Consider an Online Course to Excel in Life

By NIIT Editor

Published on 20/10/2020


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application in MS Office Suite that works on all major operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.  It has all the spreadsheet functions like graphic tools, formulas, calculators, charts, macro programming, and pivot tables. 

A go-to for everything from data entry to analysis, Excel has been the backbone of millions of businesses. Almost every high-end software, too, gives you an option to import data in an Excel format. There are many organisations that use MS Excel for everyday activities like generating invoices, maintaining and processing data, making reports, and storing information. Hence, Excel is an invaluable tool to learn regardless of the field you are planning to pursue a career in. 

MS Excel courses, both beginner-level and advanced are forever in demand. However, classroom training programs are risky considering the pandemic. This has led to a rise in online Excel courses. But, with many criteria for choosing Excel courses like the location and physical infrastructure out of the picture, how do you choose an online Excel certification course? Read on to know. 

How do you choose the best online Excel course? 

In order to choose the best online course to learn Excel, there are certain parameters that you need to consider.

  • Research and figure out what you want to learn and then look for courses that offer those things.
  • Once you shortlist the courses, check the course contents, and see if it meets all your expectations.
  • Check who will be teaching the course. Always go for teachers with on-field experience as they will have more knowledge about the day-to-day problems you may face.
  • Check if the institute offers beginner and advanced MS Excel certifications and whether it is recognised in the industry you want to work in.
  • Check the reviews of the MS Excel course on the internet. What people are saying shows a lot about how good the course is.
  • Finally, you must check whether the online Excel course is within your budget.

We tell you about some features that you must look for in an online Excel certification course.

What are the features you must check for in an online Excel class?

An online learning class is always the best option if you’re a self-motivator. Some features that you must check for in an online MS Excel course are-

  • The course should offer multiple modes of learning to choose from- mobile apps, visual learning through videos and live classes, and online textbooks.
  • The online certification course should cover all the basics of working in MS Excel to mastering VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and pivot tables.
  • There should be a clear distinction between beginner and advanced Excel courses.
  • The course should provide exhaustive learning resources to refer to.

It should have the option of live doubt-solving sessions and must also allow contacting the teacher in case of doubts.

What are the benefits of choosing an online Excel course?

One of the major benefits of an online certification course in Excel is the flexibility it offers. You can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home, and whenever you want. You never have to worry about missing a bus or getting stuck in traffic while you’re on your way to your class. You also have the option to skip to the next module when you already know something, you don’t have to sit through the entire class. 

Another benefit is that it will enhance your digital skills, which can come in handy while you’re on the job hunt.

What are the advantages of an MS Excel Certification?

Getting a completion certificate from a recognised institution is very important if you’re learning MS Excel to add to your resume or help excel in your career. Microsoft Excel even allows you to take Excel classes for free, but you must pay if you want the certificate after completion.

The MS Excel Certification validates an individual’s abilities to work with Excel applications and tools. Being proficient in Excel is not enough to get a job, you need to have an industry-standard certification to validate your claim and ease the recruitment process. The Microsoft Excel online certification course is recognized globally and will help you gain a competitive edge over non-certified candidates.

NIIT offers various courses like Working with Advanced Excel and Data Analysis and Visualization in Excel to choose from. These are amongst the best online beginner and advanced Excel courses in the market. They are led by knowledgeable instructors and involve exhaustive guided practice sessions. Also, the NIIT Microsoft Excel certification is widely recognised in the industry and can easily help you get a job. Contact our helpdesk to know more about these courses and for admissions.


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