Advanced PGP in Data Science and Machine Learning (Full Time)

Become an industry-ready StackRoute Certified Data Science professional through immersive learning of Data Analysis and Visualization, ML models, Forecasting & Predicting Models, NLP, Deep Learning and more with this Job-Assured Program with a minimum CTC of ₹5LPA*.

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Mode Of Delivery

Online Mentor-Led

Job Assured Program*
Practitioner Designed
Immersive & Outcome Driven
18 Weeks Program

*Terms and Conditions Apply. Refer FAQs

*Terms and Conditions Apply. Refer FAQs.

Job Assured Program*

Practitioner Designed

Immersive & Outcome Driven

18 Weeks Program

*Terms and Conditions Apply. Refer FAQs


The StackRoute program gradually transforms learners with no programming or no data analytics background into confident data science professional who can contribute effectively to data lifecycle activities such as data preparation, data analysis, data visualization, data modelling & statistical analysis, applying ML models, using NLP for text analysis, Deep Learning and data-based storytelling. The StackRoute program is designed to build the technical, engineering and professional competencies required to confidently join Data Science Practice Teams. On successful completion of all challenges, assessments and projects, learner will have the required skills and confidence to start his/her career in Data Science and gain experience to grow up as Data Analyst or Jr. Data Scientist.

Become a Job-Ready Data Science Professional
Gain wide Spectrum of Skills to confidently join Data Science Teams
Outcome Driven
Foundation Skills > Advanced Analytics > Applying ML Models
Practitioner Designed, Mentor-Led
Highly hands-on with Personalized Feedback to Learner


Top Skills You Will Learn

Data analysis and visualiasation using Excel and Python. Work with RDBMS to store, retrieve, manipulate and analyze data. Create data dashboards & visualizations using Tableau business forecasting and predictive analytics using ML, Analyse text using NLP, introduction to Deep Learning and create & deploy ML models to support automated decision making

Job Opportunities

Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Jr. Data Scientist

Who Is This Program For?

Any STEM graduate who is available for around 8 hours from Mon to Fri for the entire duration of the program

Minimum Eligibility to Join the Program

  • 10th & 12th Std.≥ 50%
  • Graduate Degree with ≥ 50%

IT Technical Skills required to join this program

No prior programming or analytics skills required to join this program. Problem solving skills, appetite to learn, keen interest in working with data, attention to detail

Our Pedagogy

  • Learn
  • Practice
  • Apply
  • Review
  • Refactor

Design & Coverage

Data Analysis & Visualization, ML, Forecasting & Predicting Models, NLP, Deep Learning & more


Mastery Learning

Achieve mastery with our individualized and group-based learning pedagogy


Outcome Oriented

Gain and demonstrate competencies and become job-ready

Practitioner Designed

Practitioner Designed

Solve non-trivial challenges that are practitioner designed with real-life situations


Build All Round Skills

Acquire Technical, Engineering and Professional skills. Become a confident DS/ML professional with deep skills


Immersive, Experiential Learning

Work in a setup that mirrors real projects and learn from correcting mistakes

Program Overview

The program equips you with requisite skills to become a confident job-ready professional who can contribute to varieties of activities within the data science practice.

Core Data Science Technical Competencies

Engineering Competencies

Professional Competencies

  • Data Analysis & Visualization using Excel
  • Descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Work with RDBMS
  • Data Analysis using Python
  • Preparing data for analysis
  • Visualization & Dashboards using Tableau
  • ML models - Forecasting and predictive analytics
  • Construct, define and validate the ML models
  • NLP for analysing textual data
  • Introduction to Deep Learning
  • Capstone project
  • Working with Git
  • Review and Refactor
  • Agile work environment
  • Software engineering and clean coding practices
  • Statistical tools and techniques
  • Story-telling techniques
  • Communication Skills
  • Ability to work in teams
  • Self-confidence
  • Presentation and Articulation skills
  • Listening
  • Remote work practice

Program Design

  • Analyze discrete data and structured data using Excel
  • Apply descriptive and inferential statistical tools and techniques
  • Summarize and represent data visually using graphs, charts, and pivot tables
  • Work with RDBMS to store, retrieve, manipulate and analyze data
  • Write Python programs to do data analysis using Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy
  • Source, validate, clean, store and query data and perform data analysis
  • Create data dashboards & visualizations using Tableau
  • Slice and dice data to generate hypotheses
  • Use statistical tools to validate a hypothesis
  • Apply story-telling techniques using data to engage with stakeholders and help in data-based business decision-making
  • Create data and ML models for business forecasting and predictive analytics
  • Modelling data using machine learning tools and techniques
  • Analyse unstructured textual data
  • Construct, define and validate the ML models for supported / automated decision making
  • Use NLP to do analysis on textual data
  • Complete a project including ML modelling: Business understanding ->; Data preparation ->; Data Analysis -> Prepare ML model ->; Deploy ML Model ->; Demo & Present Insights



After the submission of the application form, students will have to go through a screening process post which they can directly enroll into the program by paying the applicable fee. Screening Process includes Aptitude Test, and English Test.


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Payment Options

Upfront Payment


(Excludes GST @ 18%)




Easy Financing Options

EMI Plans**


*Terms and Conditions Applicable. Refer FAQs for more details.

**Learner to pay 10% Booking Fee on selection confirmation, Balance Fee to be paid by Learner or as a loan through the Finance Company. Full fees to be paid on / before the last date of the admissions closer for the batch.



Start Date

04 Jul 2022


Mon-Fri - 9am to 6pm


(Excluding GST @ 18%)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check from our list of frequently asked questions.

Yes, the program is 100% online with Mentor led live sessions and support. The program will be delivered using two-way Audio-Video based virtual platform in real time.

The Program is offered in Full time mode.

Learners need to be available from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM IST from Mon to Fri for the entire duration of the program.

To ensure no work gets carry forward, learner need to spend additional time as needed on a daily basis and/or during week-end


Learner will need to have access to Microsoft Office (Specifically MS Excel). Otherwise, learners will need to use open source or evaluation or setup trial version of software as needed during various stages of the program.

Any STEM graduate who wants to begin his/her career in Data Science and gain the skills and experience to work as Data Analyst or Jr. Data Scientist.

Students have to pay the full program fees to register for the program. In the Interest of the Students, NIIT has tie-up with a Finance partner to provide loan to the Students. Interested students can avail the loan through the Finance Partner subject to meeting the eligibility as determined by the Lender. NIIT has also arranged No Cost EMI Option based on the tenure of the loan. Loan is also with Interest charges for a longer tenure. Students availing loan need to first pay 10% of the Program fee as Non-Refundable Booking Amount and the balance amount can be paid after the loan is processed.

Program equips learner with wide variety of competencies so that learner can join Data Science team and contribute to wide spectrum of activities. These could include aspects of Data Analyst or Data Engineer or supporting Data Scientist. This helps learner to enter the data science team and progressively grow and accelerate his/her career.

Yes, this is a job assured program.

Placement Service Eligibility:

Academic Qualification3

Age Group

Aptitude Test

Placement Service

≥ 50% in X, XII, Graduation

Less than 25 Years

Score ≥ 50%

Placement Assurance

< 50% or No Score

Placement Assistance1

25 to 28 Years


Placement Assistance1

28 Years and above


Career Guidance2

Successful completion of the program is mandatory for any of the placement services:

  1. Placement Assistance – Learners will be provided with up to 3 selection opportunities
  2. Career Guidance – Learners are supported for online portfolio, LinkedIn profiling and soft skill workshop
  3. Placement Assurance is applicable for only STEM Graduates

Learners are encourages to seek clarification during the virtual live mentor connect sessions. Learners may also post the question offline in the collaboration tool. At any time, learner may connect with our Learner success team who will assist with any program related queries.

  • The EMI amounts are calculated on balance Fee + 18% GST
  • Interest rate is dependent on customer’s risk profile. The starting EMI's shown are based on starting interest rate for illustration purposes. The Actual EMI may vary based on the Interest Rate & will be at the sole discretion of the lender
  • An additional processing fee of 1% of loan amount + 18% GST is to be paid to the lender post loan approval
  • Loan approval will be subject to learner's eligibility as determined by the lender
  • After availing the loan, the candidate has to pay EMIs to the 3rd party lender
  • The loan agreement is between the Learner and the lender, and learners are informed to fully understand the terms and conditions applicable before availing the loan
  • The loan facility is provided by NIIT through a 3rd party lender in the best interest of the Learners. NIIT has no further role in the Loan process. Any dispute related to the loan is to be taken up with the lender
  1. Fill in the Application Form and Complete the Screening Process.
  2. If you are selected, you will receive an Admission Offer letter
  3. On receiving the Offer Letter, pay Rs 22,500 + 18% GST to block your seat for the program. Your booking will be valid for the current batch**
  4. Initiate Loan Application for the Balance fee + 18% GST from**
  5. You will be re-directed to the lender’s website where you can complete the loan application and submit all supporting documents
  6. Await Loan Approval from the lender
  7. Once Loan application is approved and balance fee is disbursed to NIIT your registration to the program is confirmed

** GST of 18% is applicable on all Fees

** One-time processing Fee of 1% of loan amount + 18% GST is payable to the lender post approval of loan

** If the loan approval is received after the current batch start, you will be accommodated in the next batch available. If there are no batches then your booking amount will be refunded to you

** Loan Application must only be initiated from You cannot initiate the loan directly from lender’s website

**Please ensure that you complete your loan application along with all documentation immediately for faster clearance. NIIT will not be responsible for any delay in loan clearance

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