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Universitas Indonesia (FTUI)








                                                    Universitas Indonesia (FTUI)

Challenges faced: The University was finding it difficult to train faculty and professors on the latest technologies and updating its curriculum in the era of rapid technological changes.

The NIIT Inside solution: NIIT provided a two-year curriculum with the latest technologies to the institution. This was integrated by UI in its 3/4 year degree programs. Additionally, owing to the NIIT connect, the University could offer students live projects to work on. NIIT provided a Train the Trainer program for faculty and designed a customized online assessment engine especially for learners. It also held a Career Development workshop/program to enhance the capabilities of students, who were equipped with hard as well as soft skills.

Benefits accrued: NIIT helped the University to build learners who were Day 1 productive in the workplace and came with dual qualifications—a University degree and NIIT certification. It enabled it to place almost 90 percent of its students on completion of their courses in companies such as 3D Networks Indonesia, Asia Global Solusi, Prospect Motor, Realta Chakradarma, Sigi Systems, Axiata, Weltekindo Nusantara, United Tractor, Unilever Indonesia, Pusdiklat tekfunghan-Badiklat Kemhan RI, Indomobil Suzuki International and Perusahaan Listrik Negara PT.

Owing to NIIT, the institution had access to industry-relevant curriculum that was mapped to internationally recognized certifications as well as diverse technologies that led to better job opportunities for students.

CCIT-FTUI formalized a partnership with NIIT in 2008 and has launched two centers in Jakarta, Indonesia. For More details, visit www.ccit.eng.ui.ac.id


University Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY)








                                              University Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY)

Challenges faced: The University did not have a robust assessment system for frequently altering technologies. Its student placements post the programs was another problem.

The NIIT Inside solution: UMY began to use NIIT curriculum as part of its own degree offerings. It was able to provide students with an opportunity to work on real-life projects and train its teachers in cutting-edge concepts related to the field of education. Online assessments and career development mentoring were some of the other features that benefitted the University when it embraced the NIIT Inside model.

Benefits accrued: NIIT helped the University to equip learners for the 21st century workplace. It helped students gain an exposure to the corporate world and eventually find placement in premier organizations. Owing to NIIT, the institution was able to provide students with curriculum that was mapped to industry needs and internationally recognized certifications.

For more details, visit www.umy.ac.id ​​


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