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​NIIT’s Consulting & Advisory Services practice is primarily focused on bringing value-add to NIIT’s customers. We have developed a set of services that are focused on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of training. There is one consulting service, the Strategic Training Assessment, that is normally not focused on existing customers but instead organizations who are trying to understand how to transform training and how to utilize outsou​rcing in their service delivery model. These services are described below.

Content Development Opportunity Assessment

NIIT’s Content Development Opportunity Assessment helps organizations improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their custom content development capability using outsourcing as an enabler. The process assesses the current state of the training content capability and process in an organization and provides an actionable roadmap to help move to the desired future state of higher effectiveness and efficiency by utilizing outsourcing. 

Training Administration Opportunity Assessment

If an organization has implemented a learning shared services model or is considering implementing it, then the NIIT Training Administration Opportunity Assessment can help them define the strategy and road map for creating an optimized training administration function utilizing outsourcing. 

Training Delivery Opportunity Assessment

If a significant part of an organization’s training is instructor-led, training delivery costs are high, trainer staffing is not flexible enough to adjust to demand fluctuations, trainer utilization is low, trainer quality is not standard or training delivery is not the organization’s core competence, then the NIIT Training Delivery Opportunity Assessment can help organizations define their strategy and road map for creating an optimized training delivery function utilizing outsourcing. 

Third-Party Training Sourcing Opportunity Assessment

Vendor-provided training is perhaps the largest unmanaged spend within a training function. NIIT’s Third-Party Training Sourcing Opportunity Assessment assesses the current state of sourcing training-related services in an organization and provides an actionable roadmap to move to the desired future state of better managed third-party sourcing spend by utilizing outsourcing. 

Portfolio Transformation

Over time many companies have built large collections of training that rest inside curricula, catalogs, and the LMS. At any point in time, some of these programs have very targeted functional and business purposes and some are required for external legal or internal policy compliance. Others, however, are out of date or have no or low utilization or are duplicative (similar content from different vendors or internally developed programs covering same topic in different parts of the organization). Still others may be libraries or collections of professional and technical skills courses with no specific business objective but available generally to support ongoing employee development. NIIT’s Learning Portfolio Transformation services helps re-design, re-configure and transform learning portfolios such that they are relevant, are linked to the business and deemed effective and efficient. 

Value-Added Consulting

While NIIT’s Delivery teams are focused on delivering to the contracted SLAs and ensuring service excellence, NIIT offers a Value Added Consulting service which offers an on-demand aligned consultant for more strategic solutions.

NIIT’s Value-Added Consulting Services enables customers to:

  • Find learning solutions, even in areas that are beyond the scope of the current contract
  • Seek strategic support to implement Managed Training Services
  • Take an innovative and consultative approach to help achieve desired goals
Strategic Training Assessment

The Strategic Training Assessment is a consulting service that served both customers and non-customers who might be interested in outsourcing. Companies spend millions of dollars each year on learning and development. Yet few L&D organizations know just how those dollars are being spent. Nor do they clearly understand the business value that their investments are generating. NIIT’s Strategic Training Assessment process is designed to help organization transform L&D from a cost center to an enterprise that adds value to the organization. NIIT works in close partnership with our customers to assess the current state of the training organization, the desired future state, the gaps between the two and identify recommendations for helping them move to the desired future state with an associated business case. 


Rationalizing a Collection of Decentralized Learning Functions

Our client was a mid-sized company biotechnology company that contained more than a dozen training groups. Our client had grown rapidly and faced a number of stresses. We conducted a Strategic Training Assessment in which we found that our client had focused training on “run the business” needs as opposed to “advance the strategy” needs. Their highly compensated workforce was unclear on how to access the trainin​g they required for their roles. Their costs were high and their results unclear. Working together, we developed a new structure for training and a roadmap for change which is now being implemented. The new structure featuring a federated model with strong central stewardship and shared services.

Building an Efficient Shared Service for Learning Administration

Our client was a large global oil & gas provider. They had moved to a more ce​​ntralized model for learning services over time yet had retained a regional model for managing learning administration. We worked with the client to understand their current approach and recommend an improved model that would deliver better performance, more clarity, more rapid improvement over time, and lower costs.


Outsourcing Delivery for Technology Customer Education

Our client was a technology firm that executed a substantial volume of customer education worldwide. We examined their operational results and structure and found that they faced opportunities to expand sales, raise margins, and reduce the substantial variations in margins they had experienced. We recommended a new model for training operations that allowed them to focus their energies on sales & marketing. The new model featured a service center in India, local delivery managers in their regions, and an outsourced set of instructors.