Total Cost of Learning (TCL). Over the past decade, learning organizations have made great strides in optimizing the value they receive from their investments on learning. The industry now has more refined approaches to content development, training administration, and evaluation. In contrast, we believe that off-the-shelf ILT may represent the largest L&D spend that is yet to be optimized. One of the reasons for this is a failure by vendor managers to recognize and solve for the TCL.​


Training tightly linked to business | Reduce time spent in training to increase productivity | Rationalize curricula and vendors | Reduce Total Cost of Learning


Rationalize courses, vendors, participation, and delivery mode | Eliminate internal staffing requirements and reduce process costs | Unbundle Content & Facilitation | Eliminate Scrap | Make vs. Buy​​​​