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10 Oct
Of Machines and Humans : Morph or Die

Humans have another competitor in life these days. Machines.

The recent trend of machine learning in the Inf…

25 Sep
Building enterprises of the future by creating a Digitally-skilled workforce

Connected homes, where appliances ‘talk’ to one another and their

07 Sep
Creating new order in the face of endless disruption
01 Aug
Firms will need digital talent to curb disruption

Businesses today are operating in a world where everything is digitized. They realize that the need to go the digital way to engage with their clie…

11 Jul
Reskilling the workforce: Realities & Challenges
07 Jul
Enabling Digital Transformation through Learning Sciences
05 Jul
Innovation in Education Technology

Present education scenario is greatly influenced and highly driven by technology. The technical advancement in the field has transformed the learni…

23 Jun
The Walrus & the Carpenter in the age of fake news
28 Mar
How digital transformation drives business value
27 Mar
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