Skills that a Sales & Marketing Resume Cannot do Without!

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 20/03/2021

6 minutes

Sales and marketing are two domains that are uniquely intertwined. There is a clear crossover of skill sets from marketing to sales and vice versa. This mutual sharing of the KRAs convinces a lot of employers to hire combinedly for such roles. What employers are looking for in such situations, is the transferability of skills that can be used interchangeably in both sales and marketing. Here are some universal specialties on a sales & marketing resume, that could tip the balance of the interview in your favor. 




Quick and out of box thinking is something that takes years to inculcate through experience and exposure. However, certain individuals have a natural flair for such things. Whether it is in moment marketing or contract negotiations where a few bylaws have to be circumvented, creativity plays a huge role and any recruiter would certainly welcome individuals of such caliber. 




As if you needed reminding. When we talk of communication, it is not limited to the way you interact with your peers but also how you carry yourself and present your thoughts to customers. A well-spoken sales professional could easily convince listeners of the power of his/her pitch. Similarly, marketing professionals could use the power of their thoughts, coupled with creativity, to effectively portray a CTA. 


Analytical Bent of Mind


Numbers speak for themselves. Try and numerically postulate your professional achievements on the resume. Not only is it easier to read but also to present. 


Team Player 


It rarely happens that you are an individual contributor, especially in a sales and marketing role. Teamwork and inter-departmental relationships are cardinal to achieving numbers. It would be nice if you could point to instances where you brought out the best in someone, or made quick adjustments to healthy criticism. 




Ambitious are you? Good, because no one wants a couch potato at the office. Sales and marketing involve a lot of dynamism, therefore, if you are not driven to achieve the goals set out for you, then you probably wouldn’t last long in the field. 




What happens if leadership is absent in the upper management. Can you identify the void and work towards the betterment of the department without being directed to do so? Proactiveness is one trait experienced recruiters can make out in the candidate in a single session. Make sure you bring out the best in you! 

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