We all make mistakes. We do too - with incredible results.​
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NIIT is one of the largest and most capable providers of custom learning design and content development solutions in the world. Our flagship Curriculum Design and Content Development offering is spearheaded by our specialist content development division, Cognitive Arts based in Evanston, IL. Using our proven design methodology and the most advanced media capabilities, we develop learning programs in all delivery formats, including instructor-led, online, blended, and collaborative learning. Our content development services are based on instructional design best practices, and our rigorous process enables us to deliver superior courses against predictable timelines.

NIIT offers unmatched scale and flexibility in content development, with capabilities that include complex gaming and simulation, 2D and 3D animation, and high-end video. We also offer performance consulting to help organizations optimize their organizational effectiveness through current state analysis, strategy development, tracking, and measurement. Our flexible engagement models are either built on our proven tools and infrastructure, or adapt to our customer’s preferred development environment. We partner with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) throughout the process to ensure that the program is highly accurate and effective.

To ensure business alignment and measurable results, we employ our proprietary Critical Mistake Analysis (CMA) methodology. In a manner somewhat analogous to a quality-improvement methodology like Six Sigma, CMA methodology is based on identifying the most common and costly mistakes made by novices deploying target skills, performing a root-cause analysis to determine the underlying causes of these mistakes, and prioritizing training targets based on the business value of the potential improvement that can be made by addressing each. Our customers have realized measurable business impact through the content solutions we develop with CMA – whether it is reduced costs, improved time to proficiency, greater profitability, or increased efficiency.


Improved impact, often with less training | Proven value creating instructional design model & processes | Increased business alignment | Access to broad skills and expertise | Scalable capacity | Increased use of blended learning​


Reduce direct costs (20% to 40%) | Reduce total costs (including delivery costs, SME time) | Shift costs from fixed to variable​


KFC’s Secret Recipe for Millennial Training Success

KFC’s award-winning Virtual Worlds curriculum for Gen Y front-line staff at their quick service restaurants is the perfect recipe for theft and loss prevention.

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Award-Winning Custom Content for Shell

Shell wanted to streamline the Planning process across its Projects and Technology division to enable the worldwide adoption of standardized workflows and technology in a customized application. Shell partnered with NIIT to develop an award-winning learning program to help thousands of users in 22 locations worldwide adopt the standardized application workflows and improve time to proficiency.

Read or download this case study.