BFSI Careers - An Introduction to the Industry

By Ruchi Goel

Published on 18/12/2019

The BFSI industry provides jobs to a large Indian population across a variety of skill sets. Research indicates the BFSI industry is expected to provide jobs to approx. 1 million skilled workers by 2022. This means plenty of new opportunities for job-seekers.

In this session, we will understand the structure of the BFSI industry in a simplified manner. We’ll also discuss the emerging careers and the most sought after skills required to be employed in the BFSI industry

1. Understand the BFSI Sector.

Ruchi Goel, a Solution Architect for BFSI Enterprise Business, NIIT, talks about the three major components of the BFSI sector in our NLighten Experts Talk series. Watch this episode to get an overview of the BFSI sector. Understand the BFSI Sector. 


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