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Digital Marketing Career Opportunities in India for the year 2020

NIIT Editorial Wed, 29/07/2020 - 14:00

Digital marketing has grown to become an indispensable part of selling a product. With its increasing popularity comes a growing need for trained professionals who know the ins and outs of digital marketing. If you, too, are looking to take advantage of the boom by learning digital marketing and make a career in it, the information provided below is all you need to know.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing comprises of all the marketing strategies that use an electronic device or the internet to reach existing as well as prospective customers. It involves leveraging digital channels such as social media, search engines, emails, mobile applications, web applications, and other websites to connect with the masses. Currently, digital marketing is finding increasing application in industries, and this explains the rising popularity of digital marketing courses amongst students.

What are the career options in Digital marketing?

Digital marketing has many disciplines. The scope of digital marketing is so wide that, at times, a position might have to be specifically added to service the requirements of the client. However, there are some digital marketing jobs that are ever in demand.

We list some of these careers in digital marketing below-


1. Digital Marketing Manager

This is a mid-senior level position. A digital marketing manager is responsible for leading the entire digital marketing team in the company. The team may consist of SEO, SEM, and SMM executives, email marketing executives, social media executives, data engineers, and content writers, among others.


2. Content Marketing Manager

This position too, is mid-senior level, and requires experience in the field. A content marketing manager is tasked with managing the content that can include a blog, copywriting, email communications, PRs, and eBook publications. It can be a solo position or may involve leading a team of content writers.


3. Content Writer

Content writers form the backbone of digital media. It is the content generated by them that is used to build a digital marketing strategy. Content writers use keyword research to maximise the reach of their content. They use SEO and other techniques to make sure that the readers read their content and get converted into customers. 


4. Copywriter

Copywriters are responsible for writing quality copies that can help the brand connect with customers. A copywriter helps a SEO executive to write better ad copies, help post ads on social media, and assists in optimising the content so that it can better connect with the consumers.


5. Social Media Marketing Expert/Specialist

A social media marketing expert is involved in posting content on social media channels, as well as posting ads, and tracking their reach on social media. With new features being added to social media advertising every day, SMM marketing is a crucial addition to the social media team.


6. Email marketer

Email marketing is a highly effective technique for marketing your brand or product. It can be personalised and used to build up trust in customers. Email marketers are responsible for using emails as a way to secure more leads and increase sales. Email marketing jobs are many and accept freshers and experienced candidates alike.


7. Search Engine Marketer

A customer’s buying journey typically starts from a search. Search engine marketing encompasses all the marketing activities that take place via search engines. However, generally, SEM marketing refers to Google AdWords. The goal of a Search Engine Marketer is to bring the most number of leads and clicks in a given marketing budget. Most of the work involves analysis, bid management, copywriting, keyword research, and ad campaigns. 


8. SEO Executive

SEO executives are responsible for optimising the content to attract more organic traffic. SEO executives are responsible for keyword research, content optimisation, page indexation, user experience, and using Google webmaster tools. There are no specific qualifications required for SEO jobs. An independent SEO course in a reputed training institute like the NIIT will help you land a job easily.


9. Conversion Rate Optimiser

The Conversion Rate Optimiser is responsible for increasing the conversion rate at every step of the marketing funnel. He/she works with the entire digital marketing team to refine and optimise every process with the view of getting more conversions and leads. 


What skills are in demand in digital marketing?

There are many skills that can help you in digital marketing. However, there are a few basic skills that you need to be proficient in and build up upon if you want to make a successful career in digital marketing. We list a few of the important ones-


1. Front-end skills

Basic front-end skills will always come in handy in digital marketing, especially if you work with a small team or in a start-up. An excellent place to begin would be by learning HTML and CSS. HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is a coding language used to design web pages for display in web browsers; while CSS or Cascading Style Sheets works with HTML to add style to these web pages. With these front-end languages, you can design emails, make changes to landing pages, customise blog posts and more. You can easily make small tweaks by yourself rather than have a front-end developer make them for you, thus saving time.


2. Basic UX/UI design skills

Design interface plays a critical role in attracting customers. A well-designed page can pique user interest, and might even end up in making the users click on the ‘Buy’ button. A well-designed email will help users connect with you, while a thoughtfully designed website can further attract customers. Therefore, you need to be aware of user design basics. This is especially important in the case of mobile marketing and app marketing. Understanding basic design techniques and principles can also help you communicate with the UX/UI designers on your team better, therefore resulting in increased productivity.


3. Data analytics

Collecting, analysing and acting on data are some of the basic principles that a successful marketing strategy is built upon. Therefore, if you are looking to make your career in digital marketing, you need to be comfortable handling data. Once you can do that, you can consult and interpret consumer data of your campaigns independently without much help. In bigger agencies, there are dedicated data consultants, analysts, and engineers to handle data; however, in smaller companies, digital marketers usually have to do it on their own. Therefore, it is always beneficial to be prepared. Learning how to handle data does not mean that you need to be an expert. Start by familiarising yourself with the Web Analytics tool like Google Analytics-the standard tool to track website traffic and consumer behaviour. You can also get a Google Analytics certification done. You can also learn how to run a query using SQL (Structured Query Language). It can help you run queries and get the required answers from large data sets quickly.


4. Content management systems (CMS)

A content management system is used in content marketing to create and publish blogs, sales pages, and forms. The most common CMS in use out there is WordPress. It is an open-source platform and used by small companies and big businesses alike. However, some companies may have their independent CMS. Having basic know-how of CMS can help you add, edit and design blog posts, emails and edit forms, among other things. 


5. Marketing Automation

Digital marketing is a combination of many things. It involves using the social media, website, an app, email, and blog posts, among other channels to reach out to your consumer. All these channels need to be kept in sync. Here is where marketing automation comes into the picture. In automation, you can set up ‘workflows’ or ‘scenarios’ where the customer interaction with all of the channels is seamless and automatic. For example, if a customer signs on to your website, he/she can easily access your app with the same credentials, is added to your email list and gets access to personalised content. 


6. CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is almost like a further extension of Work automation. It can help you track relevant data about users like what workflows have the customers interacted with, what have they liked and how is their behaviour, in addition to all their interactions with your brand online. This can go a long way in understanding consumer behaviour. 


7. Editing basics

An excellent skill to add to your repertoire is video and photo editing skills. You do not need to master Photoshop or Illustrator for this, but basic editing skills can help you in connecting with your customers, be it through a video or an Instagram post. Adding a photograph or a video to a long piece of content can attract more people. Also, a well-edited photo can make all the difference when it comes to people clicking on your ad in social media marketing. There are many simple-to-use editing apps that you can use without any training. You can make use of presets and templates to make your photos and videos more attractive.


8. Office skills

These are essential skills that are handy across all job roles. Spreadsheets and documents like Word, Excel and Powerpoint, or Google Docs and Sheets are used for storing, organising and analysing any data that you may have. You can use spreadsheets to keep track of your goals, KPIs, and maintain and manage calendars, among other tasks. Tools like Data Validation, Lookup, Conditional formatting and creating Pivot tables are useful to help you gain insight into chunks of data. Presentation-making skills are equally important when you need to ‘present’ the data to your clients, consumers or higher-ups. Thus, these skills are indispensable regardless of your job role.

Getting into digital marketing does not require any particular qualifications. You can join classes offering various digital marketing training programs or intern with a digital marketing agency. However, it is always better to be certified in digital marketing tools and be equipped with the basic know-how. Here is where NIIT can help. NIIT provides a range of digital marketing courses, from google certification courses for beginners to expert professionals. In our digital marketing institute, you will be trained by industry veterans who have vast expertise in digital marketing. Choose from a range of independent job-assured courses or go for a post-graduate programme in Digital Marketing. The courses by NIIT will make you digital-market-ready in all aspects.


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