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Brandon Hall Awards

21 October 2022

NIIT’s StackRoute has won 6 Brandon Hall Awards this year for premier “Transformative” programs, jointly with its client partners, Dell, Philips, Happiest Minds, Persistent Systems and Zensar.

These awards are yet another validation for the outcome centric pedagogy that StackRoute has consistently used to deliver significant value – both to our client partners, and to our learners. We thank all our client partners and our distinguished mentors without whom this success would not have been possible. 


“Gold” with Persistent Systems for the category “Best Unique or Innovative Learning & Development Program” for Enhancing Architect Competencies. A 16-week intervention designed for practising architects to be able to deal with higher levels of abstraction and yet can deep dive as required. The program focussed on core architecture competencies, Solutioning Mindset, Thought Leadership, People and Leadership.


“Gold” with Philips PIC for the category “Best Advance in Competency Management” for Agile Excellence Practitioner. A 16-week intervention designed for a mindset shift among Program Managers, Release Train Engineers, and Scrum Masters. The program was aimed to help agile practitioners to be able to balance technical, behavioural, process, domain skills and align their work to organizational vision and business goals. 

“Gold” with Zensar for the category “Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy” for Product Management Foundation. A 4-week full time intervention designed for Fresh Graduate Management Recruits to become ready to be deployed as Product Owners who can own the product end to end, prioritize and manage product backlogs, work with developers, clarify requirements, write acceptance tests and criteria. 


Silver” with Philips GBS for the category “Future of Work Best Program for Upskilling Employees” for Enabling FP&A Professionals. A 14-week deep skilling intervention designed to empower and upskill FP&A professionals (Finance, IT, Business Services, and functions) in data processing, data analytics & visualization, and advanced analytics skills including predictive analytics. 

“Bronze” with Dell Technologies for the category “Best Advance in Competencies and Skill Development” for Architects new to the role Engineering and Services streams. A 16-week holistic intervention that included on Cloud Native Architecture, SRE, Business Strategy, Customer Centricity, Decision-making and Leadership skills.

“Bronze” with Happiest Minds for the category “Best Advance in measuring the impact of a talent strategy” for Aspiring Architect Program. A 12-week intervention for senior tech leads was delivered in 3 phases - “Architect” (understand roles, skills and perspectives), “Architecture” (understand concepts, techniques and tools) and “Architecting” (understand processes, practices and artifacts).