Terms and Conditions


Ver 2.2: 12-03-24


1.0 Glossary

The following words and expressions shall, unless the context requires otherwise, have the following meanings as set out below:

“Admission Selection Letter” Is the document provided to a Candidate who fulfils the eligibility of admission for the Program based on the Candidate’s application details and performance in the admission process. It is also known as “Admission Offer Letter”.

“Alumni Connect” means inviting the NIIT Alumni (ex-Learners) to share their Experience and Learning’s to the current Learners.

“Application“ refers to the online form that every Candidate must fill up and submit while seeking admission for a Program.

“Application ID” is an alphanumeric 15-character unique ID, assigned to all Candidates after applying successfully for the Program.

“Aptitude Test” is a test administered to assess the Candidates about their aptitude to do the Program. It includes analytical reasoning and quantitative tests.

“Assignment” means various forms of assessments like practice, challenge, quiz, project, hackathon that are conducted to evaluate the learning outcomes for each Learner in the program.

“Async Session” indicates Activities that the Learner is expected to do by self. Minimum additional time of 4 hours per sprint must be devoted by the Learner to complete and submit the activities like quiz, learning consolidation practice or challenge assignments. The utilization of Async Session would be as per the convenience of the Learner and must be completed before the next sprint.

“Attendance” means that the Learner is joining and participating the live virtual contact session (synchronous session) for the defined duration of the session.

“Award/Title” is the certificate conferred to a Learner in the form of a digitally verifiable document, upon successful completion of the Program and meeting all the required prerequisites for conferring the same.

“Batch” Training is imparted in groups of Learners, termed as Batch to facilitate the execution of the Program. A Batch is identified with a unique Batch Code, days of the week, time of execution, scheduled start date and projected end date.   

“Booking” is confirming the acceptance of the Admission Selection Letter, and provisionally reserving a seat for the Program through payment of the applicable Booking amount. The seat is confirmed only on completion of the Registration process.

“Booking Amount” is the initial payment done by the eligible Candidate to confirm the acceptance of the Admission Selection Letter and block the seat in the Program                                               

“Break” is a temporary discontinuation of the program due to an unavoidable requirement of the Learner, post which the Learner can restore to another batch. This is not an automatic process and will impact the program duration and admission.

“Candidate” shall mean an individual seeking admission who is meeting the Eligibility Criteria of the Program. Candidate is also referred as “Applicant”.

“Career Guidance” (“Placement Preparation”) shall mean providing support to the Learners in creating their online portfolio, LinkedIn profiling and Soft Skill workshop.

“CEFR” means “The Common European Framework of Reference” for Languages. It is an international standard for describing language ability. It describes language ability on a six-point scale, from A1 for beginners, up to C2 for those who have mastered a language.  

“Certificate” is the digitally verifiable document issued to the Learner upon successful completion of the Program and meeting the required prerequisites as applicable for completion of the said Program.

“Challenge” is the unguided assignment that the Learner solves to reflect the understanding of the concept learnt in the sprint.

“Client Briefings” are updates about the hiring organization and job description.

“Credential” shall include all the documents certifying the age, address, degree certificate, etc. obtained by the Candidate. The Candidate shall be required to produce the original documents of the Credentials if required by NIIT during the Program or by the Prospective Employer during recruitment.

“CTC” or Cost to Company is defined as the total earnings including gross income, variable pay and any other additional one time or recurring earnings as part of offer letter or otherwise like joining bonus, retention bonus or ESOPs provided by the Prospective Employer.

“Debrief“ refers to the process of explaining one’s original work done for the assignment or project which is being reviewed by the Mentor either in a 1-1 connect or in a group mode.

“Defaulter” is a Learner who is paying the Program Fee by deferred mode through instalment, and his/her payment is due. A defaulter Learner will have to pay applicable late payment charges + GST along with the due instalment, to restore in the Program.

“Deferred payment plan” is an instalment-based payment plan, applicable for select programs.

“Delivery Schedule” is the program delivery schedule (also referred as Batch Schedule) with the applicable number of sprints per week for the program. Each sprint would include defined hours of learning effort per week, including Sync Sessions, Async Sessions and optional Office Hours Support sessions.

“Dropout” is a Learner who has stopped attending the sessions of a program for a defined period, and therefore treated as a discontinued Learner by NIIT. A dropout student is not eligible for any further services from NIIT and cannot seek any refund.

“Eligibility Criteria” -There are Program eligibility criteria which the Candidate must meet before enrolling for the Program. Also, there could be specific Eligibility Criteria for allied services (like Placement Services or Certification).

“Email Address” is the mail ID provided by the Learner in the Application for Admission Form at the time of Admission or updated by the Learner on the Learning Portal, whichever is later. All communications are E-Mailed to the Learner on the Email Address registered with NIIT.

“Enrolment ID” is a 13-character alphanumeric unique ID generated for all Candidates who have booked or registered for the Program by paying the requisite fee.

“EMI” are Equal Monthly Instalments payable to the Finance Company as per their Payment Plan.

“eNACH” stands for electronic National Automated Clearing House. It facilitates interbank high volume, low-value electronic transfers, which are periodic and repetitive in nature on the Internet.

“English proficiency” Learner needs to have English proficiency of CEFR rating of mid-A2 or above level. The Learner should be able to understand spoken English, comprehend what is being said, Interpret the context and respond back in English. Proficiency Test is a comprehensive assessment that measures an individual's speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in English. This test can be in-house designed or a 3rd party tool such as Versant or Mettle.

“Finance Company” shall mean a 3rd party Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) engaged in providing loans to the eligible prospective Candidates for joining professional training Programs. Also referred as NBFC, Lender or loan provider.

“FRRO” shall mean Foreign Regional Registration Offices. All foreigners (including foreigners of Indian origin) visiting India on long term (more than 180 days) Student Visa/ Medical Visa/ Research Visa/ Employment Visa/ Missionary Visa or Project Visa are required to get themselves registered with the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO). For more details on this, visit the Bureau of Immigration, India official website.

“Grooming sessions” are special sessions organized by NIIT for the Learners eligible for Placement Assistance to help them improve their selection possibilities.

“Industry Connect Session” involves inviting speakers from the industry to share the industry perspective with the Learners.

“Instalment” is the unit of payment due from a Learner who is paying in deferred mode.

“Learner” shall mean the Candidate who has taken admission in the said Program at NIIT as per the admission criteria and evaluation process.

“Learner Category-1 (C1)” means the Learners having >=60% marks in Class X, XII and Graduation, in the requisite streams as needed for the program.

“Learner Category-2 (C2)” means the Learners having >=50% marks in Class X, XII and Graduation, in the requisite streams as needed for the program.

“Learner Category-3 (C3)” means the Learners who have graduated from the requisite streams as needed for the program. The graduate Learners does not fall under Category-1 and Category-2 will be treated as Category-3.

“Learner Category-4 (C4)” means the Learner who is not a graduate and perusing undergraduate final year from the requisite streams as needed for the program.

“Learning and Delivery Manager” or LDM is the designated manager from Delivery Team

“Learning Portal” or “Learning Management System (LMS)” shall mean the platform where the Learners will be able to access the needful resources after their enrolment. Access to the LMS will be allowed only for the duration of the Program. Learner’s access to the Learning Portal will be governed by the Terms and Conditions which are available on the Portal.

“Learning Sprint” is the smallest learning unit in the Program which deals with one or two concepts. These concepts are learned through learning activities. Learning Sprint is also referred as “Sprint”. Each course comprises of multiple sprints.  A Sprint reflects one learning cycle in the Program. The unique learning cycle stages are, Learn → Practice → Apply → Review → Refactor.  

“Lump sum” shall mean the full payment of the program done through self-payment without availing loan or instalment facility.

“Mentor” refers to the assigned trainer/faculty that the subject matter expert is assigned to handle one or more courses in a Program. For a Batch there can be multiple Mentors handling different courses.

“Mobile Number” is the contact number supplied by the Learner in the Admission Form at the time of Admission or updated by the Learner on the Learning Portal, whichever is later. The Learner would receive calls and text messages from time to time at the mobile number registered with NIIT.

“Mock Interview” is the practice interview conducted by NIIT for the Learner, to prepare him for the actual interview.

“NIIT” shall mean NIIT Ltd, having its registered office at Plot No. 85, Sector 32, Institutional Area, and Guru Gram 122001 (Haryana) India.

“Office Hour Support” (OHS) means the sync connect sessions which are meant for only doubt resolution, questions, and answers etc. The attendance to Office Hour Support sessions is not mandatory and strictly as per the Learner’s needs. However, the Learner is expected to join the office hours connect session if Mentor asks the Learner to join. If a Learner does not attend Office Hour, in that time slot, he can do learning by himself i.e., async learning.

“On Boarding” is a personalized connects session with a designated NIIT official by which the Learner is on boarded to the program.

“Orientation” is the first session conducted for all the Learners in a Batch before the commencement of the Program. Orientation Session explains the overview, pedagogy, and methodology of the Program. It is mandatory for all Learners to attend this session.

“Payment Option” shall mean any of the opted Payment plans as mentioned on the Program page of the NIIT website.

“Placement” shall mean the Learner receiving an offer of selection of employment from a Prospective Employer. The offer can be of a full-time employment, or an internship followed by full time employment. The offer might be in the form of a selection email or an offer letter. It is also referred to as “Placement Selection” or “Placement Offer”.

“Placement Assistance” shall mean providing a defined number of placement selection opportunities (as applicable for the Program and the learner eligibility) to the Learners who have successfully completed the Program & Placement Preparation Module and duly complied with the mentioned Terms & Conditions.  It is the responsibility of the Learner to utilise the opportunities provided, by adequate preparation, participation in the selection process and clearance of the same within the defined time.

“Placement Offer” shall mean a communication issued by a Prospective Employer, offering gainful engagement/employment to the Learner, for a particular position with offered CTC. The offer can be of a full-time employment, or an internship followed by full time employment. The offer might be in the form of a selection email or an offer letter.

“Placement Procedure” shall mean the defined process to be followed by the Learner for availing the respective Placement services.

“Placement services” are the applicable services of Placement for a Learner. There are different levels of Placement services, Learners are categorised based on the eligibility identified during admission. 

“Practice” is the exercise that is solved by the Learner to reflect his/her understanding of the concepts of a sprint.

“Program” shall mean the Program mentioned in the applicability section for which the Learner has taken admission at NIIT. Program is a pre-defined combination of Courses leading to attainment of the competencies essential for a specific job role as also conferring Award/Title.

“Program Fee” shall mean the total fee for the Program payable by the Learner for the services opted with the Program, including Admission Fee, Study Material Fee, Tuition Fee, Vendor Certification Fee and Funding Charges (if applicable). Additional applicable taxes must be paid on and above the Program Fee.

“Prospective Employer” shall mean the third-party organization who may issue the Offer Letter to the Learner, based on the evaluation and selection in the opportunity provided.

“Refund” is the amount returned to the Candidate by NIIT, if the Candidate decides to discontinue the enrolled program before the start of the program. Refund is provided after deducting the booking amount paid by the Candidate. However, if the Learner was to avail a loan from NIIT approved Finance companies and the loan is not approved, then NIIT refunds the booking amount to the Candidate.

“Registration” would mean registering for the Program after paying the requisite Program fee. A Learner would only be able to avail services after the Registration process is complete.

“Self-payment” is the payment done by the Learner. It can only happen online through NIIT site and cannot be processed through Cash or any other payment mode.

“Selection Opportunities” means the recruitment process followed by the organisation in screening and selecting the suitable candidates. The screening process includes multiple stages of evaluation such as Aptitude Test, HR Interview, Technical or Coding Test, Technical Interview. The number of stages and sequence of these stages may vary from Organisation to Organisation. NIIT will provide an opportunity to the Learner to participate in the screening process. It is the responsibility of the Learner to prepare, participate and perform in the screening process to secure the Job. Selection Opportunity or Job Opportunity or Placement Opportunity or Interview Opportunity, all means the same.

“Soft-Skills” are the personal and professional attributes of a Learner that would help the Learner to increase the possibility of being selected for a job opportunity.

“Stack Route” An NIIT Initiative is a division of NIIT that runs Programs to produce job-ready tech professionals with deep skills.

Statute of Limitation (SOL) or Admission Validity is the validity of the admission for the learner. The admission is only valid for the specific Program, specific Batch, and specific period. The Candidate is expected to complete the Program as per the Batch schedule within this period. The validity of the admission expires on completion of the batch and the Learner will not be eligible for any further services after that.

“Sync Sessions” are the contact sessions within a sprint where the Mentor explains the concepts or Learners explain their solutions, or the Mentor provides office hours support.

“Transfer” is the process of moving the Learner to another batch. It is an exceptional procedure and impacts the duration of the program.

2.0 Applicability

These Terms and Conditions (T&C) shall apply to all the Learners taking admission to the below mentioned Programs. The enrolled Learner is bound by the rules, regulations, timings, administrative procedures, and discipline requirements as applicable and must necessarily comply with the Program guidelines.

2.1 Programs




Java Developer Program


Front End Developer Program


Full Stack Software Engineering with Generative AI


Data Science with Machine Learning Essentials


Machine Learning Program


Digital Marketing Program with Generative AI

2.2 Program Admission Validity

The admission is not transferable to any other candidate or any other program for the candidate.

The admission is only valid for the enrolled program for a specific Batch, which has a “Scheduled Start Date” (SSD) and an “Estimated Date of Completion” (EDC). There is no change of batch or break permitted during the program. The Learner must complete the Program as per the Batch schedule, within this period.

The validity of the program for the Learner will be till the end of the batch to which the Learner has been admitted. NIIT is not liable to service the learner after the batch is completed.

3.0 Program Admission

  • The Candidate needs to apply for the Program by filling out the online application form on www.niit.com. A unique Application id is generated for the Candidate after the application is successfully completed.
  • It is implied that the Candidate is fully aware of the eligibility requirements, Program details and Terms & Conditions, mentioned on the website and then only applying for the Program, being completely informed.
  • The Candidate needs to submit/upload the scanned copies of the following documents and produce the - originals for verification when required.
  1. Date of Birth: 10th certificate /Passport / Birth Certificate
  2. Academic Performance: Mark Sheet and Certificates of Class 10th, 12th and Mark sheets of Graduation till final year.
  3. Work experience (If applicable): Last salary slips, appointment letter & relieving letter.
  4.  Identity: Adhere and PAN Card
  5. Latest Passport Size Photograph




The admission to the program is direct, on the basis of the Candidate’s self-evaluation and self-declaration confirming meeting the eligibility requirements (where the requirement is mentioned as SD) as applicable for the program mentioned in the program eligibility table below. Post admission, if the Candidate/Learner is found not meeting the minimum eligibility criteria, NIIT reserves the right to cancel such admission of the Learner at any stage during the program and the fee paid will be forfeited. The onus of meeting the eligibility requirements rests completely with the Learner only.


In case of discrepancies observed in the required competencies of the Candidate, NIIT has the right to re-assess the eligibility of the Candidate during the tenure of the Program, without ascertaining any reason. Further continuing of the services will be based on the result of the re-assessment of the eligibility. If it is found that the Candidate has indulged in any malpractice to gain admission in the Program or does not have requisite competency the admission will be cancelled, and the fee paid will be forfeited. 


Where the eligibility requirement is explicitly mentioned (not mentioned as SD or NA), the requisite eligibility need to be cleared by the Learner before taking the admission.



















    • Candidates’ applying for the program should ensure they satisfy all the eligibility requirements as mentioned in the below table for the respective program. Candidates submitting their application for admission imply that they confirm meeting the pre-requisite skills.

    Program Eligibility Requirements Table:


    Graduation Academic Stream

    10th %

    12th %

    Grad % 7

    English Proficiency 1

    Aptitude Skills 2

    IT Proficiency 3


    Interview 4

    Technical Proficiency 5


    Service 8

    Java Developer6

    BE/BTECH, BCA, BSC (Phys, Che, Maths, Stats, CS, IT), BCOM, MCA, MSC IT, BCOM (IT, CS, Maths, Stats)





















    Front End Developer6

    BE/BTECH, BCA, BSC (Phys, Che, Maths, Stats, CS, IT), MCA, MSC IT, BCOM (IT, CS)





















    Software Engineering6

    BE, BTECH, BCA, BSC (Phys, Che, Maths, Stats, CS, IT), BCOM (IT, CS), UGFY





















    Data Science with Machine Learning Essentials 6

    BE, BTECH, BCA, BSC (Phys, Che, Maths, Stats, CS, IT), BBA, BCOM with Maths, BA Eco with Maths, MCA, MSC IT, MBA. UGFY





















    Machine Learning6

    BE, BTECH, BCA, BSC (Maths, Stats, CS, IT), MCA, MSC IT





















    Digital Marketing6

    Graduate, UGFY










                Phys – Physics, Che – Chemistry, Maths – Mathematics, Stats – Statistics, CS – Computer Science, IT – Information Technology, Eco - Economics

                STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

                SD – Self Declaration by the Candidate confirming the proficiency in these areas as required.

                UGFY – Undergraduate Final Year Learners

                NA – Not applicable

    1 English Proficiency: CEFR rating of mid-A2 or above. Ability to understand spoken English, comprehend what is being said, Interpret the context and respond back                in English. 

    2 Aptitude Skills: Logical Reasoning, Rational thinking and Problem Solving – Ability to understand a problem statement, think through the logical steps to solve the problem, communicate the thought process; Quantitative aptitude, Numerical ability – Basic Maths of Class X  

    3 IT Proficiency: Candidates should have Working Knowledge of Computer operations, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), PDF reader, email, Web Browser, and Internet Usage/navigation. 

    4 Personal Interview: For select programs, the candidate will have to undergo a personal Interview with the Program Director to assess the suitability for the program.  

    5 Technical Proficiency: Candidate should appear in the Pre-requisite skill test and clear the same for enrolling to the said program.

    6 Direct Admission: Admission to these programs is direct based on Candidate self-evaluation and self-declaration of the eligibility criteria where it is mentioned as SD in the table, that they meet the eligibility criteria. For more details on Direct Admission refer to the Direct Admission policy box.

    7 Grad %: For Undergraduate Learners, the Graduation score should be 50% up to final year at the time of Admission and should be >=50% aggregate post completion of Graduation.

    8 Placement Service: Placement Service “Y” denotes the Placement Service is applicable for the learners joining the specific program and “N” denotes not applicable.

    After the submission of the form, Program Advisor will review the profile, check for completeness and correctness of the Application form with the supporting documents and approve the same. If the Candidate meets all the requirements, the Program Advisor will conduct the screening process.

    If the candidate clears the screening process, the candidate will receive an Admission Selection letter by email specifying the program for which the candidate has been selected. Basis the selection letter the candidate can register for the program. Candidate would need to pay the applicable Program fee on/or before the last date mentioned in the letter and register in the Program.

    The Admission Selection letter is not transferable to any other Candidate or to any other Program. Also, it does not guarantee the admission unless the Registration formalities are completed within the last date mentioned in the letter or before the admissions are closed for the Batch whichever is earlier.

    The Candidate can provisionally book a seat for the Program by paying a non-refundable Booking Fee and then pay the remaining Program fee on or before the last date of Registration or by the defined date mentioned in the Admission Selection letter whichever is earlier.

    The booking fee is valid up to 45 days and will expire if registration is not completed within this period. The booking fee assures the Candidate a seat in the selected batch subject to completing the registration within the last date of registration only.

    For the rest of the program fee, the candidate can avail any one of the available modes of payment, as applicable for the program.

    A unique Enrolment ID is generated after the Candidate makes the first payment of the Program through Booking or Registration.

    The Registration in the Program is complete only after paying the requisite fees for the Program. The Learner can only avail the services of the Program after the Registration process is complete.

    The Registration is for a specific Program with a defined delivery schedule. The Candidate is expected to complete the Program as per the delivery schedule.

    Due to unavoidable reasons if the Batch start date is revised to a later date or advanced, the admission validity period will be revised accordingly. Candidates will be informed through email about the change in the Batch start date. If any Candidate has an objection to the revised schedule, they may write to CustomerCareDigital@niit.com within 7 days of the communication or at least two days before the batch start whichever is earlier. In the absence of any objection raised within the stipulated time, it is construed as acceptance of the changes. NIIT will not be responsible for any financial implications due to such changes.

    4.0 Foreign Nationals

    • Admission to NIIT Programs is open for Learners residing in India only. Any foreign national, residing in India and seeking admission for a Program, would need to upload/ email a copy of the Valid Passport, Valid Learner Visa for staying and studying in India, Valid Registration with FRRO, and residential address proof to CustomerCareDigital@niit.com.
    •  If Placement service is a part of the Program offering, then for foreign nationals, the Placement service will not be applicable.
    •  In case of any cancellation of the admission for the foreign national, the refund amount (if applicable) will be refunded to the same source account through which the initial fee has been paid.
    • The onus of declaring the nationality (if the Candidate is not of Indian Origin), and having all the valid documents, submitting the copies of the same to NIIT, and producing the originals on demand, lies solely with the Candidate. Non-compliance of the same shall lead to legal consequences as per law of land. For non-compliance Candidates, NIIT will keep the police informed of the same.

    5.0 Loan Support

    • Availing of the loan through the NBFC empanelled by NIIT, is purely optional and the Candidates personal choice & decision. Candidates can also register in the Program by paying the full fee by self-payment without availing of the loan or they can avail the loan from any other sources.
    • If the Candidate is availing the loan from any of the NIIT empanelled NBFC, the candidate has to get into a separate loan agreement with the NBFC. NIIT has no role in the Loan Process. Candidates should read and understand all the Terms and Conditions (including the interest rates, EMI amount, foreclosure, etc.) applicable before availing the loan. Candidates are required to seek all clarifications related to the loan with the concerned NBFC executive directly and should not depend on anyone else. The Information related to loan provided on the niit.com website is only indicative and may be subject to change by the Finance Company without prior notice. NIIT will not be held responsible for any discrepancy in the details mentioned. 
    • Candidates availing of the loan, need to pay 10% of the program fee as down payment (inclusive of the Booking Fee) by Self-Payment within the due date as mentioned in the Admission Selection Letter to confirm the acceptance of the selection and reserve the seat (provisional) in the selected Batch. The balance Program fee needs to be paid after the loan is processed. The seat will be confirmed only on payment of the full program fee on/or before the last date of admission.
    • Registration to the Program is confirmed only on payment of the full fees. If there is any delay in the loan process, and the Registration formalities are not completed before the last date of admission for the selected Batch, then the Candidate will be accommodated in the next available Batch at the time of Registration. NIIT will not be responsible for any delay in either loan processing or loan disbursement by the Candidate or Finance Company.
    • If the Candidate’s loan application is not approved, then the Candidate can pay the balance fee through self-payment and register for the Program. However, if the Candidate is not able to pay the requisite fee, then he/she can ask for a refund of the down payment of the program fee excluding the non-refundable booking fee. Refund will be processed as per Refund Policy norms.
    • Candidates availing the loan, should pay their loan related EMIs directly to the Finance Company as per the loan agreement and NIIT has no role in this process.
    • The loan repayment schedule is an independent agreement between the Candidate and the NBFC, and it is not impacted by any change in the Program schedule that may take place. The program schedule is planned and revised by NIIT independent of the Candidates/ Learners repayment schedule.
    • For the cancellation of the loan application or any change of the loan repayment terms, or Loan foreclosure, or any dispute related to the loan, the Candidate is required to contact the NBFC executive only and NIIT has no role in the same.
    • NIIT only facilitates the association between the Learner and the Finance Company and is not accountable for the decision of availing the loan or any subsequent interactions with the NBFC.
    • For Candidates who have availed the loan facility, NIIT is authorised to sharing the Candidates progress/status in the program, with the concerned NBFC.  If the Candidate cancels the admission after availing the loan, any refund applicable as per the policy to the Candidate will be paid after adjusting the loan outstanding amount with the NBFC. The candidate has to bear the applicable loan foreclosure charges due to such refund.

    6.0 Fee Payment

    All payments are to be done online through NIIT Website. Candidates are advised not to pay by Cash or by transfer of amount through mobile payment apps (such as Google Pay/Pat etc.) to any third-party person or to any NIIT official’s personal account or personal mobile number. NIIT will not be responsible for any such payments made. If anyone advises to make such payments, the Learner should escalate to CustomerCareDigital@niit.com with all the details.

    All payments will attract an additional applicable GST of 18%.

    • Candidates can book a seat in the program by paying the Non-refundable booking fee
      • The booking amount is valid up to 45 days, after that it will expire.
      • If the registration happens within 45 days, this booking amount will be adjusted in the total program fee.
      • If the learner is registering into the program after the expiry of the booking amount, the candidate will have to pay the booking fees afresh.
    • A learner can pay the applicable Program fee either in lump sum or pay the Booking fee to confirm the admission   and pay the remaining due fee; on or before the last date of registration mentioned in the Admission Selection letter/ niit.com program page.
    • A Learner can pay 10% of the program fee (Inclusive of booking fee) by self-payment and the balance fee can be paid by availing loan through 3rd party Non- Banking Finance Companies as per their terms and conditions. The 10% of the self-payment can be paid as a one-time down payment or in case the learner has already paid the booking fee, then the balance amount of 10% program fee must be paid before availing the loan.
    • The Program fees need to be paid (self-finance or loan) before the last date mentioned in the Admission Selection Letter or before the last date of registration for the batch selected, whichever is earlier to complete the registration.
    • A Learner can start the batch only after payment of the due registration amount.
    • In case the program for which the candidate is applying, allows instalments facility, then a Learner can also pay in instalments. In this case the learner must pay the booking fee along with the requisite registration fee to register for the program. Post this learner must pay the instalments as per the payment schedule of the program, to pay the balance program fee.

    7.0 Deferred payment plan (Instalment based)

    For select programs, NIIT allows the Learner to pay the program fee in Instalments, referred as deferred payment plan. Refer to the program page on niit.com for Instalment details if applicable.

    Learners opting for deferred payment plan must necessarily complete the eNACH mandate which authorises NIIT to auto debit funds from the Learner’s bank account as per the payment plan and credit to NIIT account as per the schedule. This process facilitates timely payment to avoid any late payment. The Learner has to only ensure that adequate fund is available in the designated bank account as on the due date of the auto debit.

    For Learners who could not complete the eNACH mandate, or for Learners for whom the auto debit failed, there will be an online payment option on niit.com portal. Under such situation, the Learners can make the payment through any of the payment modes available with the payment gateway.

    Rules of paying Instalments

    1. If the Batch start date is on or before 20th of the month (m), then the 2nd Instalment will be due on 1st of the following month (m+1)
    2. If the Batch start date is after 20th of the month (m), the 2nd instalment will be due on 1st of the 2nd month (m+2)
    3. The subsequent instalments (3rd instalment onwards) will be due on 1st of the subsequent months (m+3) onwards.
    4. The Learner must pay the due Instalment on/before the due date (1st of the month)
    5. If the Learner fails to make the due payment, the Learner will be treated as a Defaulter (payment overdue). A defaulter will have to pay the Instalment along with the late payment fee of Rs 1000 + GST up to 7th of the due month.
    6. Learner will be allowed to continue in the Batch till 7th of the month with Defaulter status (payment is overdue)
    7. If the Learner fails to make the payment by 7th of the month, the Learner’s access to join the classes in LMS will be blocked. The Learner is declared as Defaulter Dropout.
    8. The due date will remain 1st and 7th of the month irrespective of any holidays/ Sundays as online payment facility is available on all days of the year, round the clock.
    9. The Learner, who is a defaulter dropout, can re-join the program provided the learner clears the overdue instalment along with the reinstatement fee of Rs 2000 + GST before the due month end.
    10. If the Learner fails to restore before the due month, the learner admission will be terminated.
    11. If the Learner defaults on timely Instalment payment and does not restore within the month, the registration stands cancelled, and no further services will be provided. Restoration of the Learner registration would be at the sole discretion of NIIT and subject to availability of the batch.

    8.0 Cancellation Policy

    8.1 Cancellation by NIIT

    • Program Cancellation: If NIIT cancels a program after the Learner’s enrolment, NIIT will refund the full amount paid by the Learner.
    • Enrolment Cancellation due to change in Batch Schedule: If NIIT revises the Batch Start Date and/or the schedule such as Days and Time of the sessions which was initially announced (published in NIIT Website) during the Learner’s admission, the Learner can choose to cancel the enrolment prior to the start of scheduled classes, and the Learner will be eligible for full refund of the Fee paid. If the learner attends any class, it is deemed to have accepted the revised schedule and therefore no refund would be applicable.
    • Cancellation of enrolment due to Learner’s Issue:  NIIT may cancel the Learners admission, if a Learner
        • Has gained admission by providing incorrect / wrong details.
        • Wilfully taken admission despite not meeting the pre-requisites.
        • Involved in copying / malpractice.
        • Is not participative in the program.
        • Is not contactable for more than 3 sprints.
        • Is not attending classes for more than 3 sprints.
        • Not completing the pending assignments even after two weeks of academic probation
        • Displays disciplinary violation.

    Any of the above-mentioned situations will lead to cancellation of admission and there will be no refund of the amount paid by the Learner.

    8.2 Cancellation by the Learner

    • Loan not approved: if the Applicant’s loan application has not been approved, and the Applicant is unable to pay by self-payment, it is possible to apply for cancellation apply for refund.  The Applicant will be eligible for refund of the down payment paid excluding the non-refundable booking fee.
    • Cancellation Prior to the Batch Start: If the Learner cancels the enrolment prior to the Batch Start Date, NIIT will refund the full amount paid by the Learner excluding the non-refundable booking fee.
    • Cancellation after the Batch Start: If the Learner cancels the enrolment any time after the batch start, the Learner will not be eligible for any refund of the amount paid towards the program.
    • Cancellation After No-Show: If the Learner never attends any class (no-show), the Learner will be eligible for refund of the amount paid after deducting 10% of program fee (Inclusive of booking fee) However, the candidate has to apply for the refund within 45 days of batch start. Post this period the paid amount would be forfeited.

    Any cancellation request by a Learner should be made in writing through email from the Learner registered mail-ID and sent to CustomerCareDigital@niit.com only. A Cancellation of enrolment may or may not lead to refund, which will be governed by the Refund Policy.

    9.0 Refund Policy

    Any refund will be made within forty-five (45) calendar days after the formal application for refund is approved by NIIT.

    9.1 Refunds as per cancellation policy

    • Refund can be claimed with due intimation before 48 hours by sending an email to CustomerCareDigital@niit.com, if the Learner cancels the contract prior to the class start date or if the Learner never attends any class (no-show).
    • The Booking amount paid is non-refundable and will be forfeited if the Registration process is not completed within 45 days.
    • If the cancellation request is submitted before the Batch start date, the Learner will be entitled to a full refund of the program fee paid excluding the non-refundable booking fee.
    • If the cancellation request is submitted on or after the Batch start date and if the Candidate has not attended any session, the Learner would be considered as a No-show. A No-show Learner can apply for a refund within 45 days of batch start and would be eligible for the refund deducting 10% of program fee (Including the booking fee). The refund request would not be accepted post this period and any payment made would be forfeited for the No-show Learner.
    • If the loan is rejected by the NBFC, and the Candidate is unable to pay the Program fee then the Candidate can apply for cancellation and request for refund of the down payment.
    • If the Learner is eligible for any refund and the Learner has availed the loan facility, then the refund amount will be paid to the Learner after adjusting the outstanding loan amount with the NBFC. Any balance amount due to the Learner will be refunded to their bank account (source account) from where the payment towards the Program has been made.
    • If the cancellation of Booking/Registration is due to the change in the Batch schedule (Batch start or Batch timing), then the Candidate/Learner will be eligible for a full fee refund if the request is submitted before the start of the revised batch start date.
    • If the cancellation of Booking/ Registration is due to cancellation of the batch, then the Learner will be eligible for refund of the full fee paid by the Learner.
    • If the Learner’s admission is cancelled by NIIT due to operational reasons, the Learner may be eligible for partial refund after deducting the fees towards the services already availed and part of the program executed.
    • If NIIT cancels the admission of the Learner because of any reason related to the learner’s issue, as mentioned in the cancellation policy, then there would not be any refund applicable for the Learner.
    • If the Learner under deferred payment plan, defaults on timely Instalment payment to NIIT, and does not restore within one week, the registration stands cancelled, and no further services will be provided. There will be no refund of the fee already paid by the Learner.

    Exceptional Refunds

    • If the Learner decides to discontinue the Program after the Batch has started, there will be no refund of the Program fee already paid.
    • There may be exceptional consideration by the Academic Council for special cases such as medical reasons, bereavement in the family, which will be reviewed on individual basis. Any such consideration would be at the discretion of NIIT and subject to documented evidence. If such special cases are approved, then the Academic Council will also decide on the amount of refund applicable for the Learner.
    • For a Learner, the refund due for exceptional cases will be calculated according to the last session conducted for the learner’s batch and will be paid within forty-five (45) calendar days from the documented date of determination. The date of determination is the date when the exceptional refund has been approved by NIIT Academic Council.
    • No refund will be provided if NIIT terminates the Learner, by applying the terms and conditions related to Attendance, Discipline, or Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy.

    10.0 Program Duration           




    Duration in Hours


    Java Developer Program



    Front End Developer Program



    Full Stack Software Engineering with Generative AI



    Data Science with Machine Learning Essentials



    Machine Learning Program



    Digital Marketing with Generative AI



    • The actual duration of the program (calendar time) depends on the pace of the program. The pace would vary for different batches, based on the number of sprints covered in each week. The program page of a website would reflect the launch plan for the upcoming batches. The duration of the program may be updated based on the learning plan of the program.
    • The batch schedule will reflect the expected duration of the batch considering the holidays. The “Estimated Date of Completion” (EDC) of the Batch is indicative and may be impacted by holidays or other interruptions.

    11.0 Program Pedagogy

    NIIT Stack Route Programs are designed to build all round competencies for the job specific roles. The Program Pedagogy is as follows:

    • Outcome Driven - The Program builds role specific competencies and instils self-confidence.
    • Practitioner designed – Designed in concurrence with industry feedback to accelerate the skill acquisition and gain experience.
    • Immersive – The Learning mirrors work environment with development practices and real-life problems to solve within a set timeline. Learners must solve problems and get the solutions reviewed and refactored (Revised for correction or improvement)

    The Program is designed to be modular, comprising of multiple courses. Each course typically has multiple sprints. Sprint is the smallest unit of learning (building block) dealing with one or more critical concepts thus making the entire learning process very easy.

    A typical sprint consists of

    • Contact sessions (referred as Synchronous or Sync session) where:
      • Concepts are covered and brief on the practices are done by the Mentor.  
      • The learner completes any allocated assignment and participates in debriefs as required.
    • This is followed by Async or Asynchronous sessions where the Learner needs to block a minimum time per sprint as per the Learner’s convenience towards self-study. During this Async time, Learner must complete and submit the following activities: 
      • Concept quiz 
      • Assignments/Projects/Practice as applicable for the program plan

    The time required to complete the assignments may vary from Learner to Learner depending on their ability, focus and understanding of the concept sessions. The time mentioned for Async Session is only minimum and indicative. The actual time will depend on the Learner. 

    The assignments must be submitted as per the defined process within the sprint schedule for review and feedback. The Learner must walk-through, explain and answer any queries (Debrief), on the approach and the code/solution of the assignments.

    Hence, the Learner needs to commit themselves adequate time per sprint (for Sync and Async sessions).

    The unique learning cycle (Learn à Practice à Apply à Review à Refactor) helps Learners to learn from knowing and correcting their mistakes. 

    12.0 Batch Schedule

    • These programs may be offered in part time and full-time mode and the learners can choose the batches as per their convenience.
    • This flexibility in batch schedule enables the learners to take up these programs along with other studies or work. The sessions are also spaced out during the week with adequate time given for learning and practice to suit the Learners own pace.

    12.1 Mode of Delivery in the batch

    • The program is Instructor led; an online live program conducted using Virtual Classroom tool like Zoom.
    • The pace of the program is dependent on the number of sprints covered during the week.
    • The progress of the Learner in the Program depends on the timely completion (by the end of the week) of the Sprints. Completing a sprint means accumulating a score of 70% or more from the learning activities.
    • There might be Office hours as per the schedule announced from time to time, during which time; the Learner can attend the same to get their doubts clarified from the Mentor.
    • Learners should complete all assignments as per the plan and not have any backlog.
    • Based on individual Learner productivity, learner may need to spend additional time beyond the scheduled hours on a daily basis and/or during weekend to complete all assignments
    •  Program schedule also includes hackathons/ assessments from time to time.

    13.0 Learning Plan

    • The Batch follows a defined execution plan, which is referred to as the Learning Plan or batch schedule. The learner is required to refer the Learning Plan from time to time and follow the same to complete the prescribed learning.
    • While the Learning Plan is standardized across Batches, the Mentor may decide to include additional Session(s) depending on the profile of the Learners that make up the batch. Such revisions will be updated to the learner during the program. 
    • NIIT reserves the right to change the Learning Plan, anytime during the execution of the Program, in the interest of Learners, Learner’s profile and better education delivery. 
    • Learning plan is the indicative design with an intent to complete all the components of the Program. Therefore, the time to complete the Program would depend on the individual Learners participative Interest, involvement, and timely completion of assignments and other activities as per the Program design. The Learner will not be able to move ahead in the Program to the next Sprint until the previous Sprint activities are completed.
    • Topic coverage is not from watching videos or attending virtual sessions. It is necessary for the Learner to complete each assignment and any other assigned tasks to acquire skills. Therefore, the actual coverage or learning progress depends on the Learner’s ability to complete all assignments and tasks in the given period. In case the Learner does not spend required time or exhibit casual attitude during the program or does not complete assignments, the Learner will not be able to complete the program on time.
    • If the Learner is not able to show progress as per the Batch schedule, then in the interest of the Learner, NIIT may be compelled to stop the Learner moving ahead in the Program or transfer the Learner to another Batch or schedule remedial sessions for effective learning. Under such a situation, there might be a repetition of the previous sessions and the planned end date of the Program will be revised as per the new Batch schedule.
    • Learners who would need to change the Batch, for not keeping pace with the current Batch may have to pay the applicable convenience charges towards change of the batch.
    • Any implication towards delay of placements or eligibility of placements due to delay in completion of the Program will be the Learner’s responsibility only.
    • Any implications on EMIs towards the loan repayment or moratorium period due to delay in completion of the Program will be the Learner’s responsibility only.

    14.0 Medium of Instruction

    • The medium of instruction in the Program will be in English only. All the Learning material provided by NIIT will be in English only.
    • The Learner must necessarily be able to speak, read and write fluently in English with clear understanding of the language. The Learner should at least have the proficiency level of CEFR rating of mid-A2 or above level. The Learner should be able to understand spoken English, comprehend what is being said, Interpret the context and respond back in English. Further, the Learner should be able to understand the problem statement and communicate the thought process.
    • It is implied that the Learner taking admission to the program confirms meeting the requisite proficiency level in English language as mentioned above in section 3.0 Admissions.
    • As part of understanding the profile of the Learners, Learners will be required to appear in the proctored English Test (Versant / Mettl) administered by the Mentors during the program.
    • NIIT reserves the right to cancel the admission of the Learner anytime if the Learner is not in compliance with this requirement of proficiency in English language as declared.

    15.0 Batch Commencement

    • Batch Schedule: The Start Date of the Batch, Days of the week when classes are scheduled, and the Class timings are well published on the program page at the time of submitting the admission form. 
    • The detailed day wise schedule will be available as part of Learning Management System (LMS) and can be accessed by the Learner on registration.
    • Enrolment to a Program is valid for a specific Batch.
    • Learners are informed through email if there is any change in the Batch schedule from the Initial plan.
    • It is mandatory for the Learner to report and join the Orientation Module on the informed date.
    • On missing the Orientation Module Session and in succession missing the first day of the actual learning session, Learner will be marked as “No-Show” in the current Batch. The Learner will not be allowed to continue in the current batch. To continue the program the learner has to move to the next available batch. If the Learner is not interested to do the program, it is possible to claim a refund (deducting 10% of the program fee), if applied within 45 days of batch start, post which the paid amount will be forfeited.

    16.0 Attendance

    • Attendance in the Batch is recorded and monitored. The Learner is required to attend all sync sessions of the program.
    • The learner is required to maintain at least 90% attendance in the Program, failing which the Learner will not be eligible to any Certificate for the Program.
    • Attending the sessions does not mean login to the LMS and live sessions, but the Learner needs to actively participate in the discussions, brief and debrief sessions.
    • The learner needs to be regular in studies and prepared to take surprise tests or quizzes at short notice. The continuing and participative interest in the learning processes is essential to meet the learning outcomes. The learner is required to demonstrate involved participation and spend required time to complete assignments.
    • If the Learner does not participate and give lame excuses like internet problem, webcam problem, mic problem, it will be considered as non-participation, and the Learner will be marked as absent.
    • If the Learner does not respond to the call from the Mentor during the contact sessions, the Mentor is empowered to remove the Learner from the Session and mark his/her attendance as absent.
    • If the Learner continuously displays such irregular behaviour for every session, then a disciplinary action will be initiated which may lead to the termination of admission without refund.
    • In case the Learner wishes to take leave due to exigencies like illness, the Learner must inform the Mentor and the Learning Delivery Manager, and complete the missed sessions before the next session, to ensure continuity in the learning. The Learner can take help of the session recordings to understand the missed sessions.  However, watching recorded videos of sessions is not considered as attending the live virtual session, and there will be no attendance granted for the same.
    • If the Learner is continuously absent, without taking any prior approval from the Mentor, then the Learner is declared as a “Dropout” from the program. The LMS access will be disabled for security reasons, and the Learner will not be eligible for any refund.
    • Irrespective of the attendance, if the practice assignments remain incomplete, then the sprint is considered as incomplete, and the Learner will not progress in the program.
    • From the learning perspective, if the Learner is lagging beyond 2 weeks in the program or unable to cope with the program, then the Learner will be moved out of the batch. E.g., week1 assignments not completed, week2 assignments not completed, week3 sprint started.
    • Learner moved out of the batch should go through remedial sessions conducted offline by allocating individual mentors, who will provide personal consultation and mentoring for 2 weeks and help in clearing the backlog sprints.
    • Once the Learner clears the backlog, then the Learner is accommodated in a new batch at appropriate stage with repeat of few sprints.
    • If the Learner is moved to another batch, the pace of the batch may be different and subject to availability of seats.

    17.0 Transfer - Batch Change

    • As per the admission rules, no change of Batch (transfer) is allowed in this Program. Learners are expected to complete their Program in the same Batch, in which they have taken admission.
    • Transfer of the Learner from current registered batch to a new batch is an exception. It is important to note that the Learner may apply for transfer only in case of exceptional situations, thereby excluding the Learner’s subjective convenience.
    • The Learner has to send a mail to the Learning and Delivery Manager (LDM) requesting for a transfer, stating the reasons along with supporting documents to substantiate the reason. The LDM will then review the request and the Learner will be informed of the final decision. Transfer request processing is subject to approval by the LDM only.
    • If the Learner is unable to keep pace with the Program schedule and having backlogs in the assignments, NIIT may be compelled to transfer the Learner to a different Batch in the interest of the Learner’s effective learning.
    • If the Learner has been declared as a dropout due to continuous absence in the program, he would need to apply for transfer of batch to resume the program.
    • Allotment of new batch is subject to approval of the transfer request by NIIT and not an automatic process.
    • If the request of transfer is approved and the Learner is allowed to take a transfer (on Learner request or due to non-performance), the Learner must pay the applicable convenience fee of INR 2000 + GST 18%. The Transfer request will be processed only on completing the payment.
    • A learner can avail maximum of two transfers during the program.
    • When the Learner takes a transfer, the Batch schedule of the new Batch may not be the same as of the earlier Batch. The Learner may have to repeat some sessions already attended, or they may have to wait for the new Batch to reach the desired point. It is also possible that there would be a long wait period or even the risk of no further Batches to complete the Program. NIIT does not guarantee the allotment of the next Batch or will not be responsible for the wait time required for the same.
    • There can be a situation where the Learner cannot be provided a subsequent batch due to unavailability. No refund can be claimed by the Learner in such a situation.
    • A change to a later batch would delay the program completion for the Learner. Due to this delay, if the age of the Learner exceeds the age limit as required for the placement service category allocated for the learner, then the placement category will be revised according to his/her age during the entry in placement bank.
    • For the Learners opting for transfers, NIIT will not be responsible for any consequences related to completion of Program timelines, placement, and loan repayment schedule. No refund of program fee already paid will be provided under such consequences.
    • Learner may be also transferred from one Batch to another Batch, due to any operational or administrative reasons of NIIT. In such cases, the Learner need not submit any request nor need to pay any convenience charges.

    18.0 Break

    Learner admission is valid for a specific Program and specific Batch only.

    For Undergraduate Final year Learners, as part of the batch schedule, there are 2 planned breaks aligned with the University semester exams. Any other break by the Learner is not recommended. Taking break will also affect their learning due to the gap in the program.

    Permitting the Learner to go on break or deferment due to any other reason leads to change of Batch and extension of the admission validity period and hence it is not an automatic process. Any such exceptional break is subject to approval of the Learning and delivery Manager.

    In unforeseen circumstances, the Delivery Team can evaluate Learner’s request for a break and recommend accordingly. Learner will be required to send a request with all the necessary supporting documents to the Learning and Delivery Manager (LDM). The request will be reviewed by the LDM, and the decision will be conveyed to the Learner by E-Mail. The LDM’s decision will be final for the approval of break.

    Once the request is approved by the LDM, the Learner needs to pay a convenience charge of INR 2000 + GST post which the Learner status will be declared as “On BREAK” and consequently the Learner will not be entitled to attend the sessions of the current Batch.

    The maximum period of break cannot exceed 2 months. The deferment approval should be with a defined re-joining date. If the Learner does not resume as per the re-joining date, then the break will become Null & Void. Under such a situation, the admission validity period will automatically expire, and Learner will not be eligible for any further services.

    Any further extension of the break period is subject to the approval by the LDM only and it is not automatic.

    Learners going on break, will carry the risk of the following and NIIT does not guarantee anything:

    • Taking break will affect the learning due to the gap in the Program
    • The schedule (day and timing) of new Batch at the time of re-joining, may not be same as the old Batch or current Batch.
    • There will be a change in the Mentor for the new Batch.
    • The Learner may have to repeat some of the sessions already attended before the break.
    • NIIT does not guarantee the next Batch. There may not a be a new Batch to resume or a long wait period for the next Batch to be launched and reach the desired point.
    • Due to rapid technology changes, NIIT may have withdrawn or upgraded the current Program without prior intimation. As a result, the program content would have changed partly or fully.
    • Learner taking Break will delay the Program completion time and Placement services. The admission validity of the Learner will be revised.
    • Due to this delay, if the age of the Learner exceeds the age limit as required for the placement category allocated for the leaner, then the placement category will be revised according to his/her age during the entry in placement bank.
    • If the Learner going on a break, has availed loan from the Finance Company for the Program, there would be no change of loan repayment schedule. The Learner has to comply with the Loan repayment schedule as agreed with the third-party Finance Company.  If the Learner has any concern, the Learner has to discuss the same with the Finance Company and NIIT has no role in this process.
    • If there is no batch available at the time of the Learner coming back from Break, NIIT will not be responsible and there will be no refund of the program fee already paid.  
    • Any liability towards Placement Services will be no longer applicable and will undergo change.

    19.0 Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy

    • Learner has to be regular and maintain 100% attendance in the sessions.
    • Learner has to complete all assignments (Quiz, Practice, Challenges, Projects, Placement Readiness Evaluations) as per the schedule for evaluation to the mentors.
    • Learner has to maintain 70% score in each Sprint.
    • The work submitted by the Learner has to be without any plagiarism (copying or representing other sources as the original work of the Learner) or other unethical practices.
    • Learner has to participate in the discussions during the sessions.
    • Learner should be able to explain his assignment, projects, or other evaluated performance in the debrief session.
    • Learner has to refactor (Rework, correct, improve) his work, till it is approved, within the timelines.
    • If the Learner is having a backlog of 2 Sprints, he will be given one additional week to complete the backlog while attending the current sprints.
    • If the Learner is not able to complete the backlog, then the Learner is moved out of the Batch and will be on Academic Probation for the next 2 weeks.
    • During this probation period the Learner
    • Will not be continuing in the same batch. 
    • Has to clear all the backlog and complete all assignments up to date, to continue in the program for which he may:
            • Study on his own, make up the backlog and join in a subsequent batch.
            • Attend a Remedial, complete the backlog and join in a subsequent batch.
            • Join a new batch to repeat the sprints.
    • If the Learner is on Academic probation and does not complete the backlog and unable to continue in a further batch within the stipulated period, he will be considered as a dropout Learner whose enrolment will be terminated.
    • Learner who is not attending the classes, or irregular, will be given a verbal or written warning; and if the Learner is still not regular, he will be considered as a dropout Learner and then the Learner enrolment will be terminated.
    • If the Learner is not attending the sessions and did not inform the Mentor or Learning and Delivery Manager, and neither contactable over phone nor email, for more than 3 sprints or 15 days whichever is earlier, then the Learner will be declared as inactive, and the enrolment will be terminated.
    • If the Learner’s enrolment is terminated, there will be no further services from NIIT.

    20.0 Revision in Estimated Date of Completion

    If the Learner do not complete the course/program as reflected on the enrolment agreement and is required  to  continue in the program beyond the expected date of completion, there would be an additional charge for Education Training Administration/Technology/Learner Services fee of Rs 5000 + GST per month or part thereof which will be charged to the Learners account until the course/program is completed.

    The extension of estimated date of completion is completely at the discretion of NIIT and subject to approval.  NIIT would not be responsible for any implication of the revision in program end date which may include but not limited to eligibility of placement services or certification. Also, there would be no impact of this revision of program end date on the EMI schedule for the Learner in case the Learner has availed a loan from NBFC.

    21.0 Program Completion Requirements

    For a Learner to graduate in a program, all requirements as stated in the program details must have been met and all dues must have been cleared in full. Learners who do not complete their course/program within their “Estimated Date of Completion” (EDC) shall be subject to any subsequent fee increase as published on the www.niit.com Program Page.

    If the Learner does not complete the course/program as reflected on the enrolment agreement and ends up going beyond the stipulated time for the course/program, there would be an additional charge for Education Training Administration/Technology/Learner Services fee of Rs 5000 + GST per month or part thereof which will be charged to the Learners account until the course/program is completed.

    22.0 Assessments

    • The Learner has to participate and complete all the assignments, assessments, and project work successfully. This may include but is not limited to quizzes, practice assignments, challenges, summative assignments, time-bound assignments, group discussions, peer reviews and individual technical assessments.
    • Debriefing or explaining the assignment solutions or the project work is an important part of the assignment completion. If the Learner is not able to explain the solutions / code, the work will be considered not to be genuine and therefore will not be evaluated.
    • The evaluation of the Learner will be a continuous process based on:
      • Completion of all the tasks in the given timeline
      • Zero tolerance of any form of copying (If there is even a small doubt that the Learner has copied from any source, the Mentor may decide not to evaluate the submission. Mentors’ decision is final in the cases of plagiarism.)
      • The Code of Conduct, participation, and active involvement during the Program
    • Completion of evaluation would mean:
      • Timely completion of daily learning tasks including self-learning and self-practice
      • Timely completion of daily assessments and assignments as per the Program schedule
      • Participation and timely completion of time bound proctored Weekly Assignments as per the schedule.
      • Completion (includes refactoring) of projects and team tasks in the given timeline.
      • Completion of any other time-bound activity that is evaluated.
      • Participation in the presentations
      • Participation in the Debrief sessions.
      • Walkthrough of the design and code of any assignment when asked by Mentor.
      • Successful development, deployment, and demonstration of the version of the product
      • Clearing the individual technical assessment by the Mentor

    Learning Sprint completion would mean completion of all the activities in each learning Sprint and scoring minimum 70% in the Sprints in a Course, and Program.

    Completing the program requires the Learner to complete all the learning sprints and score >=70% in each of the sprints. The Learner has to also participate and complete all the time bound Assignments and score >= 70%. The Learner needs to complete the Tollgate (Pre-evaluation before an activity like Project) and the Project and score >=70% in each of them.  The overall score in the program has to be >= 70%.

    23.0 Certification

    A digitally verifiable Certificate will be provided to the eligible Learners, within 10 days of the successful completion of the Program.

    The Learner will be awarded the appropriate Certificate for the Program subject to the following pre-conditions:

    • Learner has successfully completed all assignments, assessments, and project work.
    • Overall Score of the program is > 70%
    • The Learner has paid all the Fees and has no outstanding payment.
    • Learner has obtained 90% attendance in the Program.
    • No disciplinary action has been taken against the Learner.

    Learner will not be eligible for any Certificate if the admission is cancelled/ terminated, or the Learner is obtaining refund of the program fee for any reasons.

    24.0 Placement Services

    These Programs focuses not only on the technical development of the Learner, but also on the professional skills which helps to improve the employability quotient of the Learner. Placement Service is an allied service provided to the Learners after successful completion of their academic services. There are no additional charges to avail the Placement Service and availing of this service is optional for the Learner.

    24.1 The below table1 details different categories of Placement services and the eligibility requirement for the Learners to avail the same. Also refer to the Program eligibility table in section 3, which specifies the applicability of the Placement Service for each of the programs.


    Placement Service Category

    Learner Age

    In Years**

    Graduation ***

    Program Performance


    Service Description

    Placement Assistance






    Up to maximum 3 Selection Opportunities, within 120 days from the date of moving into Placement Bank

    Additional services: Career Guidance, Client Briefings, Mock Interviews, Post Screening Feedback

    Career Guidance (CG)

    all learners




    Career Guidance sessions are scheduled during the program and are applicable for all Learners in the Batch

    Guidance in Building Digital Portfolio, LinkedIn Profile, Git Profile; Industry Connect Sessions, Alumni Connect Sessions, FAQs during the Interview

                *Graduation Stream should be as per the Program eligibility table 

                **The Learner should be within the applicable age bracket, at the time of entry to the Placement Bank 

                *** Placement Service is not applicable for Undergraduate Learners; Placement Service would be applicable only on completing the Graduation as per the applicable category. 

    PPP – Placement Preparation module Performance 

                NA – Not Applicable  

    24.2 Career Guidance and Placement Preparation:  

    • NIIT shall organize workshops for the Learners on how to create Digital Portfolio, LinkedIn Profile and Git Profile. 
    • NIIT shall also organise sessions on the following areas to enhance the employability of the Learners. 
    • Industry Connect - Inviting speakers from the industry to share the industry perspective. 
    • Alumni Connect – Inviting the NIIT Alumni to share their Experience and Learning’s 
    • Frequently Asked Questions  
    • Personality Development sessions 
    • For Learners eligible for Placement Assistance, apart from the sessions mentioned above, various grooming sessions shall be organised by NIIT to help Learners enhance their selection possibilities. Such grooming sessions would include: 
      • Aptitude Test preparation 
      • Technical Mocks 
      • Client briefing sessions before participating in any selection process so that Learners have a clear understanding about the Organisation, role and expectations.  The above sessions will enable the Learner to be better prepared and improve their confidence to perform well in the selection process. 
    • Learners are informed about the schedule of these events through email and/or through message centre in LMS. It is the responsibility of the Learners to self-nominate for these sessions and participate. It is also the responsibility of the Learners to attend as many workshops/sessions as possible and benefit from the same.  
    • Once the schedule is communicated to the Learners and the sessions are conducted, the service is considered as delivered irrespective of the Learner attending the session. There will be no repetition of any of these sessions. 

    24.3 Placement Assistance Norms 

    • NIIT’s responsibility is to provide the relevant Job opportunities to the eligible Learners to participate in the Selection Process. It is the responsibility of the Learners to prepare, participate in the selection process, perform well and to get placed successfully.  
    • The Learner needs to successfully clear the Program and be a graduate, to be eligible for the Placement services. Placement services will commence only after the Learner is declared ready for the Placement by the Delivery team. 
    • A Learner who is eligible for placement services, cannot defer availing the placement services to a later date. If, due to a personal constraint, the Learner is unable to avail the placement services on time, then the Learner has to forego the services and intimate NIIT accordingly. 
    • The Learner’s admission must be as per the Program defined Admission Process. 
    • The Learner must be an Indian Citizen and residing in India. 
    • The Learner must be a Graduate from a recognised University/Institute in Regular Mode
    • The Learner must have successfully completed the Program with min 70% Score. 
    • The Learner should have taken the clearance letter from the Academic Mentor and Career Guidance Mentor confirming the Learner’s readiness for the Placement, so that the Learner can be included in the active Placement Bank. 
    • The Learner’s Age should be as per eligibility table mentioned above, at the time of joining the placement bank. The placement category is subject to change, basis the actual age of the learner while joining the placement bank. 
    • The Learner must have 100% Attendance in the Career Guidance and Placement Preparation Sessions as applicable. 
    • The Learner shall create, update, maintain and share his/her Digital portfolio, LinkedIn Profile, Git Profile to NIIT, before availing the Placement assistance service. 
    • The Learner is expected to cooperate with NIITs Placement process in its entirety. 
    • The Learner shall maintain high standards of integrity, punctuality, regularity, and participate in all activities of the Placement process. 
    • The Learner shall be provided with Placement opportunities based on his/her technical skills, personality attributes, academic performance, etc. that will match with the Prospective Employers requirements. Job opportunities in the Organisations having high cut-off criteria in academic performance will be offered to only those Learners who will meet the criteria. 
    • The Learner shall attend the Placement selection process (Written Test, Interviews, etc), anytime and anywhere in India as conducted by the Prospective employer at the Learners own cost (if so required). 
    • The Placement provided will be anywhere in India. The Learner shall be ready to relocate at their own cost to any location as may be offered by the Prospective employer. 
    • Placement will be according to the terms of employment as laid down by the Prospective Employer and the Learner must abide by the same. Some Organisations may initially start with training period (may also be referred as Internship) and then offer full time employment. Organisations may adopt different methods of engagement with their Employees.  
    • If required by the Prospective employer, the Learner should be willing to sign a service agreement with the Employer. 
    • NIIT will share the relevant opportunities with the Learners. It is up to the Learner to avail the opportunity or not. However, each of the opportunity shared with the Learner, irrespective of the Learner availing the same will be counted as an opportunity provided to the Learner.  
    • Learners are advised to avail the opportunities at the earliest rather than waiting for indefinite time expecting better opportunities as the market dynamics can change any time. Not availing the opportunities or not participating in any of the opportunities, would be at the Learners own risk. 
    • Once the Learner is selected in any Organisation, no further opportunities will be provided to the Learner. 
    • For Learners with foreign nationality residing in India, the Placement Service is not applicable.  

    24.4 Discharge of Placement Obligations (Deemed)

    NIIT shall be deemed to have discharged its obligations regarding Placement Service towards a Learner under the following circumstances.  

    • If the Learner is under Placement Assistance Category and has received at least one offer letter as applicable for the Program, from a Prospective Employer irrespective of the number of selection opportunities provided. 
    • If the Learner is under Placement Assistance Category, and the Learner has been provided with the defined number of selection opportunities as per their eligibility irrespective of whether the Learner has availed the same or not. 
    • For the Learners under Placement Assistance Category, If the Time-period applicable for the Learner to avail the placement opportunities has lapsed irrespective of the number of selection opportunities utilised by the Learner, and NIIT has provided the opportunities as applicable for the Category.  
    • If the Learner voluntarily decided to withdraw from the Placement Service. 
    • If the Learner is disqualified on medical grounds by the organisation. 
    • If the Learner does not disclose any information or discloses wrong information and mislead NIIT and the Organisation, and the Learner is disqualified from availing Placement Services. 
    • If the Organisation rejects the Learner based on negative report received during the Verification check done by the Organisation or by an agency appointed by them. 
    • If the Learner is not contactable, not responding to the emails, without any prior information and approval, for more than 30 days, the Learner will be barred from availing any further Placement Services. 
    • If the Learner displays disinterest in the Placement services or violates any of the placement norms 
    • If the learner displays non-participation, indulging in unfair means, or any other act of non-cooperation with NIIT or the Partner Organization’s Selection process. Any such act shall lead to the withdrawal of the Placement service on disciplinary grounds, at NIITs sole and absolute discretion. 
    • If the learner is not showing any improvement, non-participation in the placement process despite providing feedback and remedial sessions. 
    • If the Learner is expelled from the services on disciplinary ground. 

    Note: From time to time, Hiring Partners may re-calibrate any aspects of the recruitment selection process. Accordingly, NIIT may revise the same without prior notice.

    There will be no Placement Service if the Learner does not complete the program and their graduation.

    24.5 Special window period for Undergrad Learners

    • Undergraduate Final year learners enrolling in the program, can avail placement assistance service post completion of their Graduation subject to fulfilling other eligibility requirements.
    • The placement service should be availed on or before 30 Sep 2024 or within 30 days of graduation results declared whichever is earlier.
    • If any learner is unable to avail due to delay in university results declaration, should contact the Placement team and discuss the same.
    • Learners should also be ready to attend the placement interview even before their graduation completion, and organisations may issue a conditional offer letter.

    25.0 Termination by the Institute

    • Learners enrolled in a program must follow their program as outlined in the LMS. Learners will lose their program status if they deviate from their training program without the approved permission from the Delivery Head.
    • A Learner can be terminated from the NIIT program under any of the following situations.
      • Non-compliance with Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements
      • Non-participation in the academic activity
      • Non-participation in the placement process
      • Not being contactable over calls and emails
      • Not responding to communications sent from NIIT.
      • Irregular in attending session.
      • Violation of any other clause of the Terms and Conditions
    • Restoration from the Termination of the program is possible subject to approval of Learning and Delivery Head and would attract additional charges of Rs. 5000 + GST as applicable. The Estimated Date of Completion of the Learner would be accordingly revised, and the clause related to the Revision of Estimated Date of Completion will be applicable for the same.
      • There would be no refund applicable if the Learner is terminated from the program.

    26.0 Digital Device

    The Learner needs to mandatorily have their own desktop or laptop computer, Webcam, Headset with echo cancellation mic, broadband Internet connectivity with minimum 20MBPS, and Uninterrupted Power Supply to join this Program.

    The Learner is responsible to arrange their own Infrastructure (hardware & connectivity) as required to attend the Program. Registration to the Program implies that the Learner confirms having the requisite infrastructure as per the details mentioned below or in the program page at niit.com. Not having the requisite hardware and connectivity NIIT will not allow the Learner to join the class as it will affect the learning.

    • Recommended Configuration:
    • Laptop/Desktop with Intel i7 or above with 16 GB RAM with local admin rights
    • HDD 500 GB
    • Ethernet card, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
    • Minimum of 50 GB Free HDD Space
    • HD Webcam
    • Headset with echo cancellation mic
    • Connectivity Requirement:
    • Uninterrupted Highspeed Broadband Internet connection, with unlimited upload/download data pack
    • Learners to have Data Card/Dongle or mobile data as backup connectivity.
    • Power Supply:
    • Learners to arrange for power back up for the computer, Internet router, and Wi-fi device as well to ensure there is no disruption during the sessions. 

    The Learner is fully responsible for the proper functioning of the computer hardware and internet access.

    NIIT is not responsible for the charges incurred by the Learner towards hardware, software, or internet services and regular maintenance of the same.

    For the procurement, installation, upgradation, or troubleshooting of any hardware, software the Learner needs to contact their own vendors and NIIT is not responsible for the same.

    27.0 Software

    NIIT will only provide the details of the software required for the Program. It will be the responsibility of the Learner to arrange for the necessary opensource or licensed software and install it on their devices. Not having the requisite software will affect the learning.

    Software Requirement:

    • Windows 10 (Patched with Latest Security Updates) Licensed version. 
    • Google Chrome Browser 
    • Anti-Virus  
    • To join the virtual live sessions, the Learner may need to download and set up a light client on their device. This is a one-time requirement.
    • For offline collaboration, Learners need to install Zoom Chat on the computer and mobile phone.
    • Learner may need to setup few software as required during different modules of the Program. The Mentor will share the details during the respective stages of the Program. These could be integrated development environment (IDE), virtualization tool, evaluation or trial version of databases and other tools.
    • Learner may also need new software during the project development for which the Learner could use appropriate evaluation or trial version.
    • Learner will require Microsoft Office products (especially Excel, Word, Power Point)

    For the procurement, installation, upgrade, or troubleshooting of any software, the Learners need to contact their own vendors and NIIT is not responsible for the same.

    28.0 Learning Management System (LMS)

    As part of the Program, NIIT will provide access to the online LMS through the www.niit.com portal. The LMS is available to be accessed by the Learner by visiting www.niit.com and log in using the user ID and password. The user ID and password will remain same as what the Learner has created while submitting the Admission Form.

    Depending upon the Program requirement, the Learning Portal shall provide access to the following:

    • Any learning material meeting the pre-requisites (Course Zero) to attend online synchronous live sessions.
    • Detailed Program schedule
    • Virtual labs, code repository (Gitlab), review system, IDE, assessment system,
    • Study materials like Session contents, Reference links, Session Recordings, Case Studies, Projects, Assignments, Learning Plan, etc.

    The access to the Learning Portal will be governed by the Terms and Conditions that are available on the Learning Portal over and above the Program Terms and Conditions.

    Access to all the components of the LMS through the portal is limited for the duration of the Program only. Access to the LMS will also be disabled if the Learner is a financial defaulter, or his/her admission is cancelled or debarred due to disciplinary reasons.

    Learners are advised to take backup of their work stored on Gitlab on a regular basis. NIIT will not be responsible for any loss of the data due to human or technical problems or due to disabling the Learner account.

    29.0 Learning Material

    All study materials referred during the Program are in digital form and are provided through the Learning Management System (LMS). LMS also has learning resources like assignments, case study, recorded lectures, multimedia videos etc. Learners will have access to the LMS platform to access the digital contents for the duration of the Program. No separate physical study material will be provided.

    The study material provided to the Learners is strictly for their personal use only and cannot be copied or replicated or electronically transmitted or misused in any manner. All the materials are protected under copyright act.

    30.0 Communication

    To keep the Learner informed and updated about the learning, and other services, the primary mode of communication by NIIT will be through email (at the registered email ID).

    In certain situation, NIIT may communicate with the Learner through all means such as by SMS/Call (At the registered Mobile Number), sending email (At the registered Email ID), by post (At the registered residential address) or by a message at the LMS. NIIT may also arrange for a Video Call.

    All such communications sent to the Learner will be considered as acknowledged and read.

    It is the responsibility of the Learner to update any change in their personal details, including change of address, email-ID and mobile number by writing to the helpdesk CustomerCareDigital@niit.com. NIIT will not be responsible for any kind of communication gap, and this cannot be claimed as an excuse under any circumstances.

    Learners should be aware that by taking admission to any Program at NIIT, they have given the consent to NIIT to use their personal information which includes mobile number, Email Id, and residential address for contacting and communicating with them at present and in the future as well.

    Learner confirms that laws in relation to the unsolicited communication referred in National Do Not Call Registry (the "NDNC Registry") as laid down by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India will not be applicable for such communication, calls, SMS received from NIIT, its employees, agents and/or associates.

    31.0 Grievances

    For any grievances, the Learner may write to CustomerCareDigital@niit.com by providing all their details.

    32.0 Discipline

    • Learners are required to adhere to the norms of discipline and decorum during the Online Sessions. Non-adherence to the same may result in consequential penal action, which may even include cancellation of Admission and forfeiture of the program fee paid.
    • Any Learner who is found using unfair means during evaluations or while doing hands on assignments and assessments, by indulging in activities like copying, discussions, using technology-based instruments such as ChatGPT, Impersonation or other means to cheat, will be debarred from the further continuation of the Program.
    • Indiscipline shall include, but not be limited to misbehaviour, nuisance, brawl, inappropriate communication to any employee or Learner of NIIT, use of foul language in the online chat forums or in any other medium of communication, posting objectionable material in the Learning Management System (LMS), use of unfair means at the time of assessments, being drunk, having consumed narcotics substances, and indulging in any act or omission which amounts to discouraging / demeaning / hampering the Program structure during the Online Sessions.
    • NIIT expects the Learner to resolve all matters relating to the enrolled Program, delivery, fees, benefits, scholarship (if any), and Placement; directly with the NIIT designated executive. Any attempt to bring any outside influence directly/or indirectly upon any NIIT authority or NIIT Partner Organization (if any) to further impact Learners interests, in respect of matters pertaining to the association with NIIT and NIIT Services with any Partner Organization; would amount to a breach of admission contract and academic norms. It would lead to debarring the Learner from availing further services from NIIT and thus will lead to the initiation of appropriate action.
    • During the Learners association with NIIT, the Learner must not take part in any demonstration/agitation against NIIT and its officials for/or on behalf of any external bodies/political outfits either as a member or a sympathizer. Any act in contravention of the above would be treated as prejudicial to the interest and reputation of the institute leading to the initiation of appropriate action.
    • NIIT expects the Learner to notify NIIT officials immediately with the past and current details of any civil or criminal case(s) instituted against the Learner in any Court of Law or any complaint/show cause notice/prosecution with/by any Police Station or by any statutory authority, as also the Learner will notify any outcome of such complaint to NIIT in writing. Any act in breach of this term or suppression of facts would entail initiation of appropriate action as deemed fit by NIIT/Partner Organization.
    • Sending abusive or inappropriate mails or any other written communication, to any staff member of the Institute shall not be entertained. In this context, defamatory, offensive, or derogatory comments regarding the Institute or any of the Learners/staff of NIIT on social media sites shall be liable for strict action by the NIIT management. Loud or offensive language, swearing, cursing, or displaying temper will not be permitted in the live sessions, Online forums, or inside the Institute premises and will be liable for action taken by the NIIT.
    • Learners interrupting the class or disturbing other Learners, not allowing the Mentors in the conduct of the sessions smoothly, forming groups to disturb the sessions etc., of any nature will lead to debar of the Learners from the program and the fee paid will be forfeited.
    • Online Training Etiquettes: The Learners attending the online live sessions, must ensure that they are properly dressed all the time. It is important to maintain the décor of the training session. The Learner must keep their Video On all the time. Ensure there is no background noise disturbance. Learner should use the Virtual background feature of the Zoom to cover their background. Learner should keep their mike on mute and unmute before they speak. The room where the Learner sit and attend the sessions should be properly illuminated and the Learner face should be clearly visible while in the online session. The Learner should use the headphone mike with echo cancellation for clear audio.
    • Anti-Ragging Policy: NIIT does not encourage or endorse Learners involving in any kind of ragging the juniors or peers. Any such act by the Learners will be dealt strictly as per the laws.

    33.0 Privacy Policy

    Learners are also supposed to abide by the privacy policy, and the Terms and Conditions mentioned in the LMS and in the NIIT Website, at all times. Any unethical and unprofessional conduct by the Learner shall lead to cancellation of admission and forfeiture of the Program fee.

    34.0 Gender Sensitization

    NIIT does not discriminate or encourage any kind of sexual harassment of women employees or Learners. Anyone found in violation of the same will be dealt with, as per the law.

    35.0 Medical Fitness

    Candidates enrolling in the Program, confirm the understanding that this Program is being offered through Online admission and the training is delivered online, and they are medically fit to undergo the same without any constraints.

    Discontinuation of the program due to any prior existing medical issues would be the responsibility of the Learner and NIIT would not be liable for the same. No exceptional refund would be applicable under such circumstances.

    If the Candidate is availing any Placement Services, the Placement of the Candidate post completing the Program successfully is subject to the Candidate clearing the medical fitness requirements of the recruiting organization.

    It is the responsibility of the Candidate to clear/satisfy the medical requirements, failing which NIIT will not be responsible for the Placement of the Candidate and there will be no refund of the Program fee. In such cases, NIIT shall be deemed to have discharged its obligations towards the Learner’s Placement service.

    36.0 Force Majeure

    NIIT  shall not be liable for delay or failure in performance of any of its obligations in due wholly or in part under the Agreement when such delay or failure arises from events or circumstances beyond the reasonable control of NIIT or force majeure, like, without limitation, acts of God, fire, floods, war, explosion, sabotage, terrorism, embargo, civil commotion, insurrection, earthquake, lightning, economic crisis, recession, epidemic or quarantine restrictions or other catastrophe; acts or omissions of any government entity, supplier delays, communications or power failure, equipment or software malfunction, or labour disputes.

    In the event of above failure or delay, the time period to complete the pending services will be extended for such period as is reasonable in view of the circumstances. NIIT shall use all reasonable efforts to minimize the effects of a force majeure event.

    37.0 Limited Liability Clause

    NIIT’s liability under or pursuant to this Training & Services Agreement shall be limited to the actual direct damages and NIIT shall in no circumstances be liable in excess of the amount of the program fee received by it from the Candidate / Learner. These limitations will apply for all claims related directly or indirectly to this training & services Agreement, including without limitation, contract, indemnity, tort (including negligence) and strict liability.

    38.0 Amendments

    NIIT reserves the right to amend, modify, withdraw, or substitute any of the terms and conditions without any prior notice.

    The changes may be necessitated due to NIITs focus on continuous improvement of the processes and services, research and development in the methodologies, pedagogy, technology obsolescence, industry requirements, and statutory compliances.

    All amendments will be updated in the Terms and Conditions section of the LMS and will be notified to the Learners for information.

    The Learners would be required to read and abide by the amendments.

    39.0 Learners undertaking

    The Candidate understands that the application form is to be filled by them only and they are responsible for the correctness and completeness of the information provided including the supporting documents. The Candidate also understands and agrees that in case the details provided are found to be incorrect/ misrepresented at any time, the admission will be cancelled and there will be no refund of the fee paid.

    A Candidate paying the requisite Program fee and registering for the Program confirms that the Candidate/ Learner has read, understood, and agreed to all the terms and conditions as mentioned in this document and  www.niit.com website and has not relied on any other oral representation or assurances made by any member of NIIT team or any 3rd party claimed to be representing NIIT. The Terms and conditions supersede and replaces all prior discussions, representations, understandings, or agreements whether verbal or written, between the Learner and the NIIT representative. 

    40.0 Disclaimer

    NIIT is not a university or Institute under UGC or AICTE act and does not award any Degrees recognized under them. NIIT is a Skills and Talent development organization providing Industry relevant professional skills training Programs for Individual aspirants.




    ---- End ----