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04 Jan
Overcoming the manpower challenge facing India’s Digital Transformation economy

The Digital Transformation (DT) wave is upon the world and 'go Digital' has become the chant for proactive organizations keen to survive and thrive…

14 Dec
How to raise your digital quotient?

The wave of digital transformation is steadily gripping the world and will embrace it fully in the coming decades. All industries have started to e…

08 Dec
Everything you wanted to know about Digital Transformation, but were too afraid to ask

As a citizen of the new age, which everyone is referring to as the 'Digital era', you must have been hearing a lot about how the world is 'going Di…

05 Dec
Surviving the digital disruption

The dark clouds of automation are looming large over the future of teeming millions looking for a job in the times to come. Moving from the role of…

28 Nov
Harnessing Technology to Improve K-12 Education in India
22 Nov
Ushering in the Age of IoT

We dwell in interesting times – times of revolution and constant change. This is where technological prowess and evolution is taking us beyond e…

11 Nov
10 reasons why skill-based courses are gaining popularity among students

Today, about 90% of employment opportunities require vocational skills. Sadly, only 2% of the Indian workforce is skilled. However, this scenario i…

03 Nov

Automation is reducing the need for people in many jobs. We are facing

15 Sep
Catching them young for the Digital Transformation Revolution

How often have you found yourself staring in amazement at the sight of a two-year old infant enthusiastically and passionately attack an iPad, effo…

13 Sep
Augmented Reality - Changing the World at 4X Pace

With Pokemon Go dominating social media conversations and tabloid headlines, augmented reality (AR) has taken a centre stage. But this gaming appli…

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