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28 Jun
Is workplace flexibility the new search trend for job seekers?

As the world has entered the Digital age, 'anytime-anywhere' has become the catch word for most of what we now do in life. Today, we can do our…

27 Jun
PR through the lens of the Fourth Industrial revolution

A few years ago, there was a film by a leading Indian telecom company, which featured the birth of 'baby extraordinaire'.  The baby, within seconds of arriving on earth, …

13 Jun
What does mentoring Gen Z really entail?

For starters, you'll need patience, vision and the willingness to accept them with all their quirks 

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04 May
How AI is changing the game of digital marketing

Going AI-First - Why Digital Marketers need to embrace Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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20 Apr
Learning to learn

New jobs require the ability to adopt technology, adapt to generating ideas, and derive innovation

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07 Mar
Machine Learning: Pushing the Boundaries of AI

Somewhere in a remote town at an indoor vertical farm, sensors and cameras are installed to gather data on growing environment conditions; capt…

26 Feb
Relationship Management and Banking in the age of Fintech

In the conventional days, functionally silo-ed banks employees would focus on the tasks. Two things changed that…

01 Feb
Higher, Faster, Stronger, Higher…but any happier?

In pursuit of ‘fitting-in’, are we losing the exa

25 Jan
Getting ready for 21st century careers
11 Jan
Hello! I am your new Virtual Assistant

There's no turning away from Artificial Intelligence (AI) any longer. The immediate future demands that businesses must first understand how th…

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