AI is transforming digital marketing faster than ever. How medium businesses can benefit from it

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 10/11/2020

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Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to think and act like human beings. Such machines can learn from interactions and are capable of problem-solving. The best thing about artificial intelligence is its ability to rationalise, apply logic and the learnings, and take the action that has the highest probability of achieving a specific goal.

AI is not just limited to robots. It has applications in every field. It is used in data entry and processing, IT, retail sector, scientific experiments, space explorations, and other fields. It also finds application in your everyday life. It simplifies complex tasks and performs menial jobs with ease.

Some benefits of AI are that it can perform repetitive tasks without getting tired, the costs are lesser than that for human resources, it can deal with an extensive amount of data, and it can prevent mishaps owing to built-in safety and installed programs.

Usage of Artificial intelligence in digital marketing

With Artificial intelligence finding increasing use everywhere, it is being employed in digital marketing as well. The use of AI in digital marketing is widespread- from personalised email marketing campaigns to interacting with customers and solving their queries. It helps in taking better decisions by understanding and researching what content, post, or technique will be beneficial in handling and promoting the business effectively. Using AI in digital marketing helps you to save your time, fetch better returns for your business, and increase your brand engagement.

Benefits of AI in digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence can help boost your business in many ways. With the help of artificial intelligence in marketing, you can create productive and better promotional content that your audience can relate to. Apart from improving your reach and better targeting your customers, it has a direct impact on your sales and revenue. 

Some other significant benefits of medium businesses using AI in digital marketing are stated below.

Personalising the content to suit your audience

The interests of people are rarely the same. Also, it is a known fact that people relate better with the promotional content if it is of their interest or they can relate to it. With the help of Artificial intelligence, you can ensure that every user is shown personalised advertisement or promotional content that they relate to. AI can help in user profiling and show a user only the content which they are most likely to enjoy.

A good example of this is the recommendations by OTT and music streaming platforms. They gauge the user’s interests and take feedback. Using the available data, they then show them suggestions that they are most likely to enjoy. They also filter out the advertisements to better reach the target audience.

Dynamic selling and price adjustments

Apps use AI to continuously collect usage data. It gauges customer reactions and takes feedback regarding the pricing. Taking all this into account, the AI suggests the optimum product price and the discount you can give to the customer. It also records the search rate and the demand and suggests the best pricing for your product. 

It also helps adjust the pricing in real-time. The pricing is adjusted according to the surge in demand. When the demand is more, the price is higher. As the demand reduces, the price is lowered to attract customers.

This can be seen when using the services of cab aggregators like Ola and Uber. As the demand rises, especially in peak hours, the prices increase. This is known as surge pricing. The prices are reduced to normal once the demand decreases. Another example is the discount coupons offered by restaurants on weekdays and non-peak hours. These are automatically suggested by AI depending on the demand.

Usage of bots for interacting with customers

Businesses are increasingly turning towards chatbots for handling customers. Right from initial queries and welcoming the customer to handling their grievances and complaints, artificial intelligence is now used for everything. Artificial intelligence enables businesses to handle an enormous amount of traffic at a time. Also, with the help of these bots, you can cut down on the cost of human resources required. Artificial intelligence helps you solve complex issues with ease. The chatbots can co-relate the queries to those stored in the database and give out solutions to customer issues and other queries they may have.

The best examples are the bots you see on the welcome screen, while making queries or when contacting customer care.

Automated marketing process

The AI marketing job involves managing the ad and marketing content by programmed artificial intelligence. The pre-programmed approach removes the hindrances faced by marketers in traditional marketing techniques. Using AI in digital marketing ensures that you make the optimum use of the resources available and ensure that your ad content targets the right audience. This improves the effectiveness of marketing and gives you the best results for your investment.

An example of this is the targeted SMS and text message campaigns that are run by businesses.

There are several AI tools for digital marketing you can use. They help in business development, improving brand visibility, and improving sales. However, using these tools requires an understanding of their work and a fair amount of practice.

AI marketing online courses can help you clear the basics and build a sound foundation. They can help you employ AI digital marketing techniques effectively to boost your business. You can also get skilled in this field and secure a well-paying career in digital marketing. A certified training course gives you an edge over other candidates.

NIIT offers you a digital marketing course that covers everything- from the basic concepts to advanced digital marketing. You will also witness how artificial intelligence affects digital marketing and helps in boosting your business.

The teachers are industry veterans who have experience in handling digital marketing campaigns. The exhaustive practice sessions will expose you to live models and the day-to-day workings of digital marketing campaigns. You can reach out to the customer helpdesk or visit the centre in person for any queries regarding the courses or admissions.

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