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Enter into the programming world with Python Training

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 10/10/2019

7 minutes

The technologies in the IT industry are forever evolving. The landscape has transformed over the last decade. Python programming language is one such significant development that has altered the scenario of the industry. With a range of features and benefits over traditionally used coding languages, Python is becoming the programming language of choice in the industry.

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What is Python?

Python is a high-level object-oriented programming language. Uniquely constructed with a simple syntax, Python has high readability.  It has a massive open-source library with an efficient edit-test-debugging cycle, which makes it programmer-friendly. The simplicity of the language also makes it easy for beginners to learn.

What are the features of Python language?

Python with its versatility and adaptiveness is finding increasing use in IT. The language is used to build everything from simple applications to high-level AI programs. As a result, the demand for Python in the industry is increasing. Here are a few salient features of Python that make it indispensable for the IT industry.

1. Quick debugging- The importance of Python in present times has increased owing to the simplicity of this programming language. Python programming language does not require compilation. Besides, the testing and debugging in Python is quick and easy. Instead of a segmentation fault because of bad input, Python programming displays an exception. The quick debugging process makes Python an ideal programming language for beginners and professionals.

2. Effective integration- Python programming language can integrate systems and is capable of running on all operating systems. Python’s feasibility in integrating with existing languages, such as like C++ and Java, has earned it the name of ‘glue language’.  This characteristic of Python enables a programmer to develop Web services through COM or COBRA. The integration feature is testimony to the versatility of Python and has further enhanced the career scope in a programming language.

3. Increased productivity- One of the most striking advantages of learning Python is its programmer-friendliness due to its productivity. Python has a large standard library freely available on all platforms. Moreover, the readability of Python programming language is better than other programming languages with fewer bugs and fewer class definitions. The myriad features of Python further add to the speed of applications. Hence, this is a salient feature of Python.  

What are the benefits of Python training?

With the growing use of Python in IT, the number of career options in the programming language has been increasing. A career in Python programming language promises tremendous growth and excellent remunerations. Hence, the demand for Python training programs is on the rise.

We list a few benefits of learning Python-

1. Artificial intelligence- There is a high demand for Python programmers in the market. The field of artificial intelligence analyses massive amounts of data. Python programming language is suitable for AI with its extensive library and easy integration with other languages. Hence, jobs in Python programming language are ripe in the field of AI systems.

2. Network programming- Besides machine learning, uses of Python programming extend to networking as well. Routers and switches can be configured along with performing other network-related tasks. Python libraries such as Netmiko, Paramiko SSH, and Pyeapi are used for this purpose. Thus, the network programming related field has potential for programmers trained in Python.

3. Gaming and graphics- An emerging field in the tech world is that of gaming and graphics. One of the many benefits of Python training is the rising demand for this programming language in developing games. Python programming language is most sought after in the domain of Gaming owing to its powerful library. PyGame is a popular option for building portable games and multimedia. Pyglet is used for developing games, as well as visually enhanced applications on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Similarly, the open-source Panda3D is equipped to build real-time 3D games, simulations, and experiments. The cross-platform engine Ren’Py facilitates the work on complex game logic.

The world of programming languages is extremely competitive and you must be ready to upskill yourself to meet the demand. Learning Python is one of the best ways in which you can prepare yourself for the future.

NIIT offers the Python Programming and Data Exploration in Python course targeted at beginners and professionals looking to grow in their careers. A well-planned course structure, good exposure, experienced teachers, and an exhaustive course material ensures that you are well-versed with all the concepts of the programming language. Visit the official website for more information on the course.


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