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Business Analytics

Nlighten Expert Sun, 03/11/2019 - 15:00

Vijay Kumar Srinivasan talks about Business Analytics and explains about explore the importance of business analytics in today’s world, look at the skills that are essential for business analytic, explore various technology solutions, understand how to apply the same in multiple business scenarios such as data pipe management and visualizations.

1. What is Business Analytics?

Vijay Kumar Srinivasan talks about the different concepts of business analytics.

2. Business Analytics Skills

A session on Business Analytical skills required in today's time by Vijay Kumar Srinivasan. 

3. Analytics Life Cycle

Vijay Srinivasan shares the life cycle of analytics.

4. Approach to decision making

Vijay Kumar Srinivasan in this NLighten expert talk series talks about the approaches needed in order to take a decision.

5. Structured Vs unstructured data

Vijay Kumar Srinivasan throws light on structured and unstructured data in business analytics.

6. Data Warehouse Vs Data Mart

Vijay Kumar Srinivasan interestingly explains the difference between Data warehouse Vs data martin this NLighten expert talk series.

Expert Speaker

Vijay Kumar Srinivasan is a veteran in the Information Technology industry with over 25 years of experience. During this period he has extensively worked in the areas of Digital Strategies, Platform Solutions Architecture, Business Process Re-engineering, Analytic Solutions, Training, and Instructional Design. He is a professional who works with precision and clarity.

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