Is Social Media Marketing a Good Career?

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 14/10/2020

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Social Media Marketing is the buzzword these days. Businesses are turning towards social media to bring in more consumers. Not only is it an easier way to reach out to the people, the efforts you require are also comparatively lesser. Also, it has been proven to be many times more effective than other ways of marketing.

With such huge applications, the social media marketing industry is booming. We tell you about some social media marketing career opportunities in the field.

1. Social Media Marketing Manager

A Social Media Marketing Manager communicates with the customers of a company via various social media platforms. This job requires a high level of social media knowledge besides exceptional communication skills. You must be in sync with the latest social media trends and the buzzwords and must be able to get your ideas across to the audience. The primary responsibilities of a Social Media Marketing Manager are-

  • Promoting the company’s goods and services on social media
  • Engaging with the customer base by coming out with engaging social media content
  • Overseeing social media campaigns to increase the traction and visibility
  • Checking the feedback and mentions on social media
  • Developing strategies to increase social media engagement.


2. Social Media Marketing Executive

A Social Media Marketing executive is responsible for the marketing efforts of the company on every social media platform. They are responsible for the company’s social media footprint, posting on social media, and running ads. Some of the other responsibilities include-

  • Planning and implementing the social media strategy
  • Making reports and analysing competitor strategy
  • Create, edit and publish social media content
  • Collaborate with other departments to maintain the reputation of the company on social media


3. Social Media Marketing Analyst

A Social Media Marketing analyst evaluates the various statistics associated with the company’s presence on social media using marketing analytics. This may include visibility, engagement, and popularity amongst others. They also understand and predict the future trends of social media. The analysts have to collaborate with content and digital marketing teams to successfully analyse the performance and make reports. The responsibilities of a Social Media Marketing analyst include-

  • Analysing the various social media metrics of the company
  • Analysing the content performance and suggesting tweaks for optimizing it
  • Evaluation of different social media channels
  • Setting up benchmarks for social media campaigns

Suggesting social media tools to enhance the research capabilities


4. Social Media Marketing Co-ordinator

A Social Media Marketing coordinator needs to look after and manage all the social media needs of the company. He is the person responsible for structuring the brand campaigns and keeping the different teams in the loop to ensure the success of the social media campaign. Some responsibilities of a Social Media Marketing Co-ordinator are given below.

  • Developing and executing social media strategies and campaigns
  • Putting to use analytical and creative skills to help design the social media campaign
  • Communicating with clients and giving them regular updates
  • Monitoring, revising and updating social media to gain more traffic


5. Social Media Marketing Copywriter

A Social Media Marketing Copywriter writes content for social media. This can be posts, creatives, ad copies, and other content meant to generate traction and increasing the reach of the company. The responsibilities of a Social Media Marketing Copywriter are as follows-

  • Writing creative content for marketing on social media
  • Proofreading content to be posted online
  • Developing ideas from trending topics and writing on them to increase the engagement


6. Social Media Marketing Associate

The Social Media Marketing Associate is mainly responsible for exploring new avenues and bringing new opportunities for the company. Some of the primary responsibilities the associate include-

  • Planning workshops and webinars for marketing on social media platforms
  • Executing campaigns on social media to increase the business revenue of the company
  • Pitching the service to prospective customers in order to look for opportunities for the company


7. Paid Marketing Specialist

A Paid Marketing Specialist develops and executes the marketing strategies of clients and companies with an emphasis on running paid ad campaigns. Some of the Social Media Specialist’s chief responsibilities include-

  • Ensuring that the ad is initiated and stopped on time
  • Fixing deviations to increase the ad effectiveness
  • Fixing the time frame of paid campaigns to maximise the efficiency
  • Generating regular reports to convey the efficacy of paid campaigns


Social media is abuzz with activity, especially in the lockdown following the pandemic. With businesses having realized the true power of social media and search engine marketing, they are pouring in more money into it. This, in turn, generates more opportunities.

To be qualified for a social media marketing job, you do not need any academic qualifications. However, training in the basics can go a long way in securing a job and helping you grow in it. NIIT offers a Social Media Marketing Short Term Course. This course helps you to gain insight into social media and also equips you with the skills needed to excel in this field. The knowledgeable teachers, doubt-solving sessions, and extensive practicals make sure you are well-prepared for a job in this sector.

You can reach out to our helpdesk, check out the official website, or visit an NIIT centre near you for more details on this course.

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