7 Reasons Why C is the Best Programming Language for Beginners

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 17/02/2021

6 minutes

C is amongst the oldest programming languages out there. Every advanced programming language that you use today has some of its roots in the C programming language. Isn’t that reason enough to get yourself familiarised with the C programming basics?

We give you 7 more reasons C is the best programming language for those planning to learn to code.

C is the preferred language for building a strong programming foundation

Programming has many concepts that you need to be clear about like classes, objects, polymorphism, and inheritance among others. Other advanced languages build upon these concepts. C is the language where you can find the basis for these concepts. Hence, it is the best language for those who are new to programming.

It is simple to understand

C programming language uses blocks to separate pieces of code performing different tasks. This helps make programming easier and keeps the code clean. Thus, the code is easy to understand even for those who are starting out.

It is used in embedded programming

C is used in embedded programming, which is used to control micro-controllers. These micro-controllers are used in robotics, computers, and automation. Learning C can help you here as well.

It forms the basis for C++ and Java

Java and C++ are amongst the most widely used programming languages today. They derive their syntax, and concepts from the C programming language. Being acquainted with the C programming basics will thus make learning C++ and Java easier. 

It is fast  

The programs that you write in C compile and execute much faster than those written in other languages. This is because it does not have garbage collection and other such additional processing overheads. Hence, the language is faster as compared to most other programming languages. This is one of the reasons why C is used even today for programming.  

It is used to build PC games  

C finds use in many PC games. It has been used to code various small games and some tasks in bigger games as well. Thus, learning C can be beneficial if you are aspiring to make a career in game development.

It gives you the best of both worlds


There are three levels of programming languages- Low-level, Mid-level and High-level. Low-level languages process programs faster, while High-Level languages are more user and developer-friendly. The C is a mid-level language that combines the best of both. It is simple to understand, easy to use, and processes programs faster.

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