How to make a successful career in banking?

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 19/10/2021

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A career in the banking and finance sector can be lucrative, with the promise of a high-paying and satisfying job. However, you need to be on your toes to ensure that you have a successful career. Just experience or performance does not guarantee growth. There are a few things that can help you advance and build a successful career in the banking sector. Read on to know about it.

1. Be well versed in banking operations

When you are working in a bank, you must know how everything works. Ensure that you are aware of everything, right from customer interactions to how things work in the back-end. You must also know the software and the tools that your organisation uses for banking and other transactions. Also, you should know how your bank manages various transactions such as fund transfer, credit and debit, foreign exchange, and other daily operations. Knowing all of this will help you understand your role and how you fit into the organisation. It will also help you dispense your duties in a better manner.

2. Understand the importance of networking and building relationships

Being technically skilled is important for you to advance in your career. However, networking becomes increasingly important as you grow in your career and gain experience. Networking is important in every field. Building relationships within and outside your field of work helps you gain more exposure and gives you more business opportunities. Being connected to peers and the decision-makers in your industry helps you advance in your career at a much faster pace. Hence, you must not be indifferent to networking.

3. Keep up to date with the developments in the industry

Technological developments are happening at a rapid pace. The banking sector too is adopting technology to better their services. New technologies like UPI, digital banking, and mobile wallets, among others, have completely revolutionized banking. Further advancements like virtual assistants, blockchain technologies, and cashless transactions are expected to change the face of banking. Thus, you must be updated with the developments so that you can implement and work on them in the future. This improves your career prospects and can guarantee your growth.

4. Develop a track record

Developing a track record is important to survive and grow in the banking sector. You can get a hike and a better position if you switch from one organisation to another. However, ensure that you deliberate upon the move. Because jumping around just for a small increase in salary does not look good on your CV. Also, it can affect your career profile in the long run. Hence, you must switch jobs only if it promises good exposure, a promotion, and a salary hike.

5. Undergo training frequently

Banks and financial institutions conduct training frequently. Some people overlook them, but this training can prove important in the long run. They can give you exposure and prepare you for responsibilities. Some training even involves examinations and certifications. These certifications can help you climb the corporate ladder. The management takes into consideration your certifications, besides your performance when it is time to promote you. Hence, it is advisable to take maximum advantage of any learning opportunity that may come your way.

NIIT offers a range of programs that equip you with the skills needed to work and advance in the banking and finance sector. The best thing about these banking and finance courses is that they can be pursued online and as early as after 12th. The syllabus is crafted carefully to groom you into the perfect candidate for banking and finance.

Some of the banking certification courses include-

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