Programming your career

By NIIT Editor

Published on 10/10/2019

Accelerate your career by charting a winning career programme right from the start

During the past decade, we've seen technology evolve at almost blink-and-miss speed. Careers of today are proof enough that things are radically different from how they were at the beginning of the century. Think of how new-age careers like augmented reality, data science, social media experts, fintech and advanced healthcare, all are straddling the technology wave. Notice and you’ll find, there has been a consistent pattern behind the success of those who’ve had perfect new-age careers. It is their futuristic vision that has challenged the conventional notions of profession and employment. 

So where does it all begin?  In a changing work landscape, how do you choose a career that aligns with your interest? Must it be in a fast-growing field? Should it be the ‘Sunrise Industry’? What are the plans to be executed so that you don’t end up in a dead-end job making you unhappy and doesn’t earn what you deserve? How do you ensure that the business you’ll run or the career you’ll pursue would be fun, motivating, and financially rewarding in the long run? Because in today’s fast-paced world, simply choosing a career isn’t enough. You also need a concrete roadmap for success.

That’s why you need a robust career programme that has an exceptional combination of in-classroom learning and practice on the field alongside talented professionals to gain a strong body of working knowledge and experience. The coursework and its content must be based on the best practices in the industry and acumen for research for a smarter future. This must be supervised by faculty who are respected, industry professionals.  

Raise the bar

India has the responsibility of skilling about 104.62 million fresh entrants in the workforce by 2022. However, businesses today are keen on hiring professionals who are not just skilled but can also think differently and push the boundaries to do things simpler, faster, smarter, and more sustainably. Therefore, the key to succeeding lies in selecting programmes that will empower you for a career in more industries than one. The market has plenty of aspirational programmes in digital marketing, data analytics, financial services, and futuristic IT streams, many of which are backed by placement assistance too. These programmes have been specifically designed to help undergraduates and graduates build a challenging career in the digital economy, propelling them into a successful future – the key is to connect with the right one! 

Get in the game

It’s a good idea to jump-start your career while still in college by learning new skills from master trainers, understanding its application in multiple setups, and getting hands-on experience to set yourself up for a job at some of the world’s biggest companies. Aim for a purposeful career and don’t hesitate to take assistance in creating a roadmap to your goals. Think of yourself as a future leader and innovator in fields like Digital Marketing and Branding, Data Analytics and Predictive Modelling, Full Stack Software Engineering, Banking and Finance  and Accounting and Business Analytics – wherein you are equipped to tackle new and emerging business and technology avenues. Once you've made up your mind, stay focused on learning and understanding the different components of the desired industry and the prerequisites of the chosen path. At NIIT we offer aspirational career programmes in all these emerging fields guided by the choice of the industry.

Another important aspect to have is enroll in self-paced training that allows you to study at a speed and on a schedule that's comfortable for you and yet is in line with the course-time. You should be able to ask for one-on-one assistance to ensure that you always get help when needed. See if you are offered the right apprenticeships and internships to garner experience wherein you are able to implement what you've learned and seen the results for yourself. Focus on staying empowered through mentoring, strategic planning, and workforce preparation into becoming self-reliant, employable and productive.

Right mentoring

Every student deserves a winning future and that may not always be served on a platter. For those who are mentoring, Gen Z for the right career ground knows that it requires investing time in their career growth and to draft a development map that they would comprehend. This could invariably be the answer to the changing workforce needs that digital transformation has brought forth. It is important to push them to find innovative solutions and to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive to be able to make a difference. The students must learn to take advantage of the research opportunities and interactive classroom sessions, work with innovators, attend inspiring lectures, events, career fairs, tech talks, panel discussions, and information sessions and also network with the right people. Gone are the days when only high textbook scores took people places and underpinned their success; the future of limitless possibilities starts with identifying your own academic strengths and interests and aligning them with the right career; of course with the right counseling and guidance.


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