NIIT Alumni Answers the New Role Call

By NIIT Editor

Published on 10/10/2020

NIIT’s lineage goes back 4 decades. In that time, many have walked through the gates of our classrooms and built prolific careers for themselves. What prides us more than seeing our alumni head the corporate bureaucracy, is the continued dialogue they’ve maintained with us through the years. Thanks to this evergreen feeling, NIIT alumni, to this day continue to come forward and help in diverse capacities.

NIIT Confluence was the brightest example of this. The latest edition of this conference, hosted at ITC Grand, Goa, served a feast of education transformation ideas featuring acclaimed NIIT alumni as special invitees. The guest-alumni speakers delivered a spectacle of thought leadership like no other, for our audience. 



The opinions expressed were adventurous, thought-provoking, and highly actionable. They propelled NIIT to put some of the shared-ideation into implementation mode and improve the quality of training delivery.

On similar lines, the first edition of the NIIT Future-Ready Fest, organized in June-2020, was buttressed to a good extent by the backing of NIIT alumni, many of whom solicited webinars and helped the listenership avail insights in their respective fields. It proved the perfect occasion for students to make full utilization of their #StayAtHome time during the imposed lockdown.



Programme coordinators at NIIT reckoned who better to discourse on future technologies than those who are shaping it. This webinar series coverage included wide-ranging topics from industrial automation, and digital transformation, to personality development and recruitment trends in the fast-approaching post-COVID era.

Netizens flocked to listen expert-talks a few sessions of which were broadcasted live on Facebook. Considering the enthused reactions and hotly debated Q&A sessions, NIIT has decided to further this exercise in the coming months.Re-connecting with the people we already know is a nice feeling, but the experience is even more enriching to turn such relationships into collaborations at opportune times. The upcoming months are likely to see a host of activities, virtual discussions, and digital events organized by NIIT. If you know your contributions would make a difference to the lives of our students, then please reach out to us at


NIIT Alumni Answers the New Role Call