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NIIT’s suite of Managed Training Services is built on the sound principles of running training like a business. Our team of the finest learning professionals in the world is helping the world’s leading companies dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their training. Delivering enhanced impact, sharpened focus and reduced costs – time and again.

Helping clients Run Training like a Business.

Managed Training Services

We support our clients with a full complement of Managed Training Services covering content development, delivery of third party programs, delivery of proprietary training programs and management of learning technology. We provide these services in whatever combination is most useful for our clients.

Through these services, we can take on the heavy lifting for clients so that their internal team can focus on excellence in the work that is critical to do internally (e.g. business alignment).

We have structured our practices so that each practice remains focused on what matter most (driving value) while also providing the benefits of top-notch managed services (scalability, process excellence, continual improvement and cost efficiency).

Content Development & Curriculum Design

Our flagship capability and service is content development and design based on an award-winning, proprietary methodology called Critical Mistake Analysis (CMA), pioneered by our Cognitive Arts division. CMA evolved from extensive research conducted at Northwestern University’s Institute for the Learning Sciences and helps training departments take an empirical approach to teaching decisions for maximum business impact.

By identifying the most common and costly mistakes made by novices while deploying target skills in the real world, CMA uncovers content that will have the most business impact. Our customers have realized on-ground business impact through the content solutions we develop with CMA thru reduced costs, improved proficiency and greater profitability. We have earned our customers’ trust and industry recognition for our content’s business value and impact.

Content Development

  • Critical Mistake Analysis
  • Instructional Design
  • Content Creation (all modalities)
  • Project Management
  • Localization
  • Content Maintenance

Curriculum Design for Key Programs

  • Performance Consulting
  • Pivotal Job Roles
  • Content Creation (all modalities)
  • Strategic Initiatives

Curriculum Architecture for Academies

  • Curriculum definition
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Program Evaluation
  • Curriculum Reengineering

Learning Administration

NIIT’s Learning Administration Service Desk is vastly experienced in on-the-ground management and administration of the learning process. Our Learning Administration Service Desk is built on our best practices such as detailed process definition, rigorous process management, and clear role definition.

We provide rock-solid operations through process excellence, high service levels and response times, and a significant reduction in costs by moving from a fixed to variable cost model. With each client, we identify and configure relevant processes to bolster our client’s learning administration process allowing customer resources to focus on core competencies.

Core Administrative Services

  • Catalog and User Management
  • Session and Roster Management
  • Delivery and Materials Management

Local Session Services

  • Classroom setup
  • Meet and Greet
  • Hospitality
  • Evaluation collection

Strategic Services

  • White Glove Services
  • Participant Advisory Services

Optional Services

  • Demand Planning & Consulting
  • Driving e-learning and blended learning

Learning Delivery

NIIT has an efficient and effective learning delivery service offering. With over 3 decades of experience in learning delivery and over 3,000 trainers in our in-house staff, we have delivered training in over 50 countries around the globe to serve over a half million students each year.

We meet the needs of our customers in the remotest parts of the world, improve trainer utilization and bring emerging forms of instruction whether ILT or VILT into practice. We re-factor roles, extend cross-skilling and create a flexible capacity with global scalability. Our comprehensive learning delivery solution includes governance, process, resource and technology management, innovation and technology improvements.

Core Delivery Services

  • Instructor Provisioning
  • Instructor Management
  • Schedule Management Facilities

Core Delivery Services cont.

  • Provisioning Facilities
  • Partner Management Delivery
  • Quality Management

Offered for

  • High Volume or
  • All programs

Learning Technology

NIIT’s premier, on-demand learning management system (LMS) is a full-featured, fully hosted (ASP) application that can be configured to meet a variety of business needs. The LMS provides the same customization, configuration, and integration capabilities as traditional software applications, minus the need to buy, install or maintain hardware or software.

NIIT’s platform supports over 4.3 million learners for over 2,000 clients worldwide and includes detailed tracking, skills assessment and management, and reporting options. Equipped with integrated wikis and blogs, 24 x 7 user support and the ability to deploy proprietary courses, NIIT’s LMS provides significant operational efficiencies and commercial benefits at lower costs with faster implementation and a 99.86% guaranteed uptime excluding planned downtime.

Learning Technology Services

  • LMS Platform
  • Custom Application Development
  • Implementation and Integration
  • Customization
  • Maintenance

LMS Operation Services

  • Customization
  • Maintenance
  • Content Creation (all modalities)
  • Hosting (for NIIT MTS)

LMS Support Services

  • Helpdesk
  • Technical Support


Who we are

NIIT is a market-leading, global managed training services company with over 30 years of experience in learning outsourcing. With a team of some of the world’s finest learning professionals and presence in 38 countries, we help the world’s leading companies dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their training.

How we help

NIIT’s transformational approach helps companies on both sides of the Learning and Development (L&D) value equation by increasing the benefits generated from L&D programs while optimizing the costs of the L&D system. Built on the sound principles of running training like a business, NIIT’s Managed Training Services are a suite of best-in-class training processes that enable customers to reduce costs, realize measurable value, run rock-solid operations, and increase business impact. Our flexible and scalable service suite includes curriculum design and custom content development, learning administration, learning delivery and learning technology.

Our Seven Commitments

NIIT has consistently been recognized as a thought leader in L&D. Training is not just our business but our passion. We are committed to our customers through the seven commitments we make to each of them. Learn more about the NIIT Promise.

Case Study: Shell

Content Delivery

Shell wanted to streamline the Planning process across its Projects and Technology division to enable the worldwide adoption of standardized workflows and technology in a customized application. Shell partnered with NIIT to develop an award-winning learning program to help thousands of users in 22 locations worldwide adopt the standardized application workflows and improve time to proficiency.


Adoption of new application workflows following a standardized process across 22 locations; Proficiency in the application within six weeks for new users


Average time spent on application training reduced by over 1/3rd per person


Case Study: MetLife

Content Development and Curriculum Design

With disparate audiences worldwide, MetLife wanted to create a rich and engaging online induction program for new-hires which could improve their time to competency. The vision was to create an induction program through a virtual representation of the MetLife office environment with links to learning nuggets relevant to different departments. MetLife partnered with NIIT to create an award-winning virtual induction program which could be accessed in all the countries where eLearning had been implemented. The program focuses on providing new sales agents with an overview of products, offerings and sales best practices in an engaging and interactive virtual environment.


Accelerated time to production for new agents


Dramatic improvements worldwide in productivity of on-boarded agents – as 400% increase in month 1 productivity in the Czech Republic, 20% higher premiums in Russia, 48% higher retention for agents in Columbia over a one year period.


Case Study: Philips

Learning Administration

Philips endeavored to implement a Global Training Administration solution across sixty countries which not only included an LMS technology but also a full service desk team – from a single vendor. The vision was to have a cost-effective solution that would be “globally consistent but locally implemented. Philips chose NIIT as a partner to create a Global Training Administration System and Back-Office Support Desk deployed in three regions of the world. This unified service framework comprised of a robust and secure training administrative system, a technology system integrated with multiple HR information systems and a global service desk.


Reduced overlap by 30%


Reduction of learning expenditures by 20-25% in first year of operation


Case Study: Allstate

Learning Delivery

The Allstate Business Insurance (ABI) product line offers business insurance commercial products for small business owners such as small retailers, offices, service industries, restaurants and home based-businesses. Since it was a relatively smaller and newer product line, ABI had met with less than desired results. Allstate therefore decided to revamp the product line with: new and better products, an improved technology platform (Connexus) and improved training. Allstate and NIIT collaborated to create a customized training solution to meet the business and performance goals of the ABI product line with an agency transformational model that yielded dramatic results.


Running Training Like A Business

NIIT’s VP of Managed Training Services talks about Running Training like a Business. Trolley is also the co-author of one of the most defining books on training in modern times, “Running Training like a Business.”

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NIIT is committed to customers to significantly and demonstrably:

Provide rock solid operations
Reduce direct and total cost of ownership
Optimize and align efficient investments
Measure and Demonstrate results
Increase business impact
Synergize transparency and responsiveness
Enable better performance year on year

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