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IT industry is revolutionizing the world. Behind this revolution are IT professionals that are creating and supporting this revolution with their knowledge and high levels of expertise. These Expert professionals are sought after by large organizations all over the world and enjoy a premium for their expertise. However, the big question that needs answer is -Would just a University Education be enough to be the sought after IT Expert?

Industry Ready in Just 4 – 6 Months : Specially Paced Tracks allow a University Student or Graduate to complete these programs conveniently and fast.

Multiple Domains : Offers multiple specializations like Software Development, Device Management, Server Management, Web Development and Mobile Development etc.

Curriculum : Covers the latest and cutting edge technologies that are high in demand by Global Employers.

Projects : The Programs offer high quality project experience. These projects simulate real life IT Projects in corporations and prepare learners to solve business problems using their IT knowledge and skills.

Mapped to Prestigious Global IT Certification Exams : The curriculum prepares the students for many Prestigious Global IT Certification Examinations. This helps learners acquire prestigious certificates to stand out and differentiate themselves while applying for High Tech Global Jobs.


EXIT PROFILE : Windows Server Administrator

PROGRAMME DETAILS : This course aims to teach aspiring professionals with the knowledge of deploying, building, designing, optimizing, and operating technologies for Server Administrator role. They make the design and technology decisions necessary to ensure a successfully technology implemented projects.


PROGRAMME DETAILS : This program aims to teach aspiring programmers and developers to be specialist in developing web applications, software, and apps using various cutting edge .NET technologies.

EXIT PROFILE : Java Developer

PROGRAMME DETAILS : This course aims to teach aspiring professionals with the fundamentals of programming and thereafter, design and develop Web based applications on cutting edge Java/.NET technology.

EXIT PROFILE : Web Developer - PHP & MySQL

PROGRAMME DETAILS : This course aims to teach aspiring professionals who have programming abilities and would like to showcase them in creating a web based dynamic application using PHP and MySQL.