Most In-demand Cloud Computing jobs right now

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 08/12/2020

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Cloud computing jobs are on the rise as companies are increasingly adopting cloud architecture. Experts forecast that jobs in cloud computing are likely to grow in the coming years. But why has this sudden boost taken place?

One evident reason is COVID-19, due to which working from home has become a norm and with it, cloud technology has become essential. The technology already existed, but the recent shift in work culture made it a necessity. This has put the available cloud workforce in high-demand and created more cloud computing jobs for freshers.

Many are curious to know what cloud computing jobs are in demand and how they can get one. Before we get to the list of jobs, let’s take a look at what you would need to become a cloud computing engineer.


Skills required for cloud computing

The following skills are essential for any cloud software engineer to make a successful career in cloud computing.

Here are some of the skills required for cloud computing:

1. Cloud Security

With the arrival of cloud technology came concerns about its security. Like any technology, even the cloud needs security monitoring and protocols, for which on-demand cloud computing personnel are required. Security is an important part of cloud computing work and hence is an essential skill to have.

2. Data Science

Data science is an important part of cloud computing work, and it includes Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Those looking for cloud computing jobs will require a good understanding of these concepts. Data Science courses can help you with that. Hence, a certification in data science can help you avail cloud computing career opportunities.

3. Migration Knowledge

As mentioned earlier, cloud technology will be an integral part of the future. Many companies have already moved to the cloud and many more are making the transition. To make this transition smooth, migration knowledge is essential.

4. Database and Programming Language

Data storage, management, and accessibility are the spine of any cloud software engineering. To ensure these functions are working well, database language skills, including SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and Hadoop, are necessary. Essential programming skills include Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, and .NET.

5. DevOps

Today, a huge amount of cloud development projects employ DevOps. This will not change anytime soon. The importance of DevOps in delivery speed, user demands, and lowering the cost of development is pivotal. Hence, there are many cloud computing jobs for freshers and experienced engineers who know DevOps.

Those seeking cloud computing careers should equip themselves with these skills.

Most in-demand cloud computing jobs

Cloud computing has just picked up the pace and has a long way to go. Hence there are and will be many jobs in cloud computing.

Here are some that are highly in-demand.


1. Cloud Architects – Responsible for the development and implementation of cloud setups.


2. Cloud Computing Systems and Network Administrators Responsible for optimisation and improving the system.


3. DevOps Engineers – Required for managing coding, processing, and testing of the software.


4. AI Architects – Data science experts with knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


5. Versatile Developers – Developers who can manage web, software, and mobile development.


6. Cloud Security Professionals – Security and threat management experts with knowledge of compliance laws and regulations.


Cloud Computing Salary in India


Currently, entry-level cloud computing jobs get a starting package of around 5 lakh per year, which can go up to 7 lakh per year. Mid-level managers are known to earn up to 20 lakh per annum.


Since there are several types of jobs in cloud computing, with the right skills, your future is nothing short of bright.

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