10 Tips to Make YouTube Work for Your Business

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 04/04/2021

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YouTube is home to nearly 2.3 billion monthly users. The video-sharing website is second only to Facebook in terms of its community size with millennials and Gen-Z formulating its core. The platform offers a free-speech stage to everybody. The variety of video themes on YouTube includes but is not limited to the following categories:

  • Product review 
  • DIY guides
  • Video-blogs (Vlog)
  • Gaming videos
  • Infotainment/Entertainment videos

Here are 10 ways that you can use YouTube for marketing videos.


YouTube is Means to an End

The website has been turned into an upselling portal by influencers. Although sale/purchase isn’t permitted on the platform, it is an affordable, easy-to-use digital marketing tool through which you can build a thriving audience, and drive consistent traffic to third-party websites.

There are well-defined protocols through which the videos are filtered and get published. Content moderators assess the eligibility of each video in association with the official community guidelines of YouTube. Don’t be dumbfounded by the views. A best practice is to note the engagement indicators such as likes and comments as a measure of popularity. 


The purpose of building a YouTube channel, as a component of your digital marketing campaign is to create a fabric of interlinking pages that direct users to relevant landing pages. 


Share Value

A user aged 18 years or above spends about 41.9 minutes on YouTube daily consuming on-demand content. This place is not one for ads but content that is appreciated by a certain set of users. Ephemeral, vogue content thrives on YouTube especially if it has an embedded product messaging. A storyline that resonates with the audience, or strikes a chord with people will be organically shared.

Video production should factor in the taste of people and then weave a storyline that can highlight a problem and offer a solution. 


Represent Your Brand


People believe in identities not slogans. Steve Jobs was a remarkable example of identity branding as he faced the music and presented the iconic iPhone in a first-of-its-kind keynote. Since then, more and more entrepreneurs have emerged championing their causes. As part of a rapport-building tactic business owners and influencers anchor videos and try to establish an open-for-all conversation rather than promoting a full-swing marketing campaign. 


Everything from your banners, to video thumbnails, should depict the face of the brand. Stay highly active in the comments section. The best promoters reply to the most threaded comments if not each one. To a neutral reader, this gives the impression that his/her opinion will be valued and respected. 


If possible, get to some out-of-box thinking and chart a life story of your brand. It would help establish an untapped connection with people who otherwise remain out of your reach when done right.  


Begin Small


A YouTube channel requires patience and time. Novice YouTubers begin their channel with a lot of enthusiasm but on not finding enough subscribers drop their plans midway. 


Big things have small beginnings. 


Rather than creating volume from the word go, aim to create quality. One quality video would serve you well provided you maintain a uniform publishing frequency. Your social handles should carry a permanent indication for YouTube buttons so people can stream through your content when needed. 


Leverage YouTube Design-Aspects


The latest iteration of YouTube towards channel design is one to savor. Though seasoned YouTubers may not appreciate it, the latest one-channel-one-design theme for business page owners is a step in the right direction. 


There are two design components that you need to keep in mind:

  • Channel Header - This section appears as a banner in the topmost section of the page. In the absence of an in-house resource, hire a freelance graphic designer and ideate on the page theme. The design should be reflective of the brand guidelines and bring out the hero-image in its full glory.
  • Introductory Video - Content creators bank on a brand-defining video that can be pinned on their page and is exclusively available to non-subscribers. As a customary step, remember to embed a call to action by urging viewers to hit like, and subscribe to the channel. 


Direct Web Traffic to Web Pages

Unless you are a full-time YouTuber operating and earning from the channel, there has to be a synchronized method to direct users to your website. Some of the ways you can achieve this include:

  • Mention the website details in the first line of each video description. 
  • The header of the channel page includes an “about” section. Use this space to embed social links. 
  • Create content that is part of a series. For instance, publish the first video of the series on YouTube and guide users from there to access the subsequent parts through the website. 


Use Paid Views to Get the Page Over the Line


Savvy YouTubers use Google Adwords to promote videos. Similar to ads, videos can be sponsored and campaigns can be customized to target the exact-match audience. The best part is, you only pay if the viewer watches the video for more than 5 seconds. 


You need to have money in the bank for such initiatives as each click costs greater than the average AdWords spend. One thing to remember is that such campaigns do not register a handsome conversion rate for website redirects. But they work perfectly fine for a dedicated YouTube audience. 


Establish Partnerships


It’s no secret that to become a successful YouTube entrepreneur/influencer, you need to devote time. But not everybody is meant for the grind. Enter Youtube partnerships. They are a perfect way to upshot your chances of overnight success. The key is to collaborate with well-known influencers who have a considerable following. 


It works both ways. 


Either such YT celebrities could play a cameo in your production and charge you a fee for it, or they could promote your services and leave a link to your product page in the description box, with some add-on discounts. 


Create a database of content creators who have a shared following with you. Explore the “About” section on their pages to fetch the contact details. 


YouTube SEO is a Thing


SEO isn’t just for textual content. It works evenly for videos that have optimized meta-tags, video descriptions, and titles. If you can sort these things out, then chances are your videos could appear in organic search results listings much earlier than the blogs. 


Using the Google Keyword Planner, find out the search terms relevant to your audience and publish content around it. These videos can also be used multi-purposed as a ranking tool by embedding them in an article. 




If your videos are missing proper call-to-action provisions then you are off-point. There should be a purpose to each production and this commonly includes urging people to act on something. 


Even if there is no hardbound CTA to pitch, the least you can do is urge people to subscribe to your channel and like the video. If not that then going back to a previous point, make them want to visit your website. 


If none of these happen to be your objectives, then you may opt to initiate a dialogue in the comments section with the viewers. 


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