Social Media Marketing


  • Total Duration 38 Hours
  • Course Fees ₹ 7,000
  • Course Type Classroom + Online

Classroom + app based learning

Industry Experience Faculty

Faculty Guidance through app

Hands-on application of tools

  • Program starts from the basics of digital marketing, No pre-requisites required
  • Learn to create a social media strategy for all social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus)
  • Build great content that appeals to the audience
  • Learn to schedule your content for publishing on the social media
  • Extensive Learning hours with 50 hours of classroom training including the classroom assessment with additional 48 hours of online guided practice for better learning and increased retention


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The course is designed to make one conversant with Digital Marketing and proficient in Social Media tools and techniques starting from the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Learning Objective 

  1. Overview of Digital marketing, its channels, strategies and components
  2. Overview of Social media marketing, its goals, platforms and tools
  3. Overview of Mobile marketing and its components
  4. Social Media Technical Terminology, funnels & customer engagement strategy  
  5. Facebook Page tools, Insights and campaigns
  6. Social Media Marketing with Twitter
  7. LinkedIn profile and its benefits
  8. Business strategy on Pinterest
  9. Instagram as a marketing tool
  10. Google+ and Its communities and collections
  11. Video marketing on YouTube and its uses
  12. Content marketing, its goals and technology
  13. Content promotion
  14. Marketing and landing pages
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Planning and Promotions
  • Have basic knowledge of working in the Windows environment and internet