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Talent Imperatives for ECommerce Sector

21 October 2022

India’s ECommerce market is the eighth largest in the world, and is home to approximately 20,000 ECommerce companies. The industry is a significant contributor to the Indian economy. Owing to the increasing Internet user base and favourable market conditions, the ECommerce industry in India is estimated to reach 350 billion U.S. dollars by 2030, and is set to become the second-largest ECommerce market in the world by 2034.

To tap this exponential growth and address the challenges of seamless integration, Talent plays a critical role - Talent with the right skill sets and mind sets, who can understand the big picture, think innovation and scale, think design, and leverage insights from data to create delightful experiences for end customers and suppliers.

We have designed a thought paper: Talent Imperatives for ECommerce Sector to delve deeper into the following:

  • The landscape of ECommerce market in India
  • The unique organization structure that facilitates the end-to-end digital business model
  • Talent necessary to meet their growth agenda (especially, the digital mindset and skills that are required at leadership level, and the competencies required of managers)
  • Case studies of outcome driven; custom designed interventions aligned with business requirements


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