Executive Programme in Data Science from IIM Lucknow


  • Total Duration 6 Months
  • Course Fees ₹ 148,000
  • Course Type Hybrid (Online + Campus)

IIM Lucknow Certification

Cutting Edge Curriculum

IIM Lucknow & Industry Faculty

Diverse Batch Profile

  • 6 Months Hybrid Data Science Course with IIM Lucknow Alumni Status
  • Case-study based experiential & interactive learning


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Data science is an interdisciplinary field that strives to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured. The objective of this course is to introduce learners to the different tools and techniques used for handling, managing, analysing and interpreting data. The course will be hands-on with introduction to software such as XL-Miner, SAS Enterprise Miner, SPSS, R etc. The course is suited for working professionals who would like to have a hands-on feel on working with data and making sense of it. Successful completion of the course will enable the learners to acquire a strong foundation for applying advanced quantitative and statistical tools to make most effective decisions driven by sound data analysis.


  • Broad holistic understanding of the Data Analytics industry
  • Building familiarity with the latest tools and software such as XL-Miner, SAS Enterprise Miner, SPSS, R, @Risk, Arena, Apache Spark, Python, etc
  • Aiding learners in the application of concepts through projects in the areas of marketing, finance and operations, guided by IIMC instructor
  • Helping learners acquire a strong foundation in applying advanced quantitative and statistical tools.
  • A 6 Months course, with Live Online Interactive sessions and 8 days of 2
  • Main focus on data management and analysis with introduction to various software such MS Excel, XL-Miner, SPSS, R etc.
  • Detailed coverage of topics such as Data Representation & Visualization, Database Management & Data warehousing, Big Data Storage and Analysis
  • Projects of choice in the areas of marketing, finance and operations, guided by IIM L faculty
  • Descriptive Statistics (Numerical and Graphical)
  • Probability Models
  • Sampling and Statistical Inference
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Categorical Data Analysis
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Optimization and Simulation
  • Database Management and Data Warehousing
  • Machine Learning
  • Decision Support Systems and Actionable Intelligence
  • Big Data Analytic
  • Graduate (10+2+3 or equivalent) /Post Graduate with a min 50%marks
  • Minimum 3 years of Work Experience
  • Candidate should be currently working

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Who should join this course?

EPDS is a six months course brought to you by IIM Lucknow.
This program is designed for:
Working Professionals aspiring to become Data Scientists
Executives interested in the fields of Data/ Business Analysis and Management
Executives in Management field seeking greater knowledge of quantitative techniques and sharper analytical skills

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