Terms and Conditions

Professional Program in Full Stack Product Engineering

Ver 1.0 - 16/07/2021


The following words and expressions shall, unless the context requires otherwise, have the following meanings as set out below:

“Assessment” - means various forms of tests that are conducted to evaluate the learning outcomes for each Learner in the Program.

“Attendance” -means attending the Live Virtual connect sessions by a learner for a significant part of the planned duration -.

“Award/Title” - is the  certificate  conferred to a Learner in the form of a digitally verifiable document, upon  successful  completion  of  the  Program  and  meeting  all  the  required prerequisites for conferring the same.

“Batch” - is launched to facilitate the execution of a Program. A Batch is identified with its unique Batch  Code,  and  its  other  attributes  such  as  days  and  time of execution,  start  and projected  end  date.  Candidates  are  allocated  a  batch,  to  learn  and  complete  the respective program.

“Candidate”- shall mean an individual meeting the Eligibility Criteria of the program.

“Certificate” is the digitally verifiable document issued to the Learner upon completing the Program and meeting the required prerequisites as applicable for completion of the said Program.

“Credential”- shall include all the documents certifying the age, address, degree certificate etc. obtained by the Candidate. The Candidate shall be required to produce the original of the Credentials if required by NIIT or the Prospective Employer.

“Eligibility Criteria”- shall mean the eligibility criteria that the Candidate must meet before he/she applies for the program

“Learner” - shall mean the Candidate who has taken admission in the said program at NIIT as per the admission criteria and evaluation process.

“Learning Portal”- Learners will be able to access the needful resources at the Learning Portal or Learning Management System (LMS) after enrollment. Learner’s access to the Learning Portal will be governed by the terms and conditions which are available on the Portal.

“NIIT” – shall mean NIIT Ltd, having its registered office at 8, Balaji Estate, Sudarshan Munjal Marg, Kalkaji, New Delhi 110020.

“Offer Letter”- shall mean a letter issued by a Prospective Employer offering gainful engagement / employment to the Learner to join their organization from a particular date and for a particular position.

“Payment Option” – shall mean any of the opted Payment plan as mentioned in the program page of the NIIT website.

“Placement”- shall mean the offer of engagement / employment from a Prospective Employer by issuing an Offer Letter.

“Placement Assurance”- shall mean the assurance of Placement to the Candidate who has duly complied with the mentioned Terms & Conditions.

“Procedure”- shall mean the procedure to be followed by the Candidate for his/her Placement.

“Program”- shall mean the program mentioned in the applicability section for which the Learner has taken admission at NIIT.

“Program Fee” - shall mean the total fee for the program payable by the Learner for the services opted with the program, including Admission, Tuition Fee, Placement Fee, and Funding Charges (if applicable). Applicable taxes to be paid on and above the Program Fee.

“Prospective Employer”- shall mean the third party organization who may issue the Offer Letter to the Candidate for his/her Placement.

“StackRoute” – shall mean StackRoute (An NIIT initiative). StackRoute is a division of NIIT that runs programs to produce top class full stack engineers and tech professionals with deep skills.


These Terms and Conditions (T&C) shall apply to the ‘Learner’ of the Professional Program in Full Stack Product Engineering (PP FSPE). The enrolled Learner is bound by the rules, regulations, timings, administrative procedures and discipline requirements as applicable and must necessarily comply with the program guidelines.


This program is specially launched for the Learners of Sushant University taking admission / pursuing B Tech Computer Science. Interested Candidate needs to apply for the program by filling the online application form on www.niit.com/India . It is implied that the Candidate is fully aware of the eligibility requirements and program details mentioned on the website and then applying.

The Candidate needs to submit/upload the scanned copies of the following documents and produce the originals for verification when required.

  1. Date of Birth:10th certificate / Passport
  2. Academic Performance: Mark Sheet and/or Certificates of Class 10th, 12th
  3. Identity: PAN Card

In the event of non-submission and/or being unable to produce the originals and/or discrepancy in the documents/information furnished by the Candidate, the admission will be withheld / cancelled anytime at the sole discretion of NIIT with no refund of the fee paid.

Candidates taking admission to Sushant University, can express their intent and enroll for this program by filling the application and pay the fees to the Sushant University.

However, final admission to the program shall be based on the performance in the Admission Test (which may include Aptitude Test, Language Test, Programing Test and Personal Interview or any other assessment as decided and conducted by NIIT). The Admission Test will be conducted before commencement of the live sessions which will simultaneously start with commencement of fifth semester of the Sushant University B Tech program in which the Learners would have been enrolled. Based on the result, the Learners will be enrolled in the Program.

In case if the Learner fails to clear the Admission Test then either the Learner may opt to undergo a program titled ‘ Java Foundation’ Program or seek refund of the payment made.

Selected Candidates will receive the Admission Selection Letter by email, post which they would need to pay the applicable program fee on/or before the last date mentioned in the letter.

The Admission selection letter is not transferable and does not guarantee the seat unless the registration formalities are completed within the last date mentioned in the letter or before the admissions are closed for the batch whichever is earlier.

The registration is for a specific Program and for a specific batch with defined delivery schedule only. Therefore the admission is valid for the specific program and batch and period. Candidate is expected to complete the program as per the batch schedule within this period.

Due to unavoidable reason if the batch start date is revised to a later date or advanced, the admission validity period will be revised accordingly. Candidates will be informed through email about the change in the batch start date. If any candidate has, an objection with the revised schedule may write to customercare@niit.com and discuss for alternate options which may include cancellation of admission. In the absence of any objection raised, it is construed as acceptance of the changes. NIIT will not be responsible for any financial damages / claims due to such changes.

Candidates can’t take a Break from the program once the batch has started or defer the admission to a later batch. For any unavoidable reasons, if the batch is changed the candidates may have to pay the convenience charges. In case of batch change, the days and timings of the changed batch may be different from the current batch and NIIT does not guarantee the same batch schedule.

Candidates enrolled in the program need to comply with the fee payment schedule as specified by the Sushant University failing which they will not be able to avail the services.


Admission to NIIT programs is open for learners residing in India only.

Foreign nationals residing in India seeking admission needs to upload /email a  copy of the Valid Passport, Valid Student Visa for staying and studying in India, Valid registration with FRRO, and residential address proof to customercare@niit.com .

If placement service (Job Guarantee / Placement Assistance) is a part of the program offering, then for foreign nationals, the placement service is subject to the recruiting organization’s acceptance and having a valid work visa. NIIT is not responsible to arrange a work visa or any other requirements and Learner will not be eligible for any refund of the program fee

In case of any cancellation of the admission, the refund amount (if applicable) will be refunded to the same source account through which the initial fee has been paid.

The onus of having all the valid documents, submitting the copies of the same to NIIT, and producing the originals on demand, lies solely with the candidate. Noncompliance of the same shall lead to legal consequences as per law.


The Learner can withdraw from the program before availing any services or the batch start whichever is earlier.

If the Learner decide to discontinue the program after the batch has started, the learner will carry the liability of paying the full program fee and there will be no refund of the program fee already paid.

Subject to the Learner completing the program successfully and meeting all the Placement requirements, If NIIT is not able to provide a Job offer for the Learner within 90 days of the program completion as per the requirements, then NIIT will refund the program fee paid by the learner after retaining the non-refundable fee component (INR 30,000/-) and payment gateway charges with applicable taxes.

There will be no refund on cancellation of registration due to disciplinary action initiated against the Learner.


This program is 100% online program with live two-way Instructor led Interactive sessions. The program is designed for 30% theory and 70% hands-on practice and very Intensive with real time problem solving. 

The program pedagogy follows an outcome driven, practitioner designed, immersive methodology.

The unique learning cycle Learn à Practice à Apply à Review à Refactor helps learners to learn from correcting their mistakes.

The Program ensures that the learner acquires the required skills. NIIT believes by completing all activities as per the program design; every individual learner will acquire the necessary skills to be job-ready.

All materials referred during the program are digital contents and code. During the program duration, learners will have access to the platform to access the digital contents. 

All Digital contents access provided by NIIT is strictly for the use of Learner during the program only, and cannot be copied or replicated or electronically transmitted or misused in any manner.

The medium of Instruction in the program will be in English only.


The program schedule is aligned with the Sushant University B Tech  program and will be delivered during the college hours and embedded as part of college schedule. The program will be conducted when the Learner reaches 5th semester of B Tech program and spreads across 5th, 6th and 7th semesters. Therefore, it is important that the Learners understand this and complete the program.

Learner should abide by the program’s academic milestones and all other guidelines governing the execution and completion of the program. The Learner undertakes to put in his best effort towards improving skills and knowledge by learning from the registered program.

The program duration mentioned is for reference purposes and designed to be completed within the mentioned timeline.

The actual duration of the program would depend on the individual Learner’s participative Interest, involvement and timely completion of assignments/challenges as per the program design.  The Learner will not be able to move ahead in the program untill he/she completes the assignments.

If the Learner is not able to show progress as per the batch schedule, then in the interest of the learner, NIIT may be compelled to transfer the Learner to another batch or schedule remedial sessions for effective learning. Under such a situation, there might be a repetition of the previous sessions and the planned end date of the program will be revised as per the new batch schedule.

The Learner must honor the financial obligation even if he/she decides to discontinue the program at any time.

Learners not keeping pace with the batch schedule and need to change the batch may have to pay the applicable batch transfer convenience charges.


The Learner has to participate and complete all the assignments, assessments and project work successfully. This may include but not limited to – quizzes, practice assignments, challenges, summative assignments, time bound assignments, group discussions and peer reviews.

The Programs are practitioner designed and outcome driven. The Learners will have to undergo daily scheduled assignments, surprise assignments and different forms of assessments during the program.

The evaluation process will be continuous based on Zero tolerance of any form of copying. If there is even a small doubt on copying, Mentor may decide not to evaluate the submission. Mentors decision is final in cases of plagiarism.

The Learner shall have to necessarily ensure timely completion of daily assessments and assignments as per the program schedule.

Learners performance in the program is evaluated through Assessments. Learner will be required to attempt all the assessments associated with the Program as per the dates mentioned in the Learning Plan. If the Learner fail to attempt/ complete the Assessment, the program shall be considered incomplete.


The Learner will be awarded a Certificate, on successful completion of all assignments, assessments and project work of the program.

Learners who do not clear the assessments / assignments and have not met the attendance requirements (90%) will not receive any certificate.

A digitally verifiable certificate will be provided to the Learners, within 10 days of the completion of the program.


This program comes with a Placement Guarantee of a minimum CTC of 7 Lakhs per annum. NIIT shall provide maximum of upto 5 selection opportunities in order to secure placement.

Placement Guarantee is subject to the Learner meeting the following criteria and other rules mentioned below:

  1. The Learner’s admission must be within Program defined Admission Process
  2. The Learner must have scored >= 60% in Class X, XII and Graduation
  3. The Learner age should be < 25 years
  4. The Learner must have successfully completed the program
  5. The Learner must have 90% attendance in the Program  
  6. The Learner must have 100% Attendance in the Placement Engagement Sessions
  7. Learner must have paid all the fees and there is no outstanding

The Learner shall create, update, maintain and share his/her profile/portfolio through the digital platforms (such as LinkedIn, GitHub, etc) to NIIT, as required for the Placement services.

The Learner is expected to co-operate with NIIT’s placement process in entirety. It is made clear that even a single instance of not attending in the selection process shall  disentitle the Learner of  the Placement  Assurance.

The Learner shall maintain high standards of integrity, attendance, punctuality, regularity and participate in the placement process.

NIIT shall provide adequate opportunities to the Learner to prepare and appear for the Interviews and other selection processes, to secure a placement.

The Learner shall regularly attend the placement preparation modules, client briefing sessions and any other sessions as applicable.

The Learner shall attend the placement selection process (written test, Interviews, etc), anytime and anywhere in India as conducted by the Prospective employer at the Learner’s own cost (if so required).

The placement provided will be anywhere in India. The Learner shall be ready to relocate at their own cost to any location as may be offered by the Prospective employer.

The Learner shall be provided with Placement opportunities based on his/her technical skills, personality attributes, academic performance etc. that will match with the Prospective Employer’s requirements. Job opportunities in Organisations having high cut-off criteria in academic performance will be offered to only those Learners who will meet the criteria.

Placement will be according to the terms of employment as laid down by the Prospective Employer and the Learner has to abide by the same.

The Learner shall be provided with the placement offer within 90 days of successful completion of the program.

NIIT shall be deemed to have discharged its obligations regarding Placement Service towards a Learner under the following circumstances

  1. If the Learner has received at least one offer letter with minimum CTC or higher as applicable for the program, from a Prospective Employer
  2. If the Learner voluntarily discontinues from the placement services
  3. If the Learner accepts a placement offer from the Prospective Employer even if it is lower than the minimum CTC, considering various other advantages of the employment offer

Non-participation or any other act of non-cooperation with NIIT or the Partner Organization’s Selection/Placement process, shall lead to the withdrawal of the Placement service on disciplinary grounds, at NIIT’s sole and absolute discretion.

For Learners with foreign nationality, the placement service will be subject to the prospective employer accepting the profile and sponsoring the necessary work visa. NIIT will not guarantee the placement for foreign nationals.

Learner is not entitled to any refund once NIIT has deemed to have discharged its obligations regarding Placement Service towards the Learner under any of the above circumstances including Learner being expelled on disciplinary grounds.

The Prospective Employer may offer Internship to the Learner as the Learner shall be an Undergraduate. However, an Offer letter  may also come with an Offer of employment post completing the Graduation. In such case, NIIT shall be deemed to have discharged its obligations of Placement Assurance once the Learner receives such offer letter.


The Learner needs to have their own desktop or laptop Computer (refer to www.niit.com for requisite configuration), Webcam, Headset with echo cancellation mic, broadband Internet connectivity with minimum 20MBPS and Uninterrupted power supply to join this program.

Registration to the Program implies that the Learner has the requisite infrastructure as per the details mentioned in the product webpage/ Program brochure. Not having the requisite hardware and connectivity will affect the learning.

The Learner is responsible to arrange their own resources (hardware/software/connectivity) as required to attend the Program.

The Learner is fully responsible for the proper functioning of the computer hardware and internet access.

NIIT is not responsible for the charges incurred for the usage of hardware, software, or internet services provider fees.

For the procurement, installation, upgradation, or troubleshooting of any hardware, the Learners need to contact their own vendors and NIIT is not responsible for the same.


NIIT will only provide the details of the software required for the Program. It will be the responsibility of the Learners to arrange for the necessary open source or licensed software and install on their devices. Not having the requisite software will affect the learning.

For the procurement, installation, upgrade, or troubleshooting of any software, the Learners need to contact their own vendors and NIIT is not responsible for the same.


As part of the program, NIIT will provide access to the online LMS through www.niit.com  portal.

The LMS will have the facility to attend online sessions, access to digital learning materials, session recordings, assignments, learning Plan as applicable for the program.

The access to the LMS will be for the period of program completion only.


To keep the Learner informed and updated about the learning, and other services, NIIT may communicate with the Learner through any one/or all means such as SMS/Call (@registered mobile number), email (@registered email-ID) or by post (@residential address) or message on LMS.

All such communications sent to the Learner are considered as acknowledged and read.

It is the responsibility of the Learner to update any change in their details, by writing to the helpdesk customercare@niit.com.

Learners should be aware that by taking admission to any program at NIIT, they have given the consent to NIIT to use their personal information which includes mobile number, email id and residential address for communicating with them at present and in the future as well.

Learner confirms that laws in relation to the unsolicited communication referred in National Do Not Call Registry (the "NDNC Registry") as laid down by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India will not be applicable for such communication/ calls/ SMS received from NIIT, its employees, agents and/or associates.

For any grievances, the Learner may write to customercare@niit.com.


Learners are required to adhere to the norms of discipline and decorum during the Online Sessions. Non-adherence to the same may result in consequential penal action, which may even include cancellation of Admission.

Any Learner who is found using unfair means during online examinations, or while doing hands-on assignments and assessments, by indulging in activities like copying, discussions, using technology based instruments or other means to cheat, will be debarred from further continuation of the Program.

There will be Zero tolerance towards any form of copying. If there is even a small doubt about copying, the mentor may decide not to evaluate the assignments submitted. Mentors decision is final in cases of plagiarism.

Indiscipline shall include, but not be limited to misbehavior, nuisance, brawl, use of foul language in the online chat forums, posting objectionable material in the Learning Management System (LMS), use of unfair means at the time of assessments, being drunk, having consumed narcotics substances, and indulging in any act or omission which amounts to discouraging / demeaning/ hampering the program structure during the Online Sessions.

NIIT expects the Learner to resolve all matters relating to the enrolled program, delivery, fees, scholarship (if any) and placement; directly with NIIT designated officer. Any attempt to bring any outside influence directly/or indirectly – upon any NIIT authority or NIIT Partner Organization (if any) to further impact Learner’s interests, in respect of matters pertaining to the association with NIIT and NIIT Services with any Partner Organization; would amount to a breach of admission contract and academic norms. It would lead to debarring the Learner from availing further services from NIIT and thus will lead to initiation of appropriate action.

During the course of Learner’s association with NIIT, the Learner will not take part in any demonstration/agitation against NIIT and its officials for/or on behalf of any external bodies/political outfits – either as a member or a sympathizer. Any act in contravention of the above, would be treated as prejudicial to the interest and reputation of the institute leading to the initiation of appropriate action.

NIIT expects the Learner to notify NIIT officials immediately with the past and current details of any civil or criminal case(s) instituted against the Learner in any Court of Law or any complaint / show cause notice / prosecution with/by any Police Station or by any statutory authority, as also the Learner will notify any outcome of such complaint to NIIT in writing. Any act in breach of this term or suppression of facts would entail initiation of appropriate action as deemed fit by NIIT/Partner Organization.


Learners are also supposed to abide by the privacy policy, the terms and conditions mentioned in the LMS, and NIIT Student App at all times. Any unethical and unprofessional conduct by the Learner shall cause cancellation of admission and forfeiture of the Program fee.


NIIT does not discriminate or encourage any kind of sexual harassment of women employees or Learners. Anyone found in violation of the same will be dealt with, as per the law.


Candidates enrolling in the program, confirms the understanding that this program is being offered through Online admission and the training is delivered online, and they are medically fit to undergo the same without any constraints.

Since the program is backed with placement guarantee, the placement of the candidate post completing the program successfully is subject to the candidate clearing the medical fitness requirements of the recruiting organization.

If the candidate is unable to clear / satisfy the medical requirements, NIIT will not be responsible for the placement of the candidate and there will be no refund of the program fee. In such cases, NIIT shall be deemed to have discharged its obligations towards the learner’s placement.


NIIT reserves the right to amend, modify, withdraw or substitute any of the terms and conditions without any prior notice.

The changes may be necessitated due to NIIT’s focus in continuous improvement of the processes and services, research  and development  in  the  methodologies, pedagogy, technology obsolescence, industry requirements and statutory compliances.  

All amendments will be updated in the Terms and Conditions section of the LMS and will be notified to the Learners for information.

The Learners would be require to read and abide by the amendments.


Candidate understands that the application form is to be filled by them only and they are responsible for correctness and completeness of the information provided including the supporting documents. Candidate also understand and agree that, In case if the details provided are found to be incorrect / misrepresented any time, the admission will be cancelled and there will be no refund of the fee paid.   

A Candidate paying the requisite program fee and registered for the program confirms that the Candidate / Learner has read, understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions as mentioned in this document & www.niit.com  website and has not relied on any other oral representation by NIIT team or any 3rd party.


NIIT is not a University/Institute under UGC or AICTE act and does not award any Degrees recognized under them. NIIT is a Skills and Talent development organization providing Industry relevant training programs for the aspirants.