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NIIT Editorial Thu, 12/12/2019 - 11:00

Balaji SR in this NLighten expert talk series talks about, mashup techniques by which a website or Web application uses data, presentation or functionality from two or more sources to create a new service. Mashups are made possible via, web services or public APIs that generally allow free access. A mashup should provide a richer, more interactive experience. A mashup is also beneficial to developers because it requires less code, allowing for a quicker development cycle. Most mashups are visual and interactive in nature.

1. What is a Mashup or Mashup Technologies?

Balaji SR in this NLighten Experts talk series explains the simple terms of essence and definition of Mashup technologies.

2.  Important examples of Mashup Technologies

Learn some more interesting examples of Mashup Technologies from our Nlighten Expert Balaji SR

3.  Types of Mash Up

Balaji SR our Nlighten Expert details out various types of Mashup Technologies in his talk series.

4. Architecture of Mash Up

Balaji SR explains the architecture of Mashup Technologies in his Nlighten video.

5. Is this Mash Up – examples of Mash Up

Balaji SR explains how effectively Mashup helps us to get better understanding of Mashup through practical examples.

6. Mashing Up our web enabled homes

Balaji SR talks about how Mash up is becoming a part of our daily lives in this NLighten Expert talk series.

Expert Speaker

Balaji SR has 26 years of experience in building highly scalable Learning Platforms and Learning Portals, LMSs and assessment systems. His experience is phenomenal in leading development of technology product lines, defining business models, technology strategies, product road-maps and development plans.He has been instrumental in evolution of the Saas platform and operations, K12 management system and Element K’s learning management platform.His current role involves providing leadership to NIITs education technology products including overseeing platform implementations for our customers, with a special focus on digital initiatives encompassing machine learning, mobile learning, analytics to drive adoption, enhance learning effectiveness and improve retention levels.

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