Re-skilling to create the next generation of Digital Talent

By NIIT Editor

Published on 05/10/2019

The winds of technological disruption are creating a tectonic shift in traditional business models across the globe. The technology needs of enterprises are undergoing massive transformation thereby posing a massive challenge to the IT services organizations building solutions for them. The customer’s expectation from IT services organizations is, therefore, changing from plain project execution to “Outcome-based models” and “Product mindset”.

Today service organizations need agile teams with knowledge and skills on digital technologies, full technology stacks, user experience design, micro-services based architecture, design thinking, and product engineering. While companies adopt different approaches to addressing this huge knowledge and skills gap, there are lingering doubts about whether the efforts will result in a sustainable learning eco-system that will keep pace with the rapid changes that will continue to happen in the many technology areas that make up the digital transformation landscape.

An organization-wide talent transformation program has to holistically address the needs of fresh hires, reskilling of existing talent working in billable projects and existing people transitioning between projects. Making a deep and impactful change across the organization is a key imperative for the learning and development teams. But at the same time, the sheer size of the industry and the scale of operations of the leading organizations make this a tremendous challenge. It is abundantly clear that traditional models of training, which result in sub-optimal outcomes for a majority of the learners, are insufficient. Instead, a coherent strategy and an approach that guarantees results is the need of the hour.

StackRoute presents an alternative model to onboard new talent as well as transforming existing people ensuring that companies have “Project-ready Digital skills” across the board. StackRoute runs boot camps and workshops that produce Full Stack Developers and Digital Architects. At StackRoute, participants go through the experience of building and releasing a real technology product. This is done in an immersive environment where participants experience what it takes to visualize, design, build, and release a new product. Consequently, our graduates are confident, outstanding professionals who lead customer engagements, are the benchmark for technology excellence and become the core around which larger teams can be built.

As a strategic initiative to transform organization-wide talent, StackRoute partners with enterprises to co-create bespoke StackRoute Digital Skills Academy.  Our outcome-based learning delivery model have graduated 1000+ programmers on the path to becoming full-stack digital developers. Due to our mastery learning approach, we guarantee a > 90% achievement rate. It is acknowledged that participants almost uniformly become self-learners and have the confidence to take on tough challenges. All StackRoute programs work with an intensive experiential and apprenticeship based model and are practitioner-led.  These programs constantly evolve to stay relevant and on the cutting edge of technology and are also customized for specific needs. The participants learn from top practitioners including CTO and Architect level practitioners - access to this quality of mentorship on a continuous basis is unmatched.

Today, leading IT services companies are banking on StackRoute to establish their crack team of full-stack programmers with stand apart expertise. In an environment then, where change is the only constant, and where re-skilling and upskilling are the only ways to go, StackRoute offers a transition path for enterprises to transform their talent into a future-ready powerhouse.

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